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 The Angry Phantom Cowboy of Lincoln

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PostSubject: The Angry Phantom Cowboy of Lincoln   Sun Nov 21, 2010 5:15 pm

The Angry Phantom Cowboy of Lincoln
By Paul Dale Roberts, Stormchaser

November 20, 2010, Saturday: Tonight I am giving myself a new title. Stormchaser. A nasty storm hit Sacramento, heavy rains and 40 mph winds and I am driving all the way to Lincoln for our paranormal scouting mission. Yep! I am chasing the storm from Sacramento to Lincoln, so I think I can now call myself a stormchaser. What? You disagree, okay let's argue about it on Facebook, for right now, let's go back in time and talk about a phone call that I received, here is that phone call:

November 5, 2010 Telephone Conversation. Tyler is calling from a restricted number.
Tyler: Is this the paranormal cellular hotline?
Paul: Yes. How can I help you?
Tyler: I live in xxxx Georgia, 10 years ago I was selling heroin. I was a drug distributor in my neighborhood. I am totally clean now and I definitely do not deal drugs anymore. You can say our shop was closed down by the DEA. Note: DEA is also known as the Drug Enforcement Agency - Federal Level.

Paul: What does this have to do with the paranormal?
Tyler: One of my mules overdosed from some heroin he brought back from the supplier. I found out it was bad stuff and was cut with strychnine. This mule now haunts me. I have seen him 6 or 7 times in my apartment, he just looks at me. Is he haunting me, because he thinks it's my fault?
Paul: It does appear that he is trying to communicate with you. He may know that the guilty party is the supplier, but perhaps he is wanting you to take action in his defense. Were you a friend of his?
Tyler: Yes.
Paul: Have you tried to help him? Were the perps ever caught?
Tyler: No and no.
Paul: If you want to get rid of this entity from your life, you most likely will have to make amends with him. You will have to let him know that you had nothing to do with his demise. If there is a way to assist him in bringing the perps to justice, you may have to do that.
Tyler. I am no snitch, but I will try to explain things to him, what else can I do?
Paul: You will need a cleansing of your person and of your home. Have you consulted with anyone in your own area?
Tyler: I am contacting this one ghost hunting group in Georgia, it seems like they have someone that knows how to do this cleansing.
Paul: This is good.
Tyler: I will keep in touch with you and let you know what happens.
Paul: Okay, hang in there. Stay straight my friend.
Tyler: I will, been straight for 10 years. Okay, I'm out.
Click - Dial Tone.

I must say that was an interesting conversation and I hope Tyler will get things straighten out with this entity. Tyler had a dark past, but now is seeking a normal lifestyle, away from the madness of being a 'Superfly', which reminds me of that song by Curtis Mayfield, which can be heard here:

Now let's talk about the paranormal scouting mission.

HPI Scouts and Investigators Present: Paul Dale Roberts/HPI General Manager; Brenda and Bailey Cowan; Al the Ghosthunter Rosatano; Kathy Payne Foulk; Steve Foulk; Kyle Foulk; Josh Foulk; Melanie MacConnell; Lisa MacConnell; Byron MacConnell; Kaitlynn Sleeth; Evion Webb; Katie Knowles; Diane Harter; Jared Brech; Eric Chaney; Tiffany Valentino; Deborah Baughman; Hunter Morfin; Tyler Foulk; Jaqueline Miller; Nikki Warner; Belinda Bentley; Tamreen Crockett; Champagne Richardson; Angela Bouch'e-Reyes; Angela Harris; Chantal Apodaca; Janci Biggs; Chester Hsu; Teresa Hsu; Brittani Lantz; Kevin Lee; Casey Grisel and Angela Ramos. We even have 5 dogs here and we will observe them to see if they pick up on anything, they are: Bear the German Shepherd; Rocco the Jack Russell Terrier; Cali the Yellow Lab; Lucy the Pitbull/Boxer Mix; Tucker the Pitbull/Boxer Mix.

The teams are broken up into 4 groups.
Deborah Baughman - Senior Lead Investigator of Team Gidgets
Chantal Apodaca - Senior Lead Investigator of Team Ice Blue
Steve Foulk - Senior Lead Investigator of Team SRA (Soggy Road Apples)
Belinda Bentley - Senior Lead Investigator of Team Ghost Chasers

The 4 areas of investigation were: 1. Back Bedrooms; 2. Barn; 3. Front Room Kitchen; 4. Living Room.

Now things are revised. The barn area was too muddy for the scouts and I have decided to take Chantal's team and incorporate her team with Belinda's team. There will be 4 investigative sessions, the last session will be a freelance investigation in which the scouts will be able to explore any area of the house they want. Note: As I wrote this, the freelance investigation was going to take place, but everyone voted to move straight into the seance instead.

Digital audio recorders, walkie talkies, night vision goggles, digital cameras, video cameras, EMF Readers, Frank Box, Ghost Radar, Temperature Gauges.

Belinda Bentley, Angela Harris, Angie Bouch'e-Reyes, Chantal Apodaca.

The reason why I am calling this the Angry Phantom Cowboy of Lincoln is because a cowboy phantom was seen crawling across the bed of the occupant's son. The cowboy phantom has also been seen in the barn area. To learn more about our previous investigation and learn about Joseph 'Razorback' Waterman who could possibly be the angry phantom cowboy, stop by here and read my last article:

Pictures from this investigation can be found here:!cpZZ1QQtppZZ16
Note: Photobucket has made some changes to their website, changes that are confusing, somehow my investigative pictures got mixed into my other personal pictures..sigh.

Belinda/Chantal's Group/Living Room: Batteries are being drained; EVPs captured. EVP of music playing (and no music is playing anywhere in the house); Scout asks..are you human or non-human? EVP answer: Human. EVP that says 'yes' to a question. EVP of a girl giggling.

Deborah's Group/Bedroom/Creek Area: Angie Bouch'e-Reyes and Angela (Belinda's sister) pick up the name of a little girl, her name is Mary Ann. Angie and Angela are both psychics and pick up the fact that the girl was assaulted and drowned in the creek. Some of the group investigated the creek area, because they felt compelled to go to the creek and one of the scouts captures a blue flickering light by the creek area. A scout asks..'are you Mary Ann', female voice EVP says 'yes'. One scout has a personal experience, she feels completely drained, she felt energy go down her back, through her body, it caused her heart to pound erractically. Some scouts felt a tugging on their shirt and some were touched on their back. A scout heard a whisper, it was a disembodied voice saying her name. Three scouts heard a man talking with their own ears and there was no man there.

Steve's Group/Living Room. EMF reader goes crazy in the living room area. EVPs retrieved. EVP of male voice inaudible words. They did a knocking..da, da, da, da, da and got a da, da back. One scout felt touched, one scout felt cold spots.

Deborah's Group: No EVPs, but 5 scouts and 1 investigator heard Native Indian drumming in the background.

Steve's Group: High EMF readings. EVP that says 'not really'. 2 EVPs that say 'no'. Screeching sound EVP. Scout asks..'do you not like children?' EVP says 'yes'. Looking through my night vision goggles, I see a light streak go from the ceiling to Steve's group.

Belinda/Chantal Group: Belinda with her own ears, hears a male speaking to her. EMF Readers go off. EVP that says 'no'. EVP that says 'yes'. Frank Box says 'Champagne' twice very clearly. Champagne is the name of Belinda's daughter. 2 knocks are heard. Cold spots are felt. Everyone sitting in the circle, feels a moving cold spot touch each and every one of them. Chantal sees a moving orb with her eyes. The group hears dog scratching noise, except the fact there is no dog where the sound resonates from. Door opens by itself. Orbs are seen in photos. Disclaimer: Orbs do not prove paranormal activity, except when you have something unusual where Steve and I are taking pictures of the same orb moving in a horizontal position and the orb looks the same on both cameras. One scout felt like they were being touched. A scout's leg becomes soaked in water and he was no where around water. Could that be a sign that Mary Ann (the entity) is trying to relate to him, that she was possibly drowned? Another scout was compelled to step into the bathtub and felt a chill, strong cold spots covering his body. 2 scouts felt like they were being looked at from the mirrors.

Steve's team got some freaky photos. EMF Reader went crazy, cold spots felt, drumming heard again. There was communication with the Ghost Radar that indicated American Indian, Mexican and Chinese activity. Note: Ghost Radar is not proof of the paranormal, but used as a tool. Photos show strange lights zipping about and one photo shows a ray of light hitting people. Another photo shows a Chinese man's face with a Chinese style sun hat.
Belinda's team: One of the scouts saw a white light move with their eyes. A scout felt choked and felt pressure on her chest, then she had a hard time breathing. She said she couldn't swallow. Frank Box answered 'yes' to various random questions. Frank box said 'rape her'. The one scout that felt her neck being choked had red dots around her neck, pictures were taken of her neck. When they placed the EMF Reader around her body, it was lighting up. Belinda felt a heaviness on her chest.
Deborah's Team went to the barn area and one of the scouts saw a mysterious light at the barn. They also heard sounds from the barn. One of the scouts had a hard time breathing. One of the scouts felt compelled to go outside. Ghost Radar kept indicating 'Mexicans'.

A few EVPs were captured. One EVP sounded like a frog. Another EVP sounded like a man whispering when asked what is your name? We asked the entity to knock on the wall and 2 small knocks were heard. When the seance was ending and I asked for a sign, my cell phone starts ringing, it was 2:30am, it was a man that lives in Washington and he told me that he was in an elite military group that was sent into the tunnels under Fort Hood, Texas. He said that in the tunnels, their were strange rooms, some of the rooms were oblong in shape or other rooms were contructed in strange and weird ways. One room became freezing cold. When the military men came out of the tunnels, they all had certain enhanced abilities. They experienced a 'super soldier' type of experiment. While 'Greg', former soldier was talking to me, I had him on the speaker phone where everyone could hear his story, I will call him back and get his story in full detail. This is a developing story, more to come.

With all of the strange EVPs we gathered tonight, I have no explanation on the EVP phenomenon that took place here. Some of the photos actually show strange faces and will have to be analyzed later. I do believe there is some high strangeness at this home. Further investigation is warranted.

HPI Shows NOW on YouTube! - Dark View Productions
Investigation in Winters Part 2 - Dark View Productions

Thank you to Steve and Kathy Foulk/Deborah Baughman for supplying the scouts with bottled water, coffee/cream, brownies, chips, spinach dip, salsa, pretzels, pumpkin pie, ham, cheese and other assorted goodies!

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Executive Officer
aka The Demon Warrior
Shannon McCabe's HPI (Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International)
Lorena's Angel's Cards by Diana Lorena Valencia Riomana
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager/HPI Senior Lead Investigator
Dark View HPI Videos
Cellular Paranormal Hotline: 916 203 7503
If you have a possible investigation call: 1-888-709-4HPI

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The Angry Phantom Cowboy of Lincoln
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