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 Angela Ramos, Empath, Sacramento Tarot Card Reader

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PostSubject: Angela Ramos, Empath, Sacramento Tarot Card Reader   Tue Nov 23, 2010 3:37 am

Interview with Angela Ramos, Empath, Sacramento Tarot Card Reader
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

Question: Angela, please tell us something personal about your self. Tell us about your family life, youíre recreational activities, your hobbies, etc.

Answer: The most important thing about me is Iím a mom and wife and I love my family. My personal life is very interesting Iíd have to say. My gift is my purpose in this life I help others anyway I can. My gifts give me the ability to see the true potential of peopleís heart and soul.

Yes Iím Psychic, Empath, Tarot Card Reader and Healer. Iím also clairaudient and I see spirits of people and animals. I am also very artistic I love making things. Thatís when I am not being a personal counselor; I spend most of time studying to be a Forensic Scientist.

Question: Since you are from Sacramento, what places do you frequent?

Answer: Old Sacramento, the Railroad Museum, old fashion car museum, the Sacramento and American Rivers for fishing, Applebees on Sunrise, Outback Steakhouse on Laguna Blvd in Elk Grove, Sizzler in Fairoaks, Red Lobster in Citrus Heights, Folsom Lake and I love all the malls!! Oops! I forgot to mention I LOVE all the book stores in the Sacramento area, like Borderís Books, Barnes and Noble, etc.

Question: How did you learn how to read tarot cards?

Answer: I learned from my grandmother. It was hard work, but I learned and became very proficient and accurate. Belinda of course helps out a whole lot!

Question: When did you first know that you have empathic type of abilities?

Answer: At age four I knew I was different. I felt, saw and heard things others could not. My strongest memories are of my sisterís grandmother coming to me, telling me to tell the family she was dying and was ready to go. She did not want us to be sad, she wanted us to know that things were better where she was going. Of course I didnít understand what was going on because she was as real as you and me. I didnít realize she had crossed over until we went to the hospital and everyone was sad and crying. I tried to tell them all what I had seen, heard and felt but no one listened, but my younger sister who had the exact same experience.

Question: Your sister is Celebrity Psychic Belinda Bentley. Belinda has made a name for herself with being on shows like the Dave Navarro Show, E! Channel, Playboy Radio and the Margaret Cho Show. Even though you are the older sister, do you see Belinda as your role model?

Answer: First, I have to say we were brought up as a family of Jehovahís Witnesses who didnít believe in gifts such as the gifts we had. I was always made to believe that what I was experiencing was that of the devil and it was evil. My sister and I share dreams and one night we both woke to an apparition of an Indian man. It scared the crap out of both of us. But thatís when I knew we were special. I knew that my sister Belinda had a gift and she is truly a gift to me and many people that she encounters. Sheís strong and fearless. And scary because she is right all the time. Sometimes it gets freaky. Sheís given me the strength to accept my gifts and not question them. She has taught me to trust the universe and that the universe is here to love and protect us. With out Belinda I couldnít have made it this far with my gifts, because her strength made it easier for me not to care what others thought or what they had to say.. She made me appreciate myself and I love her for it more and more every day.

Question: Do psychics run in your family? I ask this question because you and Belinda both have psychic abilities.

Answer: OOHHH yes it runs deep like the force. My mom, me, my two sons, my niece, my sister, my grandmothers on both sides are all psychic in there own way, itís crazy living in a home full of intuitive people.

Question: If people want a reading, how would they be able to contact you?

Answer: By e-mailing me at

Question: Angela, you mentioned you worked with the police, can you elaborate on that?

Answer: I have several officers who do investigations on missing persons as well as internal affairs in several cities in the US. As you know, most cases are confidential so I chose to protect those who confide in me. Also I have been contacted by other Psychics who find missing or dead people. I AM A PSYCHIC FOR OTHER PSYCHICS THAT IN ITS SELF SAYS A LOT.

Question: Do you ever feel you are in competition with your little sister Belinda?

Answer: No never ever. We are so different that there is no need to compete. We both have special gifts and see things separately, but at times in the same way. I think we value our differences in each otherís opinion so much that we donít have to do things like that to each other. We see, we hear, and we learn and grow all the time so thereís really no time to hate on each other, plus the universe doesnít like negativity and itís our job to be guided by it so itís best not to make the universe unhappy because it will do the same to you. What you give out you get back, so I like to focus on giving love out to everyone and everything.

Question: You learned that you were an empath at the age of 4, is this the first time you had a paranormal experience and if you did, can you explain?

Answer: I have always had strange paranormal experiences. My mother would always ask me who I was talking to. She would say that I always knew what was coming well before it ever happened.

At 4 is when I realized that I was different. Meaning that I have always felt and seen things other people havenít. More or less I can pick up on history or emotions. Or things that have happened, things that are about to happen for me. Itís like watching a movie. I I can see it unfold frame by frame. I feel the feelings that others feel. For example pain, fear, excitement, love and much more.

Question: Do you see dead people? Can you explain if you do.

Answer: Yes I can. They show themselves when they want to, and to whom they may want to show themselves to. There are times depending on your own personal energy when they will present them self in a negative or positive way. They have messages period. Even spirits need help at times to convey certain messages for certain people they choose, how and when. We just have to be open and receptive to their message and do our best to relay it, not decipher it. All messages have a particular meaning, our guides or spirits will tell us what we need to know we just have to listen and accept it with out judging.

Question: Now that you are an HPI Paranormal Investigator, what did you think about the Lincoln Paranormal Scouting Mission?

Answer: Oh It was great. The things I felt and saw during the course of the night were all validated through many different sources and people. The best part no one told me a thing about the mission. I picked up on the little girl named Mary, who was sexually assaulted and killed in the creek. I saw her following one of the investigators and the feelings of pain and sadness. Her suffering took over, it was so strong. One of the more experienced psychics was my group leader, she had to come and give me Reiki and a cleansing to keep me from running out of the house. I also kept seeing the two spirits, one really tall and dark the other small and short, child size. This was also validated through pictures that were taken. In those pictures the orbs were exactly the height I had seen. I also had a connection with the dogs. It was 3 dogs to be exact. They were the boxer pitt bull mix, the German Shepard, and a mixed bred puppy, they had a way of sending me messages and letting me know when it was safe to enter certain parts of the house more or less they followed me, herding me to safety. I have to say the blind German Shepherd was like a protector. When one scout felt like she was choked, the German Shepherd followed behind me and entered the room. Belinda was already working with the girl, talking with the entity that was choking her. As the German Shepherd entered the room, things started to calm down. When the next group went in there, the German Shepherd was not in there and things started up again. So, I really believe this German Shepherd is a protector.

Question: Was Lincoln your first ghost hunt?

Answer: Yes, it was but it wonít be my last. The spirits need me for some reason and thatís my job to help so I will always go where Iím needed or called. Remember follow your heart and you cant go wrong.

Question: You mentioned to me before the interview, that you have a connection with animals, especially horses, can you explain?

Answer: Animals talk period. They talk to me and my sister, we hear and feel and see the things they want us too. Itís that simple and really they are easier to read than people..

Question: Now to some fun questions. Can you tell me what movies, TV shows, books you like?

Answer: The Wizard of OZ, Sanctuary, Ghost Whisperer, CSI, Unsolved Mysteries, Stargate SG1. As for books: The Secret, You Can Heal Your Life. I love forensic science. I read continually I have so many favorites I canít name them all. Also I read lots of forensic medical books.

Question: If you had 6 dinner guests, 3 historical and 3 fictional, who would they be?

Answer: Jesus Christ, Abraham Lincoln, Nostradamus, The Avatar, Van-Helsing and Dracula.

Question: What is your favorite song?

Answer: The Sound of Music sound track.

Question: Thank you for this wonderful interview. You have a beautiful personality! Do you have any words of wisdom for your readers?

Answer: Trust yourself and remember it matters not what others think they donít have to live your life or occupy your body, you do. If you live your life from others point of view you would never have time to be you or do and see the things you want. Always remember if your not truly happy inside yourself, the world you live in, which is very much your life will never be harmonious and loving. You deserve the best, reach out and grab it, donít wait for anything or anyone to give you anything.


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Photos from the Lincoln Investigation:

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Angela Ramos, Empath, Sacramento Tarot Card Reader
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