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 DHS and Sacramento's Fusion Center

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PostSubject: DHS and Sacramento's Fusion Center    Thu Nov 25, 2010 2:56 am


What is a fusion center? Before 9/11 I never heard of such a thing. Now Fusion Centers are popping up everywhere. Searching the web, I located the following information:

ďThe Northern California Regional Public Safety Training Authority is a Joint Powers Authority encompassing the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department, City of Sacramento Police Department, City of Sacramento Fire Department, Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District, Governor's Office of Emergency Services, and the Los Rios Community College District.

In 2006, the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department was awarded a federal Department of Homeland Security (DHS) grant to develop training for fusion center analysts and frontline information gatherers. The Northern California Regional Public Safety Training Authority was selected to manage the grant and develop the training.
Copyright Northern California Regional Public Safety Training AuthorityĒ

The key words in those two paragraphs are (information gatherers). What kind of information? There is nothing wrong with counter intelligence as long as the right kind of information is being collected. When I was with Armyís Military Intelligence, we gathered information on North Korea and Red China. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

I just donít quite understand how much information these Fusion Centers can gather. As I drive through Sacramento, I donít see suspicious people taking pictures of the Tower Bridge. I donít see people leaving odd briefcases near buildings. I really donít see a major threat here in Sacramento. The last time we were threatened by a terrorist, it was a domestic terrorist called the Unabomber.

It is rumored that these Fusion Centers could be monitoring anti-abortionist activists, journalists that question DHS, people who support third party candidates, monitoring mosques in Sacramento, monitoring non-terrorist Muslims. It that is the case, they need to stop. If they are not targeting innocent people, then they need to let us know. With the secrecy of Fusion Centers, it causes paranoia.

Why are they calling it a Fusion Center, why donít they call it by its true name, a Government Information Gathering Center? Domesticated militias do not lurk around every corner. With these Fusion Centers that are popping up everywhere, it makes you feel like we are being constantly harassed and threatened and we need to have personal information on EVERYONE!

I used to work with the Governorís Office of Emergency Services during the Northridge Earthquake and with OES and FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) at the Napa Floods. I was honored to work with OES and FEMA during emergencies, but now it appears that they are involved with black ops type of programs. Somehow they mutated and evolved into a spy organization. An organization that spies on its own citizens and sends the information to the NCTC (National Counterterrorism Center).

I wish I could have a front row seat and see what Fusion Center training is all about as it is conducted at: 3720 Dudley Blvd, McClellan, CA 95652. A lot of these accusations are rumors and I hope none of these rumors are true. Why canít they place a disclaimer up on their website saying that they are not spying on innocent civilians? The questions will always be out thereÖwhat exactly is the kind of information they are collecting and gathering? Who are they collecting from? Who are they watching and for what reason? Will the power that has been bestowed upon the Department of Homeland Security be abused?

The Sacramento Police Department makes me feel safe.
The Sacramento Fire Department makes me feel safe.
Fusion Centers make me feel paranoid. Simple as that.


Brittani Lantz felt choked before this picture was taken, notice the large orb engulfing her!


First I want to start by saying I had a great time and thank you for
allowing me to join you at the Lincoln investigation. It was a dream come
true! Smile I also want to say I am sorry if i caused any problems by being
choked that night. I felt so embarrassed. I didn't want people to think i was
crazy. But it was absolutely true! It was a great experience. I cant wait to
go again. I have attached that picture for you that shows the face of what
appears to look like a Chinese American inside the orb directly above my
head. I thought you may like to have a copy. I also thought it would be
interesting to let you know that the following day my throat was very sore.
it was so weird. oh and also i did some research on my own and found out
that there were Chinese Americans who ran the railroads through that town
years and years ago. I unfortunately did not find the death records on any
one, but i tried. I was going to look up the names we got from that night
but it was too hard online. Maybe the town of Lincoln would have those
records from the old newspapers or in the library. I hope this picture works
for you. If not you can email me and ill figure out another way. If you dont
mind please let the owners of that house know how sorry i am if i caused any
problems for them in their home and thank them for their hospitality. They
were great people. I hope to see you soon! I hope your article works out
well. Smile thanks again, brit

Lincoln Photos by Kaitlynn Sleeth & One by Brittani Lantz

Paranormal Experiences of Raquel Rodriguez of West Sacramento:
Raquel has had paranormal experiences all of her life and her family has dealt with the paranormal too. Here are some of the experiences she related to me.
1. When Raquel lived in Stockton she saw a figure of a woman in white coming out of the wall. She was 6 years old and it scared her tremendously!
2. When Raquel lived on Eden Street in Lodi, CA, she would have constant dreams of demons in her house. Her ex-husband's uncle (a pastor) blessed the house, but the demons still came back.
3. Raquel's son was in the bathroom and he came running out of the bathroom as pale as a lump on sugar. His pants were all the way down to the bottom of his ankles. He was 8 years old and saw a man floating into the inside of the wall.
4. Raquel's mom saw her own vehicle drive past her and as she looked to see who was driving, it was her deceased friend waving at her! This incident happened in Thornton, CA.
Note: Interview conducted on 11/23/2010 Time: 1830 Hours. Location: Border's Books at Bruceville/Laguna Blvd, Elk Grove, CA

Here is the link:
Here is the detail:
10112004 Blonde Child - Someone asks is there a blonde child with us? Reply is Yes.
10112005 Living Room - Belinda in Living Room says, what's is it you want to say? Sounds like someone says mommy. I purposedly left some background talk in the other room so you can hear the difference between the mommy and them talking in the other room.
10112005 Child or Man - Belinda asks are you a child or a man. There is a pause then at I amplified it. Sounds like a whisper...Man. I initially thought it was sigh and Belinda thought it sounded human. We had 3 people do a sigh test. But, it was way too loud and in audio software you can clearly see their sighs. But, on the original evp, while I can hear it, there is no fluctuation. It's like it's silent. When I amplify it doesn't sound like a sigh more like a word man.
10112008 - Angela - Angela asks if there is a message for Angelo Ramos. At 9.0 seconds, there is a whisper (amplified it). Then she asks why are you trying to get my attention at 16.0 seconds. Amplified it, another whisper. Can't make it out there is background noise but you can definitely tell someone said something.
10112010 - Daddy - This is in the bedroom right after Belinda thinks she heard someone whisper in her ear. This one is a little strange in parts. You can hear people talking in the other room because we are all on break. Let me know what you think. I ask is anyone in here. You will hear a laugh and at 5.0 says daddy or patty (a little girls voice). I say what is your name. There is a really weird deep voice but I just couldn't catch what it's saying at 10.0. Then I say why are you here. This is the weird part. It sounds like someone says Hello, why are you here....why are you here. You can hear voices in the background. But that is really odd.
10112011 - daddy2 - This is right after that. We shut the door all the way. I say is there anyone here with us right now. At little past 5.5 secs it sounds like a childs voice saying we already said but I can't be sure. There's a weird singing at 9.0. I ask, am I feeling your energy right now. And someone whispers No.
10112013 - woody - So, first I say is there somebody in the room with us right now. There is this male sing songy response at 5.5. I can't tell what it says. There's a weird disturbance then I think I say what's your name and it sounds like it says Woody. It's the same weird deep voice I heard in 10112010 - Daddy at 10.0. I sayare you still here. At 20.5 it says, Yeah. Same voice.
10112108 - bathroom1 - I'm in the master bathroom by myself and I ask what is your name and I do get a response. It almost sounds like Preston honey.
10112110 - bathroom2 - Another person in bathroom says is anybody in here with me right now and it whispers yes at 6.6.
10112111 - bathroom3 - Next person says are we bothering you, there's some weird disturbance noise and possible voice at 8.7.
10112113 - bathroom4 - Angela says can we help you. At 2.6 whispers yes. There's some whispering I can't make out after that.
10112126 Knock - Living Room Seance - at 20 seconds there's a knock and then Belinda says someone just knocked on something near her.
10112141 Laugh - Seance you said give us a sign that you're here. And there is a laugh. Not sure if that is human or not.
10112141 help me - you say let us know that you're here and a woman's voice says Help me 4.2 seconds in.
10112148 Leave - You ask do you want us to leave and there's a response.
10112153 I'm Here - You say let us know that you're here and there is an odd voice that sounds like it's saying I'm here.
Know you didn't want to hear the frank box but the Champagne one, since it involved someone's name in the room, and it was clear I included it.
10112102 - Champagne 19.0 says Champagne. Someone in room says did it say champagne. Belinda asks again and she says did you say champagne sounds like yes, then says say it again and at .35 clearly says champagne again.

Nikki's Investigation Photos at link below:

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Chief Warrant Officer
aka The Demon Warrior
Shannon McCabe's HPI (Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International)
Lorena's Angel's Cards by Diana Lorena Valencia Riomana
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager/HPI Senior Lead Investigator
Dark View HPI Videos
Cellular Paranormal Hotline: 916 203 7503
If you have a possible investigation call: 1-888-709-4HPI

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DHS and Sacramento's Fusion Center
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