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 Longo's of Leaf River by Teresa Williams

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PostSubject: Longo's of Leaf River by Teresa Williams   Sat Nov 27, 2010 3:51 pm

Longo's of Leaf River by Teresa Williams

Longo’s of Leaf River
Leaf River, Illinois is probably one of the smallest towns I have ever been to. We arrived at the home of Tom and Jennifer Longo, whose place was on the main strip of town, yet there were no people or cars in sight at 8:00 pm on a Friday night. Their home, which was originally a funeral parlor possibly in the later 1800’s (impossible for us to find any history on this town at all!), was then changed into a grocery store, then was a laundry mat, and presently is a 5 unit apartment complex. The building remained with the same family as owners throughout the changes over the century. This is all according to the Longo’s knowledge which we reluctantly had to rely on since we couldn’t find records of this to gather our own information. The construction of the building did give merit to their story.

A link to the photos of this investigation are here:¬if_t=photo_album_comment

The Longo’s did live in apartment #1 for a period of about a year and a half, then moved away. They returned to the area and rented the apartment they are residing in currently. They claim to have experiences in both units.

Unit #1 they heard children’s footsteps often, and would smell “old lady” perfume on occasions.

Unit #5 which is currently their home, they claim that their laundry room had strange happenings, such as on two separate occasions, there was a large plastic container of laundry soap they would find on the floor of the room with the spout crushed to where you couldn’t remove the caps. A pet ferret was found dead, folded in half between wires on its cage as if someone grabbed it from the center of its abdomen and pulled it through the wires. A hamster cage was on the floor and they found it flipped over on its top. A nightstand that had many things set on it, had the middle shelf items set on the floor upright, and the rest of the items toppled along with the nightstand. The 9 year old son says he sees a young blonde haired girl behind the dryer.

They also claim the back porch has activity as well. Their 3 year old son tells them there is a mean old man in there and he wants them to help get his toys from that room. When he gathers his toys, and takes them to another room, the boy looks back at the porch and tells the old man “I am leaving, you can be nice now.” Shadow people are seen in here and throughout the house. Faces have been seen in the windows. Banging noises.

In the living room, and the rest of the home, the electrical appliances seem to operate themselves to a degree. The television, Netflix, computer, emergency scanner, and fish tank filters malfunction within the same day as purchased (on 3 occasions).
In the kitchen, a wine bottle that was in the refrigerator, behind some food items was found in the enter of the kitchen floor in an upright position, but none of the food you would have had to remove to get to it was moved.

The 3 year old refuses to sleep in his bedroom for the last month, and will not let the Longo’s go onto the back porch without trying to stop them.

With these claims, and little history of the property, we begin our investigation.

At this investigation was: from Dekalb County Paranormal Society; Nik Kousoulas, Kristy Kousoulas, Jennifer Sliffy,James Sietsema . From Midwest Haunts; Brianna Finn. From Northern Illinois Paranormal Research Team (also HPI International senior investigator); Teresa Williams.

All these investigators are members of the Small Town Paranormal Family

The November 26, 2010 investigation:
Brianna and Teresa in the children’s room during an EVP session, Brianna used a pendulum to ask questions. Amazingly, she began to get responses right away. She discovered the name Phyllis, and was told it was a 16 year old girl; she had been at the residence for 45 years. That would have meant she was born in 1949, died in 1965. We do not know the years of the changes of the types of businesses that this building went through, so it is hard to determine why she chooses to be there. (Thank you to all 7 people there for assisting with the math configurations) Phyllis also claims to be the one killing the family’s pets. “Phyllis also tells us that there are 6 spirits in the home. This information was obtained through “yes and no” questioning with an alphabet and numerical slate. . A Mel-meter was used by Brianna and Teresa and validated with its readings during the EVP session with spikes up as high as 7.0 during the questioning, pendulum session.

In two separate rooms a “shadow figure” was caught with a camera.
In the children’s bedroom, motion sensors were set up, and were set off by unknown reasons several times, and toward the end of the investigation, Kristy, Jennifer S. and James were doing an EVP session, and had personal experiences of seeing movement in the room, such as the lamp moving, a flag on the wall moved, and only one half of a curtain set move, all at the same time. Nik entered the room to witness the event, just as things were stopping. Kristy and James witnessed a golden, very quick movement of a mysterious light figure for a brief moment.

A guitar tuner was used in the children’s room as a audio sensor, and it did give reactions when asked a question as if to show a response.

An EMF pump was used in the back porch area to help the spirits manifest, a gauss meter was used and gave various readings.
We felt a cleansing was necessary due to the fact there are children in the home. Brianna conducted the cleansing with Nik assisting.
Evidence is still being reviewed. Haunted? Quite possibly so. The answer will be in the follow up story to come.


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Longo's of Leaf River by Teresa Williams
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