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 Back in Black Moon Manor

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PostSubject: Back in Black Moon Manor   Mon Dec 06, 2010 10:03 pm

By Teresa Williams, HPI Senior Lead Investigator

Once again, Black Moon Manor in Greenfield, Idiana did not let us down! We were there in July of 2010 and had the best time! Here is a link to that visit and a bit of the manor's history;
Here is a link to the photo's taken that night as well;
It's December 4, 2010 and it just gave the first snow of the winter. It is extremely cold, but the die-hard investigators were present for it!

From Northern Illinois Paranormal Research team was: Larry Eissler, and Teresa Wiilliams (also a senior investigator of HPI International), From Mysterious Midwest was: Brianna Finn and from Champaign Illinois Paranormal Searchers was Jim Heater. The special guests were Angie Edwards and Marc Edwards.

A special "Thank You" to Marc Edwards for having the "pyro" talents we so badly needed, and a special "Thank You" to Angie Edwards who was wonderful enough to have brought food, and even made us some chocolate chip cookies! (the cookies were awesome!) I dub them "Angie's Black Moon Chip Cookies"

When we arrived, starting a fire was the first thing we needed to do. We gathered wood from the forest on the East side of the manor's location, which was all wet wood. We weren't having much success, and when Angie and Marc arrived, we had a lot of wood gathered, but no luck in getting a fire started. Well, Marc earned his badge in fire starting that night! We certainly would have froze to death without him!

Having been there once before and knowing the basic layout and history of the home, I gave Jim, Angie, and Marc a tour of the grounds and the manor since Matt and Jennifer Speck were in California doing a documentary on the Manor for a show coming out this spring.

Larry Eissler and Brianna Finn arrived fashionably late (not too late though) and Larry having been there with me before, gave Brianna the low-down on the place.

We were now ready to start the investigation, so Jim Heater was our tech leader and proceeded to set up the video equipment, Larry Eissler assisted him with that. We used Brianne Finn's intuition to figure where we wanted the videos to run. Once we were set up for recording, we determined the teams. Larry Eissler, Brianna Finn, Angie Edwards and Marc Edwards were one team, and Jim Heater and myself was the other team. There was one person that showed up from a group that had cancelled from the Brandi Green tour from TAPS. We had allowed her to remain with us and investigate.

Before we began to run equipment, twice we shut a closet door to the point that it was jammed closed, but not latched, and when we went back inside, it had opened regardless of the pressure that it would have taken to pull it open.

Jim Heater and I went in first, and Jim went to the basement to do an EVP session, while the guest and I headed upstairs to the 2nd floor bedrooms to do an EVP session there. There was noise contamination, so we did a pendulum session. While we were doing that, there was a loud bang frim the floor just like during the first visit there in july. Jim, while in the basement, had heard the bang noise that we heard upstairs as well.

We asked "yes and no" questions to determine who was communicating with us, and concluded it was "Martha". We were aware of a "Martha and a Larry" being the spirits there before. Martha was very cooperative with us in 3 seperate sessions we did using the pendulum. Martha had also let us know there were 17 spirits there among us at the time. Once we asked about Larry, we got no more answers from Martha. Also, during the pendulun session, we captured a dark shadow in one of the photos.

Here is a link to one of the pendulum sessions:
We then returned outside to allow the next set of people to go in, they did a pendulum session, but got no response from it. When the team walked into another bedroom to continue their session, a rock was thrown at the back ofMarc's leg and rolled a couple of feet away. Brianna noticed in one room that was completely empty, the next time she was in that same room there was stuffing from a toy scattered around the floor. Unusual to say the least.

We had went into the children's cemetery, we got no EVP's there. Nothing in the photo's of the children's cemetery that we could see. But I did have a personal experience while standing at the entrance of the cemetery of being shoved into the cemetery. It felt like a 110 volt going through my shoulder with a pressure point, and that was a very exciting moment for me, but sadly.. just a personal experience.

Two people saw shadows dart into doorways, and a few significant looking "orbs" were captured when we requested someone to be in a picture.

We had put out the fire, Angie and Marc had invited us all to join them at their hotel for a warming up and we had a great time recapping our experiences at the manor and I never laughed so hard in my life. Once again, Black Moon Manor lives up to our expectations!


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Distributed by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager
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Back in Black Moon Manor
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