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 The Fresh Ghost of Vallejo

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PostSubject: The Fresh Ghost of Vallejo   Sun Dec 12, 2010 7:01 am

The Fresh Ghost of Vallejo
by Belinda Bentley


A Message from Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager:
I want to thank Celebrity Psychic Belinda Bentley for taking an HPI splinter force to Vallejo for this investigation. I want to thank Carol Castro for making this investigation possible. Let's now see what Belinda has to say about this investigtion. Take it away Belinda!

My team on this excursion was supposed to be Teri Villarreal, Chris Singleton, Stephanie Belson and Eileen Boettcher. The plan was to meet at 6:30 at the reportedly haunted location. Carol Castro Founder of Soulseekers Paranormal Research set this investigation up and briefed us that paranormal activity started on New Years day 2007 at 1:50AM. The resident of the home had lived there for a year. Someone unseen sat on the bed while he was lying there alone. The bed sunk in as if someone were on it with him! He has at a different time felt someone scratch his leg and he found an inch long scratch. He has felt three tugs on his shirt from an unknown entity and he has felt a warm breath on his forehead. It doesn't seem like there is a lot of activity at once, but more like sporadic occurrences over the last three years.

The theme song for this article is the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, hear the song here:

Not all of my investigators showed up and I am not sure why. What I do know is that three people had deaths in the family in the last week or just heard about a death that happened to someone close to them. Someone’s mother passed away, another person's grandmother passed away and a close friend of an investigator crossed over as well. Two of those people still showed up. I wouldn't expect anyone to investigate under those circumstances, but I am thankful they stuck it out and showed up anyway. I can't imagine what happened to the other two (Terri and Stephanie), but I hope it was a case of being tired and not a crisis. My heart goes out to everyone who lost someone and this song is dedicated to them. Michael Jackson Duet with Akon - Hold My Hand

My psychic radar went off when we began the investigation it was like static electricity all over my body. Immediately we needed to start in the smaller bedroom. We went into the room to find that the floor was covered in high EMF fields. No matter where we placed the meter, it spiked. It went up to about four feet in the air. We started an EVP session and left the EMF meter on the bed. The EMF meter spiked to the danger level on the bed over and over again. Some of the investigators felt this was an entity, but when we put the meter on the floor it spiked the same way and stayed the same when you rose it up to the bed. To me this was a clear case of EMF field gone wild and needed to be tamed. Dangerous EMF levels can cause headaches, nausea, dizziness and some people even believe it can cause hallucinations. It's definitely not good for a person's health, but I've noticed it does make it easier for spirits to communicate. As we started the EVP session I asked the spirits a series of three questions. The last question was, "Is someone on the bed with Carol?" When we went back to listen we got a 100% clear class A EVP "No." At another point we got another EVP that answered "No," and another answered "of course," when Carol asked if the spirit liked the home owner.

A "Ghost Phone" is a radio that continuously scans the stations instead of stopping when it gets a signal to a channel. This creates "White Noise" that spirits can manipulate to make words and sounds, because they no longer have a body or a voice box to use to communicate. On the ghost phone we captured what sounded like "Frank" to me, a spirit repeated "Chris" (the name of the investigator) at least three times. The best part of this session was after locking the ghost phone so the scanning won't stop on it's own somehow it still managed to unlock it and stop the scanning. It would just stop on one station. This happened every time a question was asked for about 10 minutes. We got a lot of Spanish speaking spirits and it seemed like the occupants family might have been coming through.

At this point our equipment started shutting down, because the batteries were being drained. This can be a sign spirits are using the energy to help themselves manifest. The temperature was also dropping from a base room rate of 70 degrees to 59 degrees when we asked the spirits to drop the temperature. If we asked them to drop it to 65 it would drop to 65. If we asked it to continue to 59 degrees it would drop to 59 degrees. Intelligent spirits and not a residual haunting was starting to seem more and more possible.

After doing some more communication on the ghost phone we went to take a break, to refresh our batteries and to feel out anymore hot spots in the home. As I reentered the front room someone or something pinched my butt. It wasn't a pinch with two fingers it was fingers and what felt like nails on a persons hand. It was so painful I yelled, I looked behind me to see who did it and had to spend a minute rubbing it out. No one was even close to me so I had to rule out one of the investigators trying to get fresh with me. If I was brave enough at the moment I would have pulled down my pants and looked at it right then and there. Maybe this spirit didn't know their own strength or maybe it was just trying to feel me up. It wasn't frightening. It felt like he was just being cheeky.

We ended the investigation back in the first bedroom we got the EVPs in. As we heard someone speaking through the ghost phone two investigators at the exact same time gasped and pointed in the darkness. There was a man hovering over me as I talked to the spirits. He had taken an interest in what we were doing or maybe he was the one communicating through the phone. The importance of this is if high EMF does cause hallucinations one person's experience could have been dismissed, but two people having the same hallucination is impossible unless they are conferring about it and it becomes a hypnotic suggestion that they both are experiencing it. This particular experience was simultaneous which means two investigators saw a full body apparition!

The pieces started to come together throughout the investigation and a few pieces even at the end of the investigation. The owner tells us the previous owners of the house were a husband and wife. The man died on the porch of a massive heart attack and the wife went back to Japan. When the house was sold the wife left the furniture. The bed where a spirit sat down was owned by the husband who died of a heart attack at the home. The new home owner believes that he is also the one who scratched him for being in his bed!

Frank, the name that came through the ghost phone we found out later was the name of the investigator who was supposed to had come with Carol. An old friend of his passed away in 2006 and he was just finding out about this. Being devastated by the news he stayed home, but the thought that the person who passed away was still reaching out to him did cross my mind once I was told who Frank was.

Last, but certainly not least at one point I kept thinking about a Bong. Yes, a Bong that is used to smoke things. I don't smoke legal or illegal drugs so I was confused by the thought. I was thinking of pretty bongs to smoke out of. When I tried to erase the thought it would come back. Then it vanished as quick as it came in. I was literally at my car getting ready to leave when I turned quickly to ask one of the investigators what he did for a living, I wasn't sure why it was important, but I'm a psychic, why would I question it? If I have a feeling I need to run with it and ask questions later. The reply from the investigator was a "medical marijuana distributor." I found out his grandmother passed away and a few things that had came across the ghost phone and the bong were significant. It was a beautiful sign from her. She's still with him. A small sign maybe, but never the less a sign.

This seemed like an open and shut case. The owner isn't afraid of his home at all. He has a ghost visitor that comes in once and a while to a home he once loved and shared with his wife. The furniture is still there as a reminder. The rest of the spirits that seem to have tried to make an appearance, were dead relatives of the owner and of the investigators. I don't think this house is haunted in the least except for the occasional visitor and they are all welcomed guests. I see why they all come to visit this small, quiet and lovely home in Vallejo, because it houses a marvelous host!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays
from our HPI family to yours.
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The Fresh Ghost of Vallejo
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