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 True Connections Found in Sacramento

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PostSubject: True Connections Found in Sacramento   Sat Dec 18, 2010 9:22 am

True Connections Found in Sacramento
By Paul Dale Roberts

A major event occurred here in Sacramento this night. On this Friday night, December 17, 2010 at Chops Steakhouse on 1117 11th Street, this elegant restaurant was invaded by singles from Sacramento. Tamara Gordon, President/Founder and CEO of True Connections with her event manager Emily Stasaitis told me their incredible plans for having single people in Sacramento connect. To learn more about True Connections, stop by: - Okay, did you stop by? Did you learn anything? If you didnít then read on and I will tell you what occurred on this fantastic evening!

First off I interviewed Tamara and Emily. Tamara tells me that she is single and she has an extremely busy life. She started pondering on how singles could connect in a community of single people. She wanted to create this community in which singles can be involved in a safe environment, have fun, have adventures and with all that Ďconnectí. There will be a lot of interaction, because the singles of Sacramento will be involved in various events coordinated by Tamara and Emily. Right now True Connections is only for Sacramento, but she dreams of expanding her organization throughout the USA. She tells me with Internet dating, itís all the same thing. With her way of bringing singles together, they actually get to meet other singles, they get to communicate, share stories and share an adventure together. In some events there will be groups that will be broken up and assigned a host. The host will assure that all singles will have a chance to mingle and most importantly to have fun.

On this night, they had raffle prizes from gifts from Chops Steakhouse, gifts from 106 The Buzz Radio and the grand prize a trip for two to Cabo, Mexico! Thomas Alexander with Power Mix Entertainment or was the DJ playing everything from rock music to hip hop to R&B. Thomas did good in getting the single people dancing on the dance floor. There was a scrumptious buffet that had everything from spicy meatballs to a variety of Sushi and more! I brought along my photographer London Greer of London Greer Photography Email: To see the pictures that he took of this event, stop here:

As I interviewed the patrons, Mark was in tow with his camera for photos. Here are some of the people I interviewed:

Shannon McCabe Ė Owner of She came down to assist me on this night, but started networking with all of the singles at this event. She did an interview with 2 gentlemen that she met named Travis and Jeremy. This is the information she captured from them. She asked them how they learned about this event and they learned about it from a movie screening of The Fighter. She asked them what their ultimate goal is tonight. Travis wants to stay dry and Jeremy wants to get as wet as all possible.

Chantal Apodaca Ė This is a great idea in bringing singles together, I love it!

Tricia Carro and Mindy Lyon: True Connections is perfect in finding that right person. This is better than online dating. This is a good way to interact with people and really get to know them. We like the one-on-one communication.

Kimberly Gonzales & Belinda Cadena: We learned about this event from 106 The Buzz. We have never did internet dating, but feel this is a better way to meet singles. This event is great, but there needs to be more men. It would also be good to divide people by age groups. This event is safe and comfortable, it has great potential.

Bubbles (A Hostess of True Connections): The CEO is a good friend of mine and I am glad I got involved with True Connections. This is way better than internet dating. You are able to read peoplesí body language. With computer dating, you donít know how they are saying things. With True Connections, you are in their face talking and getting to know someone. Yes, I like it.

Katie Maranda and Molly Landall: We won tickets from Buzz radio. We do not always want a bar scene, this is much better, there are physical people in front of you. Our ultimate goal is winning prizes and finding quality people.

Felicia Grijalva and Athenna Jimenez: This is better than internet dating. We are willing to pay and go to these type of events. We are looking for a relationship that is trustworthy. The ideal man is one that is employed and has no small children at home.

Esther Karapetyan: I am Armenian! True Connections gives singles a great opportunity. You can meet people of different cultures and virtues. This helps one to expand their horizons. This is better than internet dating. With the Internet, you have so many people who just brag about themselves and when you meet them, they are nothing that they portray themselves to be on the Internet. I am new to this, it has a lot of possibilities. I got out of a relationship 2 months ago, I am looking for a man that can bring respect, loyalty and honesty into a relationship.

Aliciya Angel: I am a musician and you can learn about me at or or I had fun tonight!


Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager
aka The Demon Warrior
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True Connections Found in Sacramento
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