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 HPI Scouting Mission to the Queen Mary

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PostSubject: HPI Scouting Mission to the Queen Mary   Sun Dec 19, 2010 7:01 am

HPI Scouting Mission to the Queen Mary
By HPI Paranormal Investigators Ben & Rhonda Hall

A Message from Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager:
When I learned that two of my investigators were headed for Long Beach, I told them I wanted a full report on the paranormal activity that has been legendary on the Queen Mary. I was honored to have two of my finest investigators Ben & Rhonda Hall out there investigating. They both have an eye for debunking and an eye of what can possibly considered as paranormal.

From reports that I have heard, located 50 feet below water level is the Queen Mary's engine room, which is said to be a hotbed of paranormal activity. This area was used in the movie Poseidon Adventure. The infamous Door 13 crushed two men to death. There has been many deaths on the Queen Mary and one apparition that is seen is a man dressed in blue coveralls, wearing a beard, he has been seen walking around Shaft Alley and then vanishes at Door 13.

In the first and second class swimming pools women apparitions have often been seen appearing in 1930s style swimming suits wandering the decks near the pool. Others have reported the sounds of splashing and have seen wet footprints leading from the deck to the changing rooms. Some guests have seen the spirit of a young girl clutching her teddy bear. Could all of this be residual haunting activity?

There is a ghost named Jackie that is seen and heard, they make claim that the girl drowned in the pool. Some people have heard her laughter.

In the Queen’s Salon a beautiful young woman in an elegant white evening gown has often been seen dancing alone in the shadows.

Another ghost is a tall dark haired man appearing in a 1930s style suit. Aromas, smells, distinct knocks, footsteps heard are all part of the paranormal activity on the Queen Mary. Now let me find out what my investigators Ben and Rhonda found, take it away Ben & Rhonda:

Investigative Scouting Date: Saturday November 28, 2010

We stayed aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California on Saturday, November 28, 2010. We were in Long Beach to visit family and decided to stay on the Queen Mary and do some investigating while we were there.

A little history... The Queen Mary was built in 1929 and was one of the most luxurious ships in the world. Many noteworthy people sailed on the Queen Mary, including celebrities, royalty and entrepreneurs. In 1940, the Queen Mary was painted gray and placed into military service until 1946. Called the "Gray Ghost" the Queen Mary transported soldiers to and from Europe. It's last military voyage brought many war brides back to the United States. After the war, it was brought back to its elegant condition and once again used for travel. It's last voyage was in 1967 when cruising became passé due to the convenience of air travel. The city of Long Beach bought the Queen Mary and it has been in the harbor there ever since.

After visiting family all day, we went to check into the Queen Mary. As soon as you walked into the lobby on board, you can feel the history all around you. Ben and I were anxious to check in, wait for the general public to leave, and get some investigating done. It was a cold, rainy evening so there were not many people out walking around. First off, just walking down the long hallways with the uneven flooring makes you feel a bit off kilter. Ben and I saw unexplainable shadows. At one point I was alone walking back to our cabin and about 10 feet in front of me there was a tiny light that sort of floated up and around crossing the hallway in front of me. I have seen this kind of thing in videos, but never with just my eyes. I can't explain that. When we took pictures in the ballroom there were many designer orbs in the shots. As we walked on the deck, at one point I heard a woman sing a few notes. This same woman's voice might be caught on one of Ben's EVPs. We both saw an unexplained shadow figure walking towards us from the other side of the deck. Once we started taking pictures the shadow figure backed away. Most noteworthy, is the photograph that Ben took facing the city of Long Beach. We were standing on deck and he shot 2 pictures consecutively. One is just the cityscape of Long Beach. The next picture shot just a second later, there is a mist over the entire picture. If you look at the picture, there are several distinct faces in the mist. It is almost like a portal opened for a moment and many people wanted their chance to be seen.

I would love to get another opportunity to further explore the Queen Mary. It would be a great place to take our entire group and arrange to have full access to the ship. There were a few places where we could not go. The first class pool area is supposed to be very haunted. I remember going in there when I was a kid and feeling like I was being watched. Now it is inaccessible to the public. All in all though, it was a fun time and I am glad we stayed aboard the Queen Mary!

Rhonda and Ben Hall


We were going to an investigation on Dec 18, Saturday at 7pm. Home location at Chula Vista Drive, Citrus Heights, CA. Activity: Seeing small shadow people all around the house; wake up with a hand in the occupant's face; husband & wife have constant nightmares of demons chasing them. House is 50 years old. The husband at the last minute decided against the investigation. Cold feet.

Karen Call! PS: That is her real name, Karen Call.

Thank you to True Connections for allowing me to write about your Chops Steakhouse Event! Here I am interviewing one of their hosts named Bubbles!

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager
aka The Demon Warrior
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HPI Scouting Mission to the Queen Mary
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