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 Laura Lee Sporea, Paranormal Experiencer

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PostSubject: Laura Lee Sporea, Paranormal Experiencer   Sun Dec 26, 2010 11:23 pm

Interview with Laura Lee Sporea, Paranormal Experiencer
Interviewed by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

Question: From the stories that you have told me, it appears you have psychic abilities. The reason why I say this is because you had paranormal experiences all your life, starting at the age of 3. Can you explain about your first paranormal experience?

Answer: At age 3 I was in my crib and this man leaned over my crib. I wasn’t afraid at first then “stranger danger” kicked in and I started screaming. I have never met this man but I never forgot the clothing he was wearing. As I got a little older my father told me that I described my uncle Bert who had passed away before I was born.

Question: Being from the Sacramento area, when you drive by certain places, do you ever feel any psychic connections to a place?

Answer: I love the shops in Old Sac. You can feel the history. I am excited to one day experience the tunnels in Sacramento. I do hope those walls will “talk”.

Question: It also seems you can foretell the future. Can you explain to me the experience you had with a vision of an airline?

Answer: I woke up and while still in bed I told my husband of a horrible dream that I just had where an American Airline had an accident and a lot of people were hurt. He told me I was just dreaming but I “felt” as if I was actually there. I got out of bed and turned the TV on and to my horror they were showing the exact scene that I had just told my husband about.

Question: Give me a timeline of the most significant paranormal experiences you’ve had and we can elaborate on some of them.

Answer: It is uncanny how I am able to predict death and dying as well as tell you about things that I would have no way of knowing. I was about 8 when I told my mother of a dream I had that night and I described it in detail. The very next afternoon my dream came to fruition with one difference. It was not my mother who had passed but a neighbor who I called Mama Caruso. I predicted my death at about the age of 23 and my daughter passed away 2 months before her 23rd birthday. I had a dream that my cousin in Michigan got married, he didn’t even have a girlfriend at the time…the next morning I called and he said it was true he just asked a girl to marry him but no one knew it yet. Another thing was after my mom passed, a friend and I were sitting in the living room when we both heard her call out to us from the kitchen…..we were home alone.

Question: This is interesting, what happened when you encountered psychic John Edwards?

Answer: He did was doing reading throughout the room when he started talking to a man a few rows behind us. He was clearly talking about my husband right down to the nickname Baba..the name we called his mother. Next he started talking to the 5 sisters in from of us. He was giving very specific points, but they had no idea what he was talking about but I knew he was talking about me and my mother. He knew about my daughter’s recent suicide as well as a paternity issue with my mother. He let me know my daughter is with my mom and is being the mother to my daughter, as she was never that type of mother to me. It gave me closure to a lot of resentment that I had held towards my mother.

Question: Tell me about the camera phone incident.

Answer: When my daughter passed away there were 5 of us, all family members sitting around remembering the good times and talking about Lynne’s life. We started hearing this clicking noise and we thought it was the computer. We discovered it was Lynne’s phone clicking pictures. No one was within 6 feet of that phone. I guess she REALLY loved her phone!

Question: Tell me what happened to you in England?

Answer: I know my family is from England but that is all I know. I have had this deep gut feeling that I needed to go there. I finally made the trip about 20 yrs ago and I felt as if I were coming home. I went to a location in London called Covent Garden and took a walk down some old streets that were like alley ways. I stopped dead in my tracks because I had what I can best describe as a flashback. I was looking at doors for a split second that had crosses painted on them, as if I had gone back in time. I been back there 8 more times over the years and have discovered that at one point crosses were painted on the doors because of the plague. It seems as if I actually lived there at some point. I feel like it is my home away from home. A touch of déjà vu.

Question: Thank you for this great interview. Do you have any words of wisdom for people that may be experiencing the paranormal?

Answer: Try to listen and feel when a message is being conveyed to you.

Shout Outs!
Tonya Abdullah - an incredible woman with insight from places she lived, in Malaysia, Bali, etc.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Supernatural Bounty Hunter
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Laura Lee Sporea, Paranormal Experiencer
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