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 Fat Bob's Kirkland Tap II & The Union Soldiers

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PostSubject: Fat Bob's Kirkland Tap II & The Union Soldiers   Fri Dec 31, 2010 5:44 pm

Fat Bob's Kirkland Tap II & The Union Soldiers
By Teresa Williams

December 28,2010 we are back in Fat Bob’s Kirkland Tap again. Here is a link to our first investigation there:

The investigators present for this were: Small Town Paranormal; Dan Norvell, Dave Norvell. From Small Town Paranormal Oklahoma; Julie Ann Norvell. From HPI: Teresa Williams.

This is a second investigation for the night as we just left an apartment owned by the same person that owns this business. Rob Roquet (Small Town Paranormal) had his family to get back to, therefore could not continue with the second half of the evening. (we missed you Rob, but we understand).

We had very little evidence produced this time, but we did get responses from the pendulum session thanks to Dan and Dave’s knowledge of guns.

There was one incident where we were all standing at the bar offering to pour a shot for the spirit if he would give us a sign. From behind me, a battery flew out of a pouch and down the bar. We all were amazed, but didn’t capture it on camera.

We also got a few questionable pictures from the digital camera, not much evidence as the first visit earlier in December.

It was the 3rd investigation I had done with Small Town Paranormal, and the 1st I had done with Small Town Paranormal Oklahoma. I truly love investigating with these people. Dan, Dave, Rob, Julie… I have investigated with some great people, but you are really among top notch investigators when you investigate with these guys!

We had a wonderful time, and thank you to Fat Bob’s Kirkland Tap for having us back!

Conclusion: (from previous investigation) Haunted.

Unions vs. Confederates
Small Town Paranormal was called to assist a family who was having trouble with what they thought was a Confederate Soldier spirit. This apartment is located in Fairdale, Illinois. It is located about 5 miles outside of Kirkland, Illinois where we were a couple weeks ago at Fat Bob’s Kirkland Tap.

We had the pleasure of a two for one night this evening!
December 28,2010, the last investigation of the year, and it was a great one. Present for the apartment investigation was Small Town Paranormal: Dan Norvell, Rob Roquet and from Small Town Paranormal of Oklahoma: Julie Ann Norvell, from HPI: Teresa Williams.

Dan Norvell briefed us all on the activity going on there. There were shadows seen, strange noises in the kitchen area, a figure seen in the living room window from outside, the feeling of being watched, the son was having out of body experiences while he slept nearly every night.

We arrived at 9:00 pm.

We began by having the tenant point out the areas she was having the experiences, which were in the kitchen, living room, and in her son’s room.

We learned that her son participated in civil war re-enactments as a Confederate soldier and had costumes for his role. It was refreshing to see a young man involved in our country’s history like he is.
We began running the cameras and laser grids, and digital cameras. We felt that EVP’s would be next to impossible as there were adjoining apartments and would be contaminated. So we relied on the pendulum for communications.

Through asking questions through the pendulum, Dan asked a series of questions that enabled us to determine there were six soldiers in the building. As we asked about the son’s involvement in the re-enactments, we got definite answers about their disliking of it. We then were able to determine they were not Confederate soldiers after all. They gave strong replies to being Union soldiers. When we addressed them as Union soldiers, we found the spirits to be more acceptable to the communications.

The spirits also gave the indication they will be happier if the son would become a Union soldier in his role in the re-enactments. This will prove to be an interesting experiment in the future when he switches to a Union soldier.

We were actually able to see unexplained movements on cameras while we were filming and very strange “orb” objects while we took pictures. You could feel the “being watched” effect while we were there as well.

When we closed the investigation and the son returned to the apartment, Dan had explained to him that what he was experiencing was not an out of body experience, but it was astral projection. He also gave him a couple of tips to try to control it by sleeping on his side, and having family members assist him with it if they caught him sleeping on his stomach or his back. Again, it will be interesting to see how this family is doing in a few weeks.

Our conclusion…

These Union soldiers are still protecting their post!

Note: Distributed by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

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Fat Bob's Kirkland Tap II & The Union Soldiers
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