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 Drawn to Comics by Ann Olson-Dupire

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PostSubject: Drawn to Comics by Ann Olson-Dupire   Sat Jan 08, 2011 7:01 pm

Drawn to Comics:
Interview with Emilio Rosales, Comic Book Artist and Story Writer
By Ann Olson-Dupire

Q: Hi Emilio, first off I would love to get to know you. Where are you from? Where do you live now?
A: I was born in San Jose, Ca. and I moved to Herald, Ca in 1999.

Q: How old are you?
A: 13

Q: What are some of your hobbies?
A: Drawing

Q: What is your goal for your education?
A: I would like to travel and make movies about my comics.

Q: Tell me about your artwork.
A: I draw characters for my stories.

Q: Where did you learn to draw?
A: I learned to draw on my own.

Q: What is your inspiration?
A: To become the director for the creation of my comics.

Q: Why are you "drawn" to comic book art?
A: Because the stories are very interesting and have a very good story line.

Q: Who is your favorite comic book hero and why?
A: My favorite comic book is Rorschach.

Q: Where would you like to see your art?
A: In comic books

Q: Tell me about your stories. Who is the main character?
A: The stories I’ve written are “The Aliens, The Super Heroes, and Dren Laun Coster” That’s the first comic I did, the second is “Zorn Pad: Part 1”, and the third one I'm working on is “Zorn Pad: Part 2”. I have plans to make more sequels and prequels, and new characters for my stories. The titles of the books I plan to write are “Zorn Pad: The Last”, “The Stop 2”, “Dren Coster: The Nightmare”, “Dren Coster: Last Days”, “The Stop 3: HELP!”, “The Stop 4: 1975”, “The Stop President”, “The FBI Attack”, “Dren Coster: The Future Family”, “The Coster Zero”, “The Coster of the 7th Child”, and “The France Killers”.
The plot of my book “The ASD,” short for (The Aliens, The Super Heroes, and Dren Laun Coster) is about a 41 year old cyborg that was killed in the human past. He wants to avenge his own death and find out who did it.
The story plot of Zorn Pad: Part 2 takes place in 2025 to 2026. The main character is Dren Laun Coster, who already killed the thing responsible for his death in the past. Now he finds out his blood is gone, he has other people’s blood who have already died, he is missing half of his heart and brain. He needs his 3 body parts to become human again, or he will die at the age of 50 by a mini small nuke. There are also flash backs in the 1st story. They will be in the upcoming sequels and prequels as well.

Q: Tell me more about Dren Laun Coster.
A: Dren Laun Coster has 2 brothers name Don and John Coster, a son named Bobby Coster, a grandson named Tommy Jenerson, his dad is named Kuster Coster, his mom is named Lisa Hunerson. Dren Laun Coster is 25 in the year 2009 and 41 in 2024. He weighs 199.3 pounds, his hair and eyes are is black, he is six foot-one, his skin is white. He was born in Galt, CA on January 11th, 1984. He died in Los Angeles, CA November 20th, 2051 at age 67. The cyborg weight is 456.9 pounds, his wife is named Leena Jenerson born in New York City, NY on May 8th, 1984. Grandpa is named Dan 'Ralleytang' Coster. Great grand uncle is named Boo Joe Coster. Great uncle is named John De Coster. The first generation cousins are named Kener Stolic, Danny Kuten, Cell Kuten, Conan Kuten, Hen Kuten. The second generation cousins are named John Stolic, Pat Kuten, Paul Kuten, Jack Stolic. The third generation cousins are named Kuter Kuten, Luther Kuten. The fourth generation cousins are named Kazern Kuten, Jack Kuten. The nephews are named Ken S. Coster and Kenith Coster. Dren Laun Coster gets different styles of hair; normal, short, and long, because in my comic seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, and months go by fast.

Q: Does he have any super powers?
A: Dren Laun Coster as the cyborg is really strong, he can run really fast, and if he gets shot he will survive, but he will still feel the pain. He still bleeds because he is a cyborg, which means he is partly human.
As far as “The Super Heroes and the Aliens”, there are 5 super heroes named The Stranger Man, The Silent Man, The Man, The Laser Man, and The Fast Man. The Stranger Man has the power to turn to anything in the world and to give people life or death. The Silent Man is 100% sneaky. He can make himself invisible. The Man has the power of a super human. He can fly, and is very strong. The Laser Man has the power to blast lasers out of his eyes, ears, mouth, nose, belly button, and his butt. He can also fly if he uses a laser from his feet. The Fast Man has the power to run fast to catch the bad guys and can run up to 200 miles per hour, but only for approximately 10 seconds. The Aliens have the power to move things really fast. They can also teleport. They can climb on anything, they can throw really big colorful sparkle bombs out of their mouths, hands, and feet, and they can throw out their own eye balls at people, (or any life form including nature) and the eye ball will explode lots of assin, killing their target. The alien can grow a new eye ball instantly.

Q: Who is the main protagonist?
A: Dren Laun Coster

Q: Why are they enemies?
A: The Aliens are bad because they heard there was going to be a person that stops every bad thing in the world, and he is going to be a really good, special, smart intelligence FBI-CIA solider in the future. An alien by the name of “The Draficationaling Alien,” can see what happens in the future and knows about this solider. This alien is the strongest and the most powerful of all aliens in the galaxy. When Dren does his job working for The ASD, Dren takes down corrupt and bad people like big bosses named Eye Stane, Mouth Srane, Big Phill, The Chinese Boss, The Alien Assassin, The Alien Qween, and Danny The General Commander. There will be more new villains in the upcoming comics that will be awesome and cool.

Q: Where does your book take place?
A: My book takes place in the past and future years because of flash backs. The real years of the stories are 2009, 2024 and 2025 in the first one. The years will continue on, and past days will be in other comics.

Q: Where can people find your book?
A: Online, Library, and Borders

Q: Who is your favorite original character?
A: Dren Laun Coster

Q: Into which genre would you put your book?
A: Action, Drama, Adventure, and Horror

Q: To which illustrator do you most admire?
A: Don't have one yet.

** Distributed by Paul Dale Roberts, President

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Drawn to Comics by Ann Olson-Dupire
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