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 ROLDA Speaks Out Against Animal Cruelty

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PostSubject: ROLDA Speaks Out Against Animal Cruelty   Sun Jan 09, 2011 7:59 pm

ROLDA Speaks Out Against Animal Cruelty
By Ann Olson-Dupire

Most Americans are familiar with the animal charities and programs here in the United States, but what about the animals in other countries? ROLDA (Romanian League in Defense of Animals) is a similar organization based out of Romania. Stray animals have become a much-too-common sight on the streets of Romania. Due to economical and political pressures, many pets have been left to fend for themselves throughout the years. Now, their overpopulation is in dire need of human intervention.

ROLDA’s mission is to create a humane and sustainable world for all animals- a world that will also benefit people. They do not use violence or any illegal actions as a means to accomplish their goal, but hope to gain enough support from members to make their vision a reality.

One member, Tim, summed up the primary goal of the group as "to rescue strays, shelter and care for them, and ultimately find them forever homes." Tim has been a member for about eighteen months now. He is a California resident. I asked him "Why Romanian Animals?" To which he explained that working with an organization that helped animals seemed to always be in the cards for him, but the opportunity just hadn't presented itself. Through a friend, Shannon McCabe, he heard of ROLDA and the plight of stray dogs in Romania. These dogs wander the streets looking for food and are often hunted down, poisoned, or killed. The magnitude of the problem astounded him. Shannon had been raising awareness and raising funds for ROLDA for a while, and needed help getting the word out. He was happy to jump in and assist. We are fortunate in the United States to have the money, the infrastructure, and the people to address our animal problems. The system in Romania is terribly broken and is in need of the help of someone like Dana Costin (ROLDA Founder). Anything he can do to help an animal, no matter where in the world, live a better life and find a loving home, he is glad to do.

Naturally Tim is the proud owner of an adopted pet. "Two years ago, I adopted a 9-year old Jack Russell terrier named Chewy from the Sacramento SPCA. Older dogs typically have a harder time getting adopted as most families want a puppy. I honestly do not have the time nor patience to raise a puppy, so I like to adopt older animals. Chewy and I were a perfect fit."

ROLDA focuses their efforts towards the protection of animals from suffering and cruelty caused by human actions. "We reject and advocate against any tactics or strategies involving violence against all animals." Research has now established that there are strong links between violent behaviors toward humans and violent behaviors toward animals. "We actively encourage law enforcement agencies to take violence toward animals seriously and to set appropriately severe penalties for people who are responsible for causing animals to suffer".

One of ROLDA long-term goals is to assist caring animal enthusiasts to get past the financial difficulties (hard to be ignored unfortunately in Romania) and be able to provide proper care for their rescued furry friend. The veterinary charitable clinic is a new concept among the existing animal clinics from Romania, born because of animal lovers’ needs and financial struggling.

While the charity is yet still in its infancy, members are hopeful that it will gain popularity and support from animal lovers everywhere. If you or someone you know is interested in learning more, visit

Distributed by Shannon McCabe/Paul Dale Roberts

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ROLDA Speaks Out Against Animal Cruelty
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