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 Myrna Arens, Sacramento Sensitive

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PostSubject: Myrna Arens, Sacramento Sensitive   Thu Jan 13, 2011 3:45 am

Interview with Myrna Arens, Sacramento Sensitive
Interviewed by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

Question: Tell me something personal about yourself.

Answer: I am a mother of 4 children and grandmother of 5. Born in Philadelphia, PA, Moved to Southern California in 1975 and then to Northern California in 1984.

Question: Being from Sacramento, where are some of your favorite locations to frequent?

Answer: Old Sacramento is my number one and all the sights around the area. Other places I like are Mikuni Restaurant in Elk Grove on Bond Road, Railroad Museum, Sacramento Zoo. I love to walk around Capitol Park and absorb the surrounding history of Sacramento.

Question: What was your first paranormal experience? How old were you at the time?

Answer: The first one, I was 8yrs old in a small town of Pedricktown, NJ. The only thing was I could feel something always following me. I would wake up crying because I was in fear something was after me, it seemed to follow me everywhere.

Question: What was your most extreme experience?

Answer: It began when I moved into a farm house in Chichester, PA with my husband and 3 small boys. We were removing the old wall paper to paint. In the kitchen was an old bread box with a inch thick marble top on it. While in the living room stripping the walls we heard a noise and it was the bread box turned upside down across the room. Then we found a grave yard in the back and my husband wanted to dig it up and I ask him not to, but he did anyway. He didnít open them, but there were two shallow graves. After that everything became very active and more things started to happen. You could hear Civil War drums and marching behind the house. The footsteps of someone in the attic and my children crying, because they did not want to be put in bed, they thought Ďmonster maní was after them. I hated to be alone at night but my husband worked until 3am and I had to be brave for my boys. The last thing that happened was when something attacked my infant son age of 5 months. One night I wrapped his blanket around his head 3 times as I heard a faint cry and ran to his side to find him smothering from the blanket.

Question: Tell me what other experiences have you had?

Answer: A. I had an experience in Penn Grove, NJ at age 16, a man had hung his self in my attic. My sister and I, dared to sleep up there after we were told about a spot of blood that would appear on the floor where he died. We didnít believe it and set out to prove them wrong. That night we got ready for bed and sure enough a spot of blood appeared on the floor along with a foul odor. We both ran out of there and didnít try it again.
B: I lived in the South side of Broad St. in Penns Grove, NJ . My first experience was a lot of noise in the house and then footsteps coming up into my room. One night I was alone and my children were asleep in their beds. I was downstairs watching TV when I heard a loud screaming sound coming from up stairs. I ran up to see where it was coming from but could not hear it. Went outside and there was nothing out there. I went back into the house and it was still loud. I called my neighbor to come and listen to find out if it was just me. She said that she could hear it and ran home and left me to fend for myself. I found out that she also had something in her house. That is why she was not happy to hear my house was active too!

C: I lived in Maxwell, CA on West Oak Street. Upon moving into this place I didnít feel any energy at all and felt safe. My daughter was 2yrs old and still took a bottle. When I would go into the kitchen at night I could feel something in there with me. After a while in certain parts of the house it would be very cold. It felt like something moved through me or would sit on me. My daughter had a doll house that would light up and play music. It would start playing by itself. I took the batteries out one night and it still started playing and her music box started playing too! Things would go missing and find there way back after a few days, sometimes even weeks. The last thing that happened was a toy motorcycle was tossed off a shelf about five times until it smashed. I smudged it and poured salt around the house to remove the activities but it came back, so I moved.

Question: Sounds like you had a very interesting life with the paranormal. Is there a way your readers can contact you?


Interview Conducted on: Jan 12, 2011
Location: Panera Bread, 8519 Bond Road, Elk Grove, CA
Time: 1830 Hours

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Myrna Arens, Sacramento Sensitive
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