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 Interview with Paul Dale Roberts

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PostSubject: Interview with Paul Dale Roberts   Sat Jan 15, 2011 7:48 am

Interview with Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager, Demonologist
Interviewed by: Diana Lorena Valencia Riomana, Publisher of Lorena's Angels

Question: Would you like to share something about yourself.

Answer: When I was a little kid, I thought I lived in a haunted house on Effy Street in Fresno, California. When I grew older, I wanted answers. I wanted to know if that house was truly haunted or was I having childhood nightmares. I started reading books by Brad Steiger and became well-versed in the paranormal. Later, I was dating a ghost hunter named Julie English and she invited me to an HPI (Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International) - event at the National Hotel. She said..."Paul, since you are so well-versed in the paranormal, perhaps you should write an article about this ghost hunt." The reason why she told me this, is because I was also a freelance journalist. I met the President of HPI named Shannon 'Ms. Macabre' McCabe and asked her if I could write an article. She grabbed my arm and said.."I love the press", before I knew it I became HPI's ghostwriter, paranormal investigator, core member. I am now the General Manager of HPI, I am a journalist for the Sacramento Press, Haunted Times Magazine, Lorena's Angels, Chatter Brew Online Magazine and All Destiny Magazine. I opened the doors for all types of paranormal investigations, from UFOs to Bigfoot to Ghosts. I have been on 400 paranormal investigations and have written over 400 paranormal articles. Shannon and I have a book coming out called HPI Chronicles: Ghosts, UFOs, Monsters and High Strangeness!

Question: What inspires you to be a Demon Hunter or the Demon Warrior as you call yourself?

Answer: Three things. I am curious. I am compelled to assist people who are facing the unknown. I am also compelled to share my information to the world on what I may encounter. I want people to understand the paranormal and see what I am seeing through my articles.

Question: What references do you have about demons actually?

Answer: I grew up as a Catholic. I consulted 2 priests on what needs to be done for a Catholic blessing of a home. I am not ordained. When I do a Catholic blessing, it appears I am 80 percent successful. One lady I did a blessing for told me that she saw an orb with her own eyes go between us and into the night sky. At the time, I was doing a Four Winds Prayer and expelling the ghost or demon out of her home.

Question: Is true that all of your experiences help propel your investigative group H.P.I. (Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International)? Paul, what can you tell us about HPI?

Answer: What I can tell you is that any investigation I do, I write an article about it. Even if we find nothing, I still write an article about the investigation. It is beneficial to advertise and get well known in the field, by doing this, you get the information out to people who are interested in the paranormal and you also get your name out and get contacted by people who need help. HPI was started in 1994 and I believe Shannon McCabe took over as President in 1996, she is now the owner of HPI. I opened the doors to all things paranormal. We investigate UFOs, alien abductees, ghosts, poltergeists, demon activity, Bigfoot...even giant salamanders, Mothman and a guy that was claiming he was a former Men in Black!

Question: What was one of the must strongest cases that you resolved?

Answer: We have a researcher out of London, England named Laurie Rutledge and she is able to do the historical solving. She can find out who lived at a residence, the history of the residence and surrounding areas. We have psychics on the team that are on the mark in identifying the presence in a home or establishment. We use science to record paranormal activity by using video cameras, cameras, digital audio recorders. Like a case we had in Loomis, we did an investigation and the investigator obtained an EVP of a little girl saying her name was Amy, later we have a scouting mission in Loomis and a scout who did not know the investigator that obtained the Amy EVP, gets an EVP and it's a little girl again, saying her name is Amy. That is some compelling evidence that an entity was at this location in Loomis and her name was Amy. We get the name Amy twice on two different recorders by two different people on two separate days. Amazing stuff!

Question: Over the years, what have been some of the most interesting and rewarding cases that stick out in your memory?

Answer: Saw my first full body apparition in Marysville of a woman who died in her home of alcohol poisoning. I saw the woman walk from one loft to another loft and vanish. The Citrus Heights case where five investigators including myself could hear a girl entity giggle and say 'hi' to me. Then later we had a sťance and the walls sounded like they were ripping apart, and then later we heard a series of knocks on the wall. The finale was when a walkie talkie turns on and a man's voice says loudly: "get out!".

Question: How about some of the most frightening and chilling cases you've investigated?

Answer: Demonic case in Lockeford. The two women that lived in this house had bite marks on their bodies and they claimed a demon left the bite marks on them. The faces of the women went from pleasant to sinister. They talked about hating men and wanting to kill men by bashing their heads with baseball bats. Later one of the women is in the living room spinning around and around with a baseball bat in her hands. I knew it was my time to leave.

Question: what are the risk of this work?

Answer: See my Lockeford case above, that was risky!! People that feel they may have a demon inhabiting their body are the scariest, you never know what they are capable of doing!

Question: What are some of your most significant cases?

Answer: Aruba, in search of Natalee Holloways' ghost, I captured an EVP of a woman saying 'help me'. The search of Michael Jackson's ghost with Shannon McCabe at the Shrine Auditorium for Sky1 TV. Skinwalker Ranch in Utah with Chantal Apodaca. Chasing the Chupacabra at Santa Cruz Island, San Diego and San Miguel Island with Christina George. Investigating serial killer murder sites, such as the San Francisco Zodiac, Richard Trenton Chase aka the Vampire of Sacramento, Gerald & Charlene Gallegos, I-5 Strangler aka Roger Kibbe, I-5 Killer aka Randall Woodfield, Doreathea Puente aka Boarding House Black Widow, Charles Ng and Leonard Lake. Now, I am headed for Jamaica to investigate the Jamaica Inn - Haiti to interview a Voodoo Queen and the Dominican Republic to see if I can find the trident tailed sea monster and maybe a few UFOs. The Dominican Republic is supposed to be a hotbed for UFO activity and what the's in the Bermuda Triangle!

Question: where we could find you?

Answer:" target="_blank">" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">;
I'm on Facebook, just find me by typing Paul Dale Roberts
Plus, I am very Googable!

Thank you for this fantastic interview!! I love Lorena's Angels, I am getting my message out to Venezuela and the rest of the world! Did I ever tell you that I went to Venezuela, when I went to Aruba, well...I went to the coastline of Venezuela, loved it!

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Interview with Paul Dale Roberts
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