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 Blackwater Worldwide & the Menehune

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PostSubject: Blackwater Worldwide & the Menehune   Fri Jan 21, 2011 7:12 am

Blackwater Worldwide & the Menehune
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

I get some interesting calls, this call kept my attention. See why.
Before I get into the story...let me get you into the mood. Hear the Hawaii 5-0 theme song here:

This call came in tonight. Date: Jan 20, 2011. Time: 19:59 Hours.
Cell phone rings. The call is from a Honolulu area code.

Caller: Hi my name is ------, don't worry, it's not my real name. Right now, I live in Hawaii and I am a part-time paranormal investigator. I used to work for Blackwater Worldwide.

Paul: Blackwater as in Iraq?

Caller: That is the one, but I only did one job for Blackwater and that was at Hurricane Katrina for Department of Homeland Security.

Paul: Good, you werenít involved in the scandals.

Caller: Thatís right. I now work for another private security team here in Hawaii. I am very curious about the paranormal and my wife and I go out on a few cases here and there. Have you ever heard of the little people of Hawaii, the Menehune?

Paul: Yes, some Hawaiians think they were the very first settlers of Hawaii. They are quite benevolent.

Caller: Benevolent? Not according to my clients, they tried to snatch her baby. The Menehune were unsuccessful when the male client fired his 45 at them.

Paul: Before the failed kidnapping, was there a buzzing sound or strange lights?

Caller: The clients mentioned lights that came through their window.

Paul: What did these Menehune look like?

Caller: Like little midgets that looked like they had Hawaiian ethnicity, that is why they think it is the Menehune.

Paul: Or they could be something else, disguised as the Menehune?

Caller: Such as?

Paul: Fairies were known to snatch children, aliens have been known to artificially impregnate women. The women are one day pregnant and the next day they are not and doctors brush it off as a false pregnancy. Of course fairies could actually be aliens. This is an interesting case and I will send you information on the Menehune. The abductors could be coming back..will you be placing up surveillance cameras?

Caller: Yes.

Special Note: The caller will keep me informed on the progress of his investigation and we talked for a considerable amount of time about what the Menehune is, alien abductions, hybrids, etc. We went into length in our conversation about the date, time of the thwarted abduction, how many Menehune came into the home (4 came in) and how their attention was towards the child. The child is a 1 year old girl.


More High Strangeness in Loomis
By Deborah Baughman, HPI Paranormal Investigator/Occupant

HPI was recently contacted by the producer and his team of an upcoming show called 'Paranormal Witness' by the Discovery Channel. Paranormal Witness film crew are interested in the Loomis case and possibly interested in the Lincoln case. Below, Deborah Baughman - occupant of the Loomis case, sends an email to Paul XXXX of the Discovery Channel (What you are about to read is written by Deborah Baughman - in her own words):

Sorry that it has taken so long but I was needing to get the family together so they could put in their experiences.

We moved into XXXXXXXX, Loomis, Ca, in January 2010. My first experiences began in late Feb/March.

1. I was sitting in the living room, no one was home, I heard loud banging (like a trash can or large chair) on the outside wall. I went outside to investigate to find nothing next to the wall, the weather was perfect (no wind), while outside I heard Indian drums and chanting. This went on for about 1/2 hour, then stopped when my husband got home. Also, during this time, my lights were turning on, then off. Even the TV turned off (it takes 2 different remotes to turn off).

2. Bathroom door would close on its own (there is no windows or vents in there), My very heavy metal door to the laundry room also would open and slam shut. Around this time, the week of St Patrickís Day, I got very sick, normally I am a pretty healthy person, I had pneumonia, then my dog, Ari, also got very sick with pneumonia. Then few days later, our cows began to die. We spoke with our vet and they were baffled. They could not come up with any reasonable explanation. There is an actual season for pneumonia in animals and this was not the time. They just kept saying that the weather was beautiful and warm, they shouldn't be sick.

At this point, my mother-in-law and I decided to get Paul Dale Roberts involved and perform a blessing on the property. We felt it might be cursed. Our family, which was very unusual, were fighting, screaming at one another, just bickering. We were actually becoming very mean, but the minute we would leave the property, we all would become calm and stop.

3. Our first investigation: We had great response, we were able to catch very good EVP's and great video's as well. (the team is currently gathering all the evidence so we can show you). A lot of questions were answered about the spirits that are here. I should let you know that just a few days before this investigation, the previous owner (who built our house, we had to have the police remove him and his family from here, died) His name was Donald John.

4. Right after his passing (which our bedroom was his) banging started on the wall between the laundry room and our bedroom. Also I should mention that in our big barn (the one with the loft) I would look outside and lights were on, there was no electricity at that time. We had cut all power to the barn. I also began hearing crying all the time, most of the time I would be the only one on the property. And a pentagram appeared on the floor of the loft/barn.

5. Paul Dale Roberts and Shannon McCabe set things up for a second investigation. During this investigation, we have video footage of chairs in the loft coming together. Flashlights turning on and off upon command, pictures of shadows. The adjacent property was also a hot spot that night. We have an EVP of a man telling us to leave. Apparently he was the caretaker of the church that burned down in my upper pasture. A few of the investigators actually saw him, he was standing on a porch with a rifle. This investigation provided a lot of evidence (again, still putting all of it together)

7. For about a month, things started to quiet down. Then, I was laying in bed one night, watching Air Force One, my husband was asleep and I was poked really hard in my left eye. After that, maybe a few days later, I was trying to go to sleep and something was sitting on my chest to the point I felt I couldn't breathe, I wasn't even able to call out for my husband. This went on, it seemed like forever, then just stopped. Every night, something sits on my bed, I think it's the nice one just saying good night. It also likes to pull my covers off.

8. Latest incidents: I wake up in the middle of the night to use the restroom, it will knock and tap on the door to the point where it will open the door. I will investigate...everyone, including my dog, is asleep. After the first few times of this happening, I now hear the little girl.

9. One day I was in my living room, I heard a knocking on my kitchen door (kind of like when the police knock loud and hard), my dog was barking, I yelled to have them come in, the knocking got louder, yelled again for them to come in, knocking got louder, so I got up to quiet the dog and answer the door. No one was there. I was the only person on the property. Now there is a neighbor dog that will follow you up the hill and bark, she was just hanging out by the fence and totally quiet. So I look around to see if someone was messing with me, no one was here. Then I heard the little girl crying and calling for mom. Then later that night, I was doing dishes when a dark shadow walked between me and the wall.

This is just a short list of experiences, my daughter is writing down more and so is my husband. As for my team, we are compiling all our pictures, videos, and evps. I did go out the other night and tried to get more for you, right after I turned on my recorder I was told "no" and "get out". these were in the barn.

I have contacted the historical society for more information concerning the church that had burned down, as of this email I have found the name of one of the spirits in the barn is Griffith Griffith from Wales (this was confirmed a long time ago through one of the psychics) and I confirmed the church's existence.


When I go to Haiti to interview the Voodoo Queen and if something were to happen to me, I made Shannon McCabe the official god-mother to Hi-Pee and Pika (my 2 dogs). I got them a ton of treats while I am gone..the treats should keep them busy...
NOTE: Leaving Jan 24, 2011.

Sharon Lopez

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager
aka The Demon Warrior
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Blackwater Worldwide & the Menehune
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