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 Volcano Scouting Mission - 2nd Time Around

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PostSubject: Volcano Scouting Mission - 2nd Time Around   Sun Jan 23, 2011 9:07 pm

Volcano Scouting Mission - 2nd Time Around
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager
John Shue's Flying Orb Video Footage

January 22, 2011, Saturday: What the hell am I doing here? I should be packing up for my trip to Jamaica, Haiti & the Dominican Republic. Something compels me to have a scouting mission before I leave. Shannon 'Ms. Macabre' McCabe set this scouting mission up on the weekend before my departure to the Caribbean. Driving up here in the misty fog was an adventure in itself. My two passengers Shannon McCabe and Antoinette Irene Navarro Reardon were getting close in getting sick from the winding roads.

Pictures from the investigation, (people pictures, non-paranormal), waiting for the evidence from the scouts:

Ahh..but, we found it, the St. George Hotel in Volcano, California. This is my 2nd time in Volcano and I remember we obtained an incredible EVP of Celtic music, when there was no music playing. Our room is an incredible 3 story climb to Room Shake Ridge. Shannon, Irene and I will be sharing this lofty room. At 8pm, we will gather on the first floor dining room and listen to the historians tell the story of Volcano. After the historians talk, we will immediately conduct a seance. After the seance, it's time to conduct the ghost hunt. Let's hope we get good results tonight.

Paranormal Investigators/Scouts that showed up are: Cathy & Steven Wee, Amy Anne & Ned; Rory Fitzgerald; Tuesday Rubsam; Ivy Rubsam; Remi and Pam Tijerina; Patrick Newton; Jon Rubsam; Sandra Laudermill; Mathew Lemons; Beth Lemons; Tim Root; Melanie MacConnell; Lisa MacConnell; Kathy Payne Foulk; Deborah Baughman; Lisa Loya; Jennifer Roland; Crystal Scudder; Sherry Andersen; Becky Smallwood; Ed McCracken; Carolyn Fregulia/Historian; Brittani Lantz; Kevin Lee; Casey Grisel; Laurie Lee; Laurie Sporea; Tami Richmond; Jenell Butler; John Shue/Videographer; Ben Hall; Rhonda Hall; Shirley Hasselbrink; Helen Henkel; Laura Rientismith; Cindy Steyn; Evion Webb; Victoria Wertheimer/Historian; Ellie Routt/Occupant of private home; Zach Talbert/Employee; Gwen Johnson/Reporter; Katie Knowles; Kaitlynn Sleeth. Owner: Shannon 'Ms. Macabre' McCabe; General Manager: Paul Dale Roberts. Personal Assistant: Antoinette Irene Navarro Reardon. Remote Spiritual Advisor from the Isle of Man: Denise Roberts Hart - who remotely monitored our progress and sent us spiritual guidance and prayers for our mission into the unknown.

Victoria Wertheimer/Hotel Historian gave us a brief history of the hotel.
Carolyn Fregulia/Volcano Historian gave us a detailed history of the town, the murders, the scandals and the infamous ladies of the night that worked at the bordellos of Volcano in the 1800s. So many bad girls once frequented Volcano, I will let you hear Donna Summer's song Bad Girls here:

On the first investigative session, we explored the Volcano cemetery, jailhouse, a private residence, trading post. Ivy Rubsam captured a ghostly face in the window (photograph). EVP obtained that says 'Mark'. EMF reader goes crazy in the cemetery. In the private residence K2 meter goes off many times. The occupant tells them that a person died of a heroin overdose in the home, possible EVP captured (inaudible), many of the investigators/scouts felt an uneasiness. People that consider themselves sensitive had psychic impressions of darkness. Evion captures a face in the window, this photograph was captured at the private residence. Ghost radar hit upon many words that were very coincidental, such as coming up with the name - James Adam (which was a real person in Volcano), mail (when they arrived at the building where the mail was deposited in the 1800s) and other words that made historical sense. Shannon McCabe actually heard the name 'Mike' in her ear when she was in the back of the hotel. Shannon and other investigators/scouts felt cold spots during the seance. When Shannon stepped outside she felt warmth and it was freezing outside. Amy takes a picture of the stairwell with another scout and when they enlarged the picture there was a full black figure at the doorway, when there was no one at the doorway, a second picture was taken right after and there is no dark figure. In the cemetery, Ben Hall saw a full body apparition with his own eyes and Melanie at the same time saw a bright flash go past her line of vision.

Location of seance is the first floor conference area. Used digital recorders, cameras, video cameras, EMF Readers, K2 readers, walkie talkies, Frank Box. Nothing significant happened during the seance. The Frank Box did say the names of various investigators/scouts in the room. Frank box indicates type of death: trigger, bullet, shot.

String on curtain starts moving for scouts, when they command it to move. Two chain locks in two different rooms move when scouts command it to move. EVP obtained. Question asked: 'Are you male?' Answer: 'Nooooo'. Many, many orb pictures, purple orb, comet orb with tail, designer orbs and regular orbs. Ben heard a growling noise at the wine cellar.

The hotel has a reputation of being haunted. Solid evidence is the EVP that says no. Photos that will be analyzed are faces in windows and the dark shadow figure on top of the hallway. This hotel is considered a Casper Haunting - benevolent entities that cause no malice for the guests.

Interesting side note: While sleeping in our room. Shannon witnessed the door opening by itself twice. I heard knocks on the wall. I saw a darting shadow in our room, the time was 3am. At 4am there was a huge bang outside of our door. I heard no one running from the bang and I opened the door and saw that a huge wooden trunk was open. Pranksters or ghosts?

Sunday morning, we woke up to coffee and a nice breakfast buffet - scrambled eggs, sausage, cereal, milk, bacon, toast, fruit, etc.


By Teresa Williams, HPI Senior Lead Investigator

Gary Roach and Grace Jefferson from Small Town Paranormal handled a pre-investigation for this client. The fact that an associate team of Small Town Paranormal Family had recently done an investigation within a couple of miles of this location, tended to make us question the area and the small time frame that we were called to this in the same town is raising the thoughts of what might be happening there.

The residents include a single mother of 2 daughter’s and one daughter is a single mother as well. Leaf River, Illinois is a very old town with a lot of the original buildings. Not a lot of new buildings have been built here since the settlers have established it. It remains an old charming place to settle down in an easy atmosphere...or is it?

Gary Roach is quoted as his opinion of the initial contact on the property is:

“While we were there we took pictures of the apartment as Grace interviewed the client. I took various pictures of the apartment. When I walked down the hallway towards the room that they said had the most activity in it, I suddenly felt like something was pushing on my chest and it was so strong it was hard to breath. The whole time I was there, after I walked back in to the kitchen/living room the feeling never went away. After we left and said our prayer that we normally say before going into any investigation and after an investigation, it was probably about 1-2 miles down the road when the feeling finally left me and I haven’t felt anything since. I do believe something is there, just not sure what and how we are going to get it to move on to the other side”.

Gary and Grace’s pre-investigation will be followed with a full investigation of the home by Small Town Paranormal.

-Teresa Williams

Below is a message I sent out on my Facebook, this woman desperately needed help from a Massachusetts paranormal group:
A Haunting in Massachusetts
Okay, here is the deal. Donna called me and this is the list of things that have been happening:
1. Hamster had his leg pulled off by the entity.
2. Daughter placed flour on the floors and on the dresser top, they found footprints all over the living room, hand prints on the dresser and the entity drew a heart and wrote the name backwards Eli.
3. Footsteps are constantly heard,
4. Chandelier moves on its own.
5. Husband is distraught and was crying on the phone and is begging for help.
6. Bangings on the wall.
7. Conversations heard, 2 people talking. One says ‘please’ and the other says ‘alright’.
8. House is 14 years old, built over the wetlands.
9. Daughter had problems in another home and they believe the entities followed the daughter to the home they live in now.
I gave information to the family on how they can conduct their own blessing of the home. They are asking for a paranormal group in Massachusetts to assist them and requested I place their phone number on Facebook, so they can get immediate assistance.
Donna (occupant) can be reached at: 508 316 3312 or 617 529 6217.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager
aka The Demon Warrior
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Volcano Scouting Mission - 2nd Time Around
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