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 Paradise is a Paradise for the Paranormal

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PostSubject: Paradise is a Paradise for the Paranormal   Wed Feb 09, 2011 7:07 pm

By Eileen Boettcher, HPI Paranormal Investigator

December 1, 2010
I dropped by the house @XXXXXXXXX Ln. in Paradise, CA that we will be investigating Friday December 3, 2010. I met with a past roommate of mine, Jacqueline, and she introduced me to her current roommate, Serena. She was a very nice, soft spoken women and stated she had lived in the house with her family for 8 years. As we discussed the activity she was encountering in the house I started to feel chilled with energy and the hair on my body stood up on end. As we spoke she stated seeing a dark shadow walking from the table area towards the front door. She stated, once her son was crossing the area in which we were standing and a shadow moved right through him. She spoke of another shadow they see in one back bedroom. She told me about items being moved and found later, and at other times items being moved and never found! In addition, she talked about finding dimes all the time. A psychic had told her that is was her Uncle Sam leaving dimes for her. She then told me that her Uncle Sam had passed away in the house right where we were standing. I had still been feeling chills. I then said “Sam we will be back to talk to you in just a few days” within 30 seconds my chills went away! Serena also feels that her aunt may be around. She says for the most part the energy in the house feels good and is not worried about having a cleansing. Just asks that if we do communicate to ask it/them to leave the children alone as they are bothered by the experience. Serena was willing to bring the remaining ashes of her Uncle and her Aunt over from her other Aunts house. I told her that should increase the activity!

My friend Jacqueline stated that her friend had lived there previously for almost 10 years and her mother went clinically insane in the bedroom where the family now sees a shadow. They all feel that there is another entity from prior to them living there that may have driven the previous resident insane. There are sounds that come from outside that are unexplained and the outside should be included in the investigation. Jacqueline will be talking to her friend on Friday and will relay any new information she receives.
Can’t wait! Looks like a good one!

On Friday night December 3rd 2010 we had 3 investigators (myself, Nick, and Elaina) arrive at Serena’s’ home on Thoreau in Paradise. We entered the home and had our physic get a feel for the house. She did not get any distinct energy’s right off but could feel a lot in the home. She walked through the house and mentioned that there was energy on the outside back wall and that something had taken place in the back yard. When we went to the teenage boy’s room she could feel some negative energy in there.

We then did another interview with the Residence. This night Serena was present along with her daughter Riana and roommate and my friend Jacqueline. Riana started telling us that at one time her brother’s bedroom had been hers but she was always angry and uncomfortable in that room and moved into the living room area to sleep. Then Riana and Jacqueline continued to include stories about Riana’s brother who is about 16 years old and is now in that room. She stated her son was always a very loving young man with a mild disposition. Since he has been in that room he has outburst of anger and will be in the room on his cell phone fighting and screaming at his girlfriend and they feel the room is affecting him. Serena added that he was a very loving young man. He would even come and sit next to her and lay his head on her shoulder in a gesture of love and kindness. Now that he has been in that room he is always mad for no reason. They feel there is something negative in that room.
Serena did bring over the ashes from her Uncle who had passed away in the house but I refrained from telling my other two investigators until later in the evening. I didn’t want to influence anything they naturally picked up on.

We did different sessions through out the night with minimum results. Out of the three investigators I was the only one that picked up any voice recordings. There were only two that really stood out. The first being when we were in the son’s room we asked for a knock and got one that all 6 of us in the house heard. The other being in Serena’s room, while doing a session with all 6 of us in there) Riana and I both felt cold, I had a terrible stomach pains, and right at that time I recorded a giggle of a child. We concluded that although we were not convinced of the house being haunted. There was a lot of energy each of us felt but could not explain and believe this home may warrant a future investigation.

Serena and Jacquilyns – tags A

12/13 @ 1:31 giggle, me and Reanna cold, my stomache hurts
11/13 @00:58 tap – everyone heard it
@1:51 – slight tap

8/13 @6:05 no – me cold
@ 9:25 mumbling

6/13 @4:04 ?

5/13 @ 00:45 ?
5/13 @ 1-2 min background mumbling of some sort

That’s it!


My wife and I went to Sutter's Fort in 1979 for the tour. It was a slow day so no rush standing in front of a marker with the ear wand getting the history of the building as you stood before it. We went to the outside of the tool (storage) shed. I instantly put the wand down and walked into the building into the middle of the room. The tool shed was no more. I saw bunk beds with sick people in them and women tending to them. There were people all around me milling around and talking. I was invisible to them and they were wearing outfits from the 1800's and were shabbily dressed. After which seamed a few minutes the room slowly changed back to the tool or storage shed.

As if it all were viewed through clouded eyes. I then heard my wife about 5feet away yelling my name over and over again. I stood their frozen and said, Lynne did you see that? She said what are you talking about I have been yelling at you for several minutes and you were acting like you were not here. That you could not hear me. I then walked over to the wall by the door and pulled away several plywood sheets to reveal a marker attached to the wall that this was NOT the tool or storage shed but a place wagon trains or folks passing through would stay. I was very tired after this so we quickly finished the tour.
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Distributed by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager
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Paradise is a Paradise for the Paranormal
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