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 The Howler

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PostSubject: The Howler   Fri Feb 11, 2011 2:16 am

Title: The Howler
Publisher: Creative Elamentz
Price: $12.95
All Stories Written by Vin Varvara
Art for all Stories:
Bill Young
Editors: Jemir Robert Johnson/Vin Varvara
Reviewed by: Paul Dale Roberts, President
Comments: Things get started off with a Big Bang! Jack Stevens and his family were slaughtered, the police discover the mutilated corpses of Jack and his whole family. Who could have done something so horrendous, so horrifying? Jack Stevens, did he have any enemies? He was powerful in his community, he was the head of a major pharmaceutical company. Jackís son Chris is on the run, he canít remember anything. One of the key elamentz (excuse the pun) is a scar on his arm. This story will have you sitting on the edge of your seat with all of the lights on in your home. A tale of transformation, a tale that will lead Chris to a paranormal world of demons, fallen angels and some cannibalistic monsters.

Creative Elamentz entertains us with superb dark horror, the macabre along with some mind numbing madness! The black and white grainy art is fine turned for the unique, unusual and the unconventional. If you want to be scared, this is the graphic comic book novel to buy, if you want to continue your every day existence, then I donít suggest you pick up this book, because this is the kind of book that can change you in a ghastly fashion that may be unsuitable for your friends!

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The Howler
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