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 The Astonishing Readings of Celebrity Psychic Belinda Bentley

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PostSubject: The Astonishing Readings of Celebrity Psychic Belinda Bentley   Fri Feb 18, 2011 3:23 am

The Astonishing Readings of Celebrity Psychic Belinda Bentley
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

February 17, 2011, Thursday. Location: Starbucks, 8341 Elk Grove Florin Road, Sacramento, CA. Time: 1830 Hours.

Today, I get the privilege of watching Belinda Bentley perform her magic. The ladies that will be getting their readings tonight are Cara Degregorio and Malena Harvey. It will be interesting to see how the readings are conducted and how accurate Belinda is.

Observing this reading, I see that Belinda goes into a mind setting, calmness and concentrates on both ladies. Belinda starts off with Cara and the first thing she asks, is her sign, where she is from. Belinda continues to concentrate and rubs her hands continuously.

Belinda contemplates on the spiritual and physical level of Cara’s plane of existence. She allows her psychic abilities to lead her down a path of Cara’s personal essence.

Belinda asks for guidance from the other side. Belinda goes towards the energetic level and finds that there is a man in Cara’s life that has caused her hurt and mistrust. Belinda does not know Cara or Malena. I know Cara well enough that I know that Belinda has hit the mark. Belinda has now asked Cara to close her eyes. Belinda has Cara imagine that she is breathing into her solar plexus area. Belinda feels that Cara feels that she is so nice to people, so why do people treat her like that? Cara agrees to this assessment.

Belinda again hits the mark on how many children that Cara has and what the children’s gender is. Belinda sees that Cara lets in dysfunctional type of men into her life and when she does meet the right guy or the right people in her life, she rejects them and shows distrust.

Belinda sees the middle child (the son) not liking the fact that he is the middle child and sees that this son has a gift of observing phenomenon from the other side. Cara confirms that this is true. Belinda goes into detail the full gift that her son has. It appears that entities from the other side are trying to communicate with her son. Belinda feels that Cara's psychic son does not feel safe, because of his gift. Belinda suggests that he seeks assistance from another psychic or paranormal investigator to help him hone in on his abilities. The psychic son does not like the men that Cara hangs around with. Cara confirms all of this as true.

At some point of time, Belinda wanted to ask Cara something private. I left and joined Malena in a private corner of Starbucks. When I returned, what ever the private revelation was…was true, according to Cara.

Belinda sees Cara being single for up to 6 months. Perhaps in a year or a year and half, major changes will occur for Cara. Cara will face changes that have a positive light in her life.

Belinda sees Cara having a past life in the 1500s, England. Belinda sees Cara as a servant serving men. Belinda sees Cara doing things for these men and the men are not doing anything for Cara. This past life has followed Cara into the present.

After Cara’s reading, Belinda moved to the next person. Malena Harvey. Belinda starts concentrating and then it begins. Belinda has Malena say her name 3 times and her nickname 3 times. How this is significant? I don’t know yet.

Belinda is distracted and goes back to Cara and feels that someone has heart issues. Cara confirms this. I ask Cara who this person is and it’s her son, he has a heart murmur. The entities that speak to Belinda are still concentrating on Cara. Belinda also sees that her son has immune health issues. Cara again confirms this.

Belinda comes up with the name ‘Paula’ and feels that her psychic son is communicating with an entity named Paula. The name ‘Carey’ was brought up and Belinda feels a past family member used to call Cara ‘Carey’. Cara does not confirm this.

Belinda picks up on Dale – an uncle that passed away on Cara’s mother’s side. Belinda says he is annoying. Cara confirms that Dale was annoying in real life. Dale keeps bothering Belinda in the reading and completely disrupts the reading for Malena. Dale relates that he loves his niece Cara. Belinda also picked up on a relative that died of cancer on Cara’s side and Cara says that is her uncle Steve. Steve recently passed away. Belinda at some point starts shutting out the entities that are trying to communicate with Cara. Belinda says there is practically a line of family entities wanting to communicate with Cara.

After shutting out the entities for Cara, Belinda goes back to Malena.

Belinda feels that Malena is a ball of energy. I will have to confirm this one. Belinda feels her energy heals other people. Belinda feels that Malena is a ‘guide’. Note: Cara, has psychic abilities and has been involved with HPI. Belinda knew nothing of Cara’s history or Malena's history for that matter. Malena was asking if she has a higher purpose in life. Belinda confirms that she is a ‘guide’ and that is a higher purpose in itself.

Malena is basically asking how she can avoid negative people in her life. Belinda suggests that Malena stand up and say ‘no’ more often to people that delve into her life and try to push things upon her. Belinda suggests that Malena asks her guides for assistance as she walks down various paths in her life.

Belinda asks Malena to close her eyes and attempts to get Malena’s energy back on the table for a more accurate reading.

Cara is asked to move a couple of tables down, so Belinda can get into Malena’s open heart. Belinda feels a possible negative issue could present itself in Malena’s life. Belinda feels that Malena should ‘relax’. Belinda feels Malena may be over exerting herself and not getting proper sleep. Belinda also feels Malena is absorbing surrounding negative energy around her on a daily basis. Malena confirms this. Belinda says that Malena’s third eye is half way open and is connecting to people on the psychic level. With this third eye being open, it can become very draining for Malena on a psychic level.

All in all, I must say I was very impressed with Belinda. Belinda had no way of knowing the lives of Malena and Cara, but the way she was doing the reading, you would think she knew them all her life. Only one word can describe this. Astonishing!!

To contact Belinda Bentley, Celebrity Psychic for your own reading, see below:
Stange Unusual Psychic Paranormal and the Unexplained
1.877.547.7924 or 1.818.741.1244

Viktoriya Aronovich

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager
aka The Demon Warrior
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The Astonishing Readings of Celebrity Psychic Belinda Bentley
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