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 The Black Mass of Antelope, CA

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PostSubject: The Black Mass of Antelope, CA   Sun Feb 20, 2011 7:21 am

The Black Mass of Antelope, CA
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

Date: February 19, 2011, Saturday. Time: 2000 Hours. Location: Antelope, California.

Well, here we go again...another night of ghost bustin! Let me get into the mood, where is that song? it is:

Activity: Godfather dabbled in witchcraft and had a secret box. When the secret box was opened, the activity started. Start date of activity is April 2010. Katie/occupant has witnessed a black mass, it is tall and you can see a figure in the black mass. It has attacked her mother, the dog and Katie, such as sitting on their chests, partially paralyzing them or scratching them. The dog is very aware of it. It also enters Katie's dreams and causes her to be disoriented. Note: The box that Katie Lucas' godfather had, contained ceremonial knifes, candles and other Wiccan paraphernalia.

Pictures from this Investigation:

HPI Ghostbusters/Paranormal Investigators Present were: Brittani Lantz/Psychic; Staci Butler/Psychologist/Metaphysical Cleanser; Jennifer Newell/Psychic; Amy Cruz; Eileen Boettcher; Stephanie Belson/Psychic/Metaphysical Cleanser; Pete Cruz; Shelley Daniels; Bill Daniels; Rhonda Hall/Empath; Sandra Brandenburg; Amy Farnsworth; John Shue/Videographer and Paul Dale Roberts - HPI General Manager.

There will be two sessions of investigations this night and two evidence briefings. It appears all of the activity is occurring in Katie Lucas' (occupant) room. One set of investigators went into Katie's room and this is what was discovered:

Staci conducted the evidence briefing. They took a photo that showed a strange shadow. They debunked the shadow as being the faraway shadow of the housecat. They recreated the event with the cat and came to this conclusion. No EVPs were captured. EMF Reader showed no activity. Possible EVPs were debunked as background noise from outside and in the living room.

Rhonda conducted the evidence briefing. Using laser grid, digital audio recorders, camera, they captured no evidence.

Even though no activity was captured, there may be a dark force in this apartment due to outside influences in Katie Luca's life. A dark force can leave a residual effect in the household. Case example. 1974 Chicago, Illinois. A couple moves into a home and around 2am to 3am, they would see an apparition of a man walking towards the couch. An apparition of a woman would appear on the couch. The man would approach the woman on the couch and start slapping her, then the apparitions would vanish. They saw this 3 or 4 times while living in this home. One day they were invited to a block party/BBQ. The host of the party showed them a photo album of past parties. As the woman was skimming through the photo album, she was horrified to see the man and woman that haunt their home in one of the photos and exclaimed: "These are the ghosts in my home!" The host was bewildered by this remark and asked what they were talking about.

He looked at the photo and said: "I can't see how these are ghosts. Sure this couple lived in your home and there was many domestic disputes, the police were there all the time. They finally got a divorce and the woman lives 5 blocks down from here and the estranged husband lives out of state. They are both very much alive, they are not ghosts!"

I call this the case of 'living ghosts', the negative energy was so powerful in this home that the violent event kept playing over and over again. Negative energy is very powerful and Katie may be experiencing negative energy that has attached itself to Katie's physical being and her spiritual being. So powerful that it has actually entered into her dreams, as she stated in the initial briefing. Katie has agreed to get re-baptized and on this night Staci and Stephanie conducted a metaphysical blessing with sage, while afterwards I conducted a Catholic blessing, armed with holy water and a rosary.

Tomorrow is Jennifer Newell's 33rd Birthday! So, Jennifer, her mother, father and I, celebrated her birthday at IHOP - 4821 Madison Ave, Sacramento, CA 95841-2518. This was a nice way to end the investigation tonight, having good conversation and enjoying the company of my investigators. Happy Birthday Jennifer!!

Viktoriya Aronovich!

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager
aka The Demon Warrior
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The Black Mass of Antelope, CA
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