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 The Making of Dark Truths (the Movie)

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PostSubject: The Making of Dark Truths (the Movie)   Mon Feb 28, 2011 1:41 am

The Making of Dark Truths (the Movie)
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

The People of Live Media Entertainment, seen at link below:

Photos by London Greer Photography of Live Media Entertainment, seen here:

Date: February 27, 2011, Sunday. Time: 1400 Hours.

My cell phone rings and on the phone is Telly ‘Leatherface’ Blackwood, Documentarian and Production Assistant of Live Media Entertainment. He tells me to head up to Auburn, I will be able to conduct an interview with the Director of Live Media Entertainment, a movie company that films in Auburn and the Greater Sacramento Area! What an opportunity, I chug down a 5 Hour Energy drink, backed up with 3 cups of simmering black coffee and head over to downtown Sacramento to pick up my photographer London Greer. Live Media Entertainment is a collaborative business that is connected with Mio 3D, Pacific Crest, Silverado Studios, The Playground, TDS Guns and more. They showed me some of the footage for their upcoming movie Dark Truths.

At this hidden away studio, Bridgeline that was involved with ‘Deadliest Catch’ is sharing this building. This is where Deadliest Catch was placed into production at their recording studio. Rebecca Withey – Production Coordinator and actress tells me that Dark Truths is an urban crime thriller, a bit of CSI meets Fringe. There are drug lords, mafia that are manipulated by a diabolical supernatural force, a demonic dark figure, a force of evil.

London Greer and myself are given a grand tour of the editing bay, elaborate computer screens adorn the editing bay. Then watched the video footage of their upcoming movie, jumping off the 3D screen at us. When I ask ‘why Auburn, why would a movie studio select Auburn as their base of operations?’ The answer I got was that it had the best facility to work out of. It was a perfect fit and the beauty of Auburn is stunning, plus Sacramento is right down the road.

The production company boasts the largest green screen in Northern California. It’s great for an indie film budget and it’s easy for 3D. As I walked through the editing room, Larry Millar – Producer and Seth Shore – Editor were busy at work with footage for Dark Truth.

There are 3 sound stages. I felt like I was in the movie Goodfellas, as I am taken through a tour of the studios going from one room to another and encountering all kinds of people along the way, such as Sean Fairburn – Director of Photography. Sean makes sure I know about the large green screen and how it is used, he talks about the sophisticated computer programs that they use. He tells me that green is used for the green screen, because it’s an unusual green, it doesn’t exist naturally. It’s easy to place background images on a green screen. He loves the fact that Live Media Entertainment is in Auburn, because of the mountains, it’s a beautiful area and many of the production company staff live in and around Auburn.

Dark Truths tomorrow will be in Sacramento filming at a downtown nightclub called Splash. This nightclub had the appropriate size and look. Something their film crew was looking for. When they film tomorrow they will film the scene of a rapper finally making the big time and reaching out to his adoring fans. Live Media Entertainment has many other future projects in Sacramento. I also learn that Sean Fairburn was the only Marine to win an Emmy for live combat cinematography. Sean is also the Chief Executive Officer of Mio 3D technology and testing the 3D workflow.

Some of the 3D credits that Live Media Entertainment has are: U23D, Windtalkers, Mission Impossible III, Superbowl in 3D and Star Trek.

Other people I met and interviewed were: Lisa Marquez, Art Director. She handles the people where the cameras are pointed at. She works on hair, make-up, wardrobe, props and set. Her husband Hector Marquez is the Director. Lisa Marquez was once a firefighter for 17 years and her husband Hector was a CHP for 10 years. Now they both are in the entertainment industry. It’s a small world, because I was a firefighter for the California Division of Forestry in 1977 in Colfax, so Lisa and I most likely know some of the same people and my Aunt Josie Hodson was once the President of the CHP Dispatchers Union and Hector is familiar with her name. Not to mention that my uncle Manuel Ayala and cousin Robert Crain Jr. are former CHPs.

As I talked with Hector Marquez, Director he tells me that this is his 2nd featured length film. He enjoys his complete big green screen and burning new hardware for his creative filming. He tells me about a movie he created called ‘No Parking’, there was no CGI in this movie and the whole premise of the film is about 2 guys. Another project they had was a television pilot, that is about off shore power boat racing. This pilot was filmed using helicopters and a variety of boats. They have a lot of private investors that believe in them. His company has been involved in music videos and making commercials.

Hector tells me that they have filmed at the Carey House in Sacramento, filmed in Roseville and even has talked with Mayor Kevin Johnson. Mayor Kevin Johnson will soon be taking a trip to Auburn to look at the studios. Hector proudly tells me that he is a Sacramento Kid at heart. He is thankful that Al Pham, owner of Splash and Azukar will allow his crew to film at his night spot.

Let’s see who else I met:

Briana Ebertowski – Key Hairstylist. She tells me that she was fortunate to land an interview with the studio and got the position as key hairstylist. Jenifer Haupt – Lead Make-up Artist of – she tells me how she met Hector and Lisa and how Lisa followed her on Facebook and called her to become the lead make-up artist.

We also met: Kate Ambers – Hairstylist; Amy Bianchini – actress, her role is Sheila in the film and is Morgan’s secretary in the movie. Alicia Spomp – Director’s Assistant. Alicia handles the phone calls, emails and gets everything administratively organized. Robert J. Higares who on stage is Rob Rize and Bald Head as his role. Jen Kingston – First A.C.

Yes, Sacramento and Auburn. Hollywood is now here and it’s here to stay. I had a blast touring the studio, watching the editors working on the 3D footage and watching the filming of the upcoming movie Dark Truths that is being filmed in Auburn and in Sacramento. It can’t get any better than this!

For more information on Dark Truths – The Movie, check out:

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager
aka The Demon Warrior
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The Making of Dark Truths (the Movie)
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