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 Hooters in Sacramento: Great Place for Lunch

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PostSubject: Hooters in Sacramento: Great Place for Lunch   Wed Mar 02, 2011 7:00 pm

Hooters in Sacramento: Great Place for Lunch
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

Ever wonder why Hooters is so crowded at lunch time? It's because of the quality service customers receive. Both Hooters at 3541 Truxel Road, Sacramento and 1785 Challenge Way, Sacramento have exceptional service.

I have eaten at many restaurants in Sacramento and I can say that the service is either good or average, even a few that I would consider as 'poor'. But, no matter what, when I head over to one of the Hooter restaurants during my lunch hour, the service is spectacular. I get bright smiles, friendly service and magnificent attention to detail by the waitresses and hostess.

Sure, you are probably thinking..."Paul, you say this, because the women are cute." Not true, I hear this from the women patrons of Hooters. They go to Hooters because of four things. The fun, the laughter, the food and the service. There is a lot of fun in Hooters. There is fun announcements, birthday parties, dancing, singing and cheering. What better way to kill an hour? I rather kill that hour at Hooters than anywhere else.


The Mikki Sharpe Story
Year: 1989. Location: Crest Park, CA. Mikki felt an unpleasant feeling under the stairs of her new home. The home was built in either the late 60s or the early 70s. Mikki's daughter did not like to be around the stairwell. Was there a vortex at this stairwell? One night Mikki had a compulsion to go downstairs to get a nightgown on. The only thing is...all of her clothes were in the bedroom, but yet, she had to go down those stairs. She went down 2 steps and she felt like her legs were kicked from underneath her and she found herself airborne, plummeting all the way down the stairs. It was a violent fall and all of the sutures busted on her stomach from a recent C-Section. She had a psychic come to her home and the psychic told her that a guardian angel was in front of her home, trying to protect her. Mikki had a cleansing of her home and the bad entity left and the guardian angel came into the home to protect Mikki. Mikki may have psychic abilities, because she had a premonition, a dream of the Challenger blowing up in 1985. The dream was in the morning...and shortly afterwards the Challenger disintegrated in the sky.

Anita 'Arlene' Cardoza!

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager
aka The Demon Warrior
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Hooters in Sacramento: Great Place for Lunch
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