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 Sacramento/Loomis Chuchunaa

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PostSubject: Sacramento/Loomis Chuchunaa   Sun Mar 13, 2011 3:36 am

Sacramento/Loomis Chuchunaa
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

Date: March 12, 2011 Saturday. What a strange day. Today, I am supposed to head off to Fresno to meet and interview Margaret Zeng - Acupuncturist, Tai Chi Instructor, Chinese herbs and medicine. She describes it as a natural way to deal with pain management, men & woman disease, prevent sickness and self-healing. She is the owner of Natural Way Health Center. But, you know what? I'm not feeling it. With gas prices going up, 4 hours to Fresno...I think I will do something else.

So, I head over to HPI Senior Lead Investigator Deborah Baughman's St. Patrick's Day Party. A place where I can get some beer brazed Irish stew, fruit, corned beef and cabbage.

To see pictures of Deborah Baughman's St. Patrick's Day Party, stop by here:

The perfect song for this article and Deborah's party is Lady Gaga/Colby O'Donis Just Dance:
You wine, I had a little bit too much..Just Dance!

I hang out with some of my other HPI paranormal investigators: Steve & Jennifer Roland, Rhonda & Ben Hall and a flock of other people I introduce myself to. In the back of my mind, I know I should be heading to Fresno. I made this interview appointment and I should be going. So, I decide it was time to bid my farewells and hit the long road to Fresno.

I get a call from HPI Paranormal Investigator Chantal Apodaca and amazingly she is coming back from Fresno! If I had known that, I would have had her interview Margaret Zeng.

As I head towards Fresno, I get a call from Marcus Zeller. Marcus has been reading my Facebook wall about me possibly going to Deborah's St. Patrick Day's Party in Loomis. Marcus tells me he wants to meet me at the Cancun Restaurant in Stockton, CA and he is buying my dinner. He says he has an unusual story about Loomis and Sacramento, that has to do with Bigfoot.

I think to myself..."why not? dinner." I tell him, okay, I'm there. I met up with Marcus and we take a booth. As I await for my beef enchiladas, this is how our interview went.

Paul: Okay, Marcus tell me about this Bigfoot sighting in Loomis.

Marcus: It was not just Loomis, but my friend saw the same creature or a similar creature in Sacramento. I saw the directions to the party on Facebook, you went on King Road?

Paul: Yes. Why?

Marcus: Well, that is where I saw a Bigfoot crossing. But, it was nothing like any Bigfoot you hear about. It had to be about 7 feet tall, it had broad shoulders, neckless, red eyes. I saw this Bigfoot in 1987 and the sun was going down. Here is the crazy thing about this Bigfoot, it was wearing a plaid shirt!!

Paul: What?? A plaid shirt? Are you joking?

Marcus: No, I am serious, it had on a plaid shirt. It was red and white, I remember it as clear as day.

Paul: Hold on, let me look on the Internet, I remember some kind of Bigfoot creature that would wear human clothing..this is weird. (I do a Google search on my Toshiba laptop while Marcus sips on his red wine). YES! I found it! It doesn't sound like you saw a Bigfoot, but you encountered a Chuchunaa, which means Wildmen in the Siberian language. But, that can't be. It says here that Anthropologist Myra Shackley referred it as a Siberian Snowman and they were known to wear human clothing to keep warm from the elements. They were usually seen by the nomadic people Tungus and Yakuts. How in the hell did you see one in Loomis?

Marcus: Well, not only Loomis, I saw Bigfoot, but my friend saw Bigfoot along the Sacramento River by Richards Blvd and it was carrying a dog.

Paul: Well, here is the funny thing, the Chuchunaa are known to throw dogs that bothered them. Again, what you are describing sounds more like a Chuchunaa than a Bigfoot. In Siberia there was one that hung out at the forest all the time and the locals called him Mecheny (the marked one) because he had a white forearm on his body of dark hair.

Marcus: Damn! The Bigfoot my friend saw had a white patch on his right shoulder!

Paul: When did your friend see his Chuchunaa?

Marcus: Right after I did, in 1992. He was out there jogging and saw this big creature carrying a black dog, the black dog was terrified and yelping like crazy. This creature moved liked the wind!

Paul: Well, it says here the Chuchunaa is also known as Mirugdy (broad shoulders) and Mulen (bandit). That is an incredible story.

Marcus: Do your friends ever mention they see or hear Bigfoot?

Paul: No.

Marcus: Will you look into this?

Paul: If we get recent reports I will. Some people theorize that they are surviving Neanderthals and most are piebald, two tone or albino. Neanderthals were living in the European continent, Russia and of course Siberia. It is possible that they crossed the ice strait from Siberia to Alaska and migrated into the Americas. Of course, if you truly saw this creature, it could also be interdimensional. Of course again, you and your friend, may have just seen a black bear.

Marcus: It was no black bear. I know what I saw.

As I finished up my dinner and interview with Marcus, I look at the time and decide to cancel my trip to Fresno and head back home to write up this story. It is amazing on what people claim to have seen and talking with people that have these incredible stories, they appear to be very sincere, they actually feel they saw something that is unknown. Maybe they did...or maybe they didn't.


Larry Lesh Talks Sasquatch!
Go ahead Paul. You can include that my view of the Sasquatch species has changed dramatically since my encounter last August. I have a post about it on my blog. Anyone can find and approach the species using our guidelines it's just a matter of patience and will.

However, if they encounter serious intimidation something is wrong and they should leave the area. The intimidation is the species way of saying we're mad and beat it. If they don't the intimidation will grow more violent until it reaches a physical attack level. Therein lies the danger and the species won't generally stay around if the witnesses are heavily armed and show an inclination for violence.

I had one come up to within 25 feet of me last August at night and roll a pine cone toward me. I rolled one back and said, "I know you're there". There was no fear on my part because the specimen wasn't afraid so why should I be.

My best guess right now is that all of our educated guesses may be wrong and we're dealing with another sentient species capable of abstract thought. They live close to nature and this closeness allows them to use the forces of nature to assist them with their hiding. This combined with their intimidation ability allows them to remain unknown to modern science. My best,

Larry Lesh
Georgetown UFO Hunt, see link above. DarkView Productions.

Date of this UFO Hunt: March 9, 2011, Wednesday. Time: 1900 Hours. Location: Staci Butler's Home - Georgetown, CA. Area: Hotbed of UFO Activity, known as the Triangle Corridor according to Bill Birnes of History Channel's UFO Hunters. Ufologists Present: News 10, Stefanie Paige-Belson/Psychic, Rhonda Hall/Empath, Sandra Brandenburg, John Shue/Psychic/Videographer, Ben Hall, Staci & Scott Butler, Tammy Straling, Paul Dale Roberts - HPI General Manager/Lead Ufologist. Observed: stars, conventional aircraft, satellites. No UFO activity was observed. Ufologists Absent: Shannon 'Ms. Macabre' McCabe - HPI Owner, Chantal Apodaca/Psychic/Personal Assistant. News 10 came to film us for their promotion of ABC's TV Show V - see promo here:

See Paul (the Alien) Movie Trailer here:

Date: Wednesday, March 9th, 2011 at 7:05 PM
Location: Original site of the Silver Bridge, in Point Pleasant, West Virgina.

I was walking with my friend, Richard, (who was the one who called you), and we were near the site of Silver Bridge, located in Point Pleasant, West Virgina. Brandon stopped to look around for a second, and recognized a strange shape in the sky, that was humanoid and was flying in circles. We thought it was an airplane, but, like I said, it was going in circles. As we tried to get a better look, the humanoid creature flew away before our eyes.

Out of panic, we called your number.

At the time, it was a little cloudy, and starting to get dark, decreasing visibility.

The humanoid creature fitted the Mothman's description. Large. Wings. Antennas. Sadly, we didn't get any pictures before it flew away.

I was wondering, if you could help me identify what the creature was. If it was a creature.

Brandon and Richard.

Location: UA Laguna Village 12
8755 Center Parkway, Sacramento, CA
3/11/11: Patricia La Rue, Ufologist and I - went to see two movies on this night. Red Riding Hood and Battle: Los Angeles. Here is what we thought of the movies after consuming Butterfingers, popcorn and some Sprite:
Red Riding Hood: Great concept, turning the wolf fairy tale into a werewolf horror movie. Some incredibly slow dragging parts to the movie. I felt like telling the actors and actresses to pick up their step and get to the story. During the whole movie the viewer is trying to figure out who the werewolf is. Sort of a dull movie and we give the movie 4 out of 10.
Battle: Los Angeles: The producer has this one Marine unit as the saviors of mankind. Sorry, can't buy it. As much as Patricia and I have researched UFO lore, we wouldn't have a chance against real aliens. They made these aliens almost at our level, so we can stand up against them and fight them. Again, don't buy it. Special effects good, but I we were not impressed with the movie, it could have been done better. We gave it 6 out of 10.

Ana-Maria Colon-Sawyer, Shelley Harris - former roommate, Heidi Hayes - present roommate!

For gardening services in the Greater Sacramento Area!
Jerry the Gardener 916 627 8206

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager
aka The Demon Warrior
Shannon McCabe's Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International
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Sacramento/Loomis Chuchunaa
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