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 Ghostly Bed Imprints

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PostSubject: Ghostly Bed Imprints   Sun Mar 20, 2011 3:01 pm

By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

Date of Investigation: March 19, 2011 Sat Time of Investigation: 8pm Location of Investigation: Paradise, CA. Activity: A moving light has been seen going from room to room; occupant has been touched; entity either sits on the bed or lays on the bed (impressions left), footsteps heard by occupant.

Before I start talking about the Paradise investigation, let me tell you about an unusual phone call I received.

This Friday, I received a call from South Africa. The lady on the other line wanted advice. I listened to her story with some constraints and doubt, because the story was incredibly odd. I tried to determine if she was relating a subjunctive story that has no validation for her claims of high strangeness. I wondered if she really experienced this phenomenon or was it her imagination? On the night of January 28 at 2400 Hours she was awakened by a phantom that was carrying a Knob Kerrie. A Knob Kerrie is a strange African weapon that can be used to beat a man senseless. She made contact with a local ghost hunting group and by using a klystron, they were able to detect audible African language in real time. The ghost hunting group conducted an investigation, without any cleansing. Three nights after the investigation, the phantom with the Knob Kerrie appeared again by her bed. The phantom stared at her intensely. When the phantom dissipated, she discovered the phantom brought pestilential upheaval in her bedroom, there were flies everywhere. Two nights later the phantom once again showed himself to her, as she came out of the shower and it was more ithyphallic in nature, she felt the phantom was trying to violate her and she screamed in terror. The phantom once again vanished. From the story she has told me, it does not appear to be a residuary type of haunting, but an intelligent haunting. The entity is definitely attached to her and from what she tells me, he is no longer carrying his Knob Kerrie. The way I see it, the entity would have been carrying the Knob Kerrie, because he felt she may be a threat. His later appearance tells me that he is now attracted to her and has gotten rid of his weapon and wishes for some type of intimacy. This lady is terrified. I provided her with a method of cleansing that she can conduct in her own home and suggested a cleansing she needs to conduct on herself. She will be contacting me again in two weeks and she will let me know if the cleansing was successful. SPECIAL NOTE: I spoke with the lady's husband, he makes claim he also saw the phantom on the night the phantom approached his wife as she was coming out of the shower. This gave credence to her story, another witness to her strange event.

Before I hung up the phone, the husband asked me one thing. "Paul, how is it that you can do this stuff? Why do you chase the unknown?"

I simply told him: "I Like It". And to better understand this 'liking', I think Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull can explain it better here with this song, can hear it here:

Linda Pieters commented on your link.
Linda wrote: "As a South African I must say I have never heard of a ghost appearing with a knobkerrie. These are the Zulu's weapons in a fight and yes, as you say to do bodily harm to it's opponent! It is amazing though that this ghost chooses such a weapon to haunt someone, unless he is a tribal warrior. Look forward to see if the cleansing works and the ghost's reaction to this."

"Actually I started following you and Shannon McCabe on here, YouTube and your site which I find extremely interesting. I've just posted one of your videos on Erika's wall ha-ha (and she clicked 'like'on Facebook). It would be very interesting to see what the outcome is because in your comment about the ghost appearing with the knobkerrie as protection is very accurate and actually, the knobkerrie is used as a normal walking stick in times of peace. Depending on when this person (ghost) died, it would not be normal for Zulu tradition to have any attraction to a white woman. The Zulu tribe are usually peaceful people and there are still many that live in their traditional huts out in the middle of nowhere with their cattle. Obviously in todayís modern age, there are a lot of Zulu's that live in the cities like any other person. In the days of Shaka Zulu they used spears but a knobkerrie is an Afrikan's word for knop (knot or ball) and kerrie (cane)."

Thank you Linda for your input! Your input places a new perspective on this South African case. I also look forward to the outcome of this case too! Paul

Okay, now let's move along with the investigation!

Tonight is the night of the Super Moon. Today is the first day of war for the United States against Libya and tonight is the first pre-emptive strike against entities that seem to be plaguing Paradise. There are 3 investigations scheduled for Paradise, 3 residence homes and none of the occupants know about each other. Tonight we will tackle our first residence and the other two residences are scheduled for later dates.

To see pictures of this investigation, click here:

Letís see who showed up for this investigation:

HPI Paranormal Investigators/Storm Chasers present: John Shue/Videographer (John, came to my home and rode up with me to Paradise); Paul Dale Roberts/HPI General Manager; Eileen Boettcher (Eileen set up tonight's investigation); Autumn Eddy; Chantal Apodaca/Psychic; Jennifer and Steve Roland; Rhonda and Ben Hall; Deanna Bau; Brian Cunningham; Stefanie Paige-Belson/Psychic.

Things have already gotten started in this home. As I was getting this article together, there was a distinct knocking on the kitchen wall. The knocking occurred twice. The occupant says that no animals can possibly get inside the wall and the knocking happens all the time. From my group of investigators, I created two teams. Team Apodaca with Chantal Apodaca leading. Team Halls with Ben Hall leading. We have two areas to cover. The back area of the home and front area of the home. Special Note: The knocking on the kitchen wall was debunked, it was determined that the refrigerator was causing the noise. Ben has heard this sound from other refrigerators and so has Stefanie.

Equipment Being Used: Mag lights, Digital cameras, EMF Readers, Toshiba Laptop, Video cameras, laser matrix, K2 meters, night vision goggles, temperature gauges.

Denise (occupant): When Denise is the only one at home, she can hear someone walking in the house and sitting next to her on the bed. Electronic disturbances occur, such as the phone ringing and when the phones are checked, no one is on the line. Doors open and close on their own. Denise will close one door and then find the door open again. Sometimes in the middle of the night, voices are heard and Denise will get up and the TV is not on and she can't determine where the voices are coming from.

Shayna (Denise's daughter): Shayna experiences a white computer chair creaking on its own. Shayna has a hard time breathing when she is in certain parts of the house. Shayna's throat actually closes up, for 5 to 10 seconds and then it will go away. When Shayna is in her room she has a feeling of being watched. Shayna will hear knocking on the walls when she is alone. Shayna feels like there is a weight on the bed and sometimes feels the bed shaking.

Isaac (Denise's son) / Written in his own Words: "I've experienced many strange things in my home. I've heard movement and floor creaks in my hallway. Many times I have heard beds being sat on. When I am alone I hear knocking on the walls, usually only in one specific area. I feel like I am being watched or someone is near me when I am alone. When I was younger I had constant nightmares when I slept in my room. When I moved out of that room, the nightmares stopped. A few years later I moved back in the room. But, the nightmares are not constant. A few years back I was with my older brother in my room and we both had heard a knock on my window. There was nothing there. A few minutes later it happened again. I was standing in my kitchen one morning and I was alone, out of my peripherals I saw the bathroom light turn on and then off. The area by my sister's room I feel really tense and when I leave, my body is relieved. The time I had a different bedroom, in the breezeway, I was watching TV alone. Everyone was in my mother's room. I have an iHome for my iPod and everything was off. They were still plugged in, though. I was minding my own business and my iPod turned on and started to play music rather loud. I was freaked out so I turned it off and went into my mom's room."

Possible EVP captured, woman voice saying 'hear me'. Some investigators felt off balanced or dizzy. High EMF readings, K2 meters going off on one section of the wall. With high EMF readings, it can cause hallucinations for the occupants. John had a personal experience and says he was touched on the leg. Mag flashlights go off and on in response to questions asked. Stefanie and Jennifer felt the entity, a female entity is somehow related to the occupants. Orb pictures taken. From this investigative session, only one piece of evidence stands out, the EVP. The flashlight responses are questionable and of course orb pictures are not evidence, unless you can prove intelligent movement of the orb(s). If you can determine intelligent movement, then I would classify the orb as a spiritual containment field.

Steve Roland captured his 2nd EVP, this one sounded like a little girl that says.."oh..oh". Stefanie started to communicate with the entity, by using a K2 meter. She would tell the entity to move the light to yellow for a yes, to the red for a no, etc. She received some right on the money responses, while the occupants watched. EVP captured that said 'sugar'. Isaac (occupant) was called 'sugar' by his deceased aunt Kittie. One of the investigators felt completely drained, when another investigator asked the entity to take his energy. So much energy was drained the male investigator almost passed out. When one occupant asked 'do you love me?' The occupant felt shivers and then later her body felt very hot. One of the investigators had empathic feelings and felt sad and she started crying. Rhonda picked up a male presence. Many spikes were hit on the K2 meter. Rhonda later felt there were several entities in the room and she felt layers of time unfold in front of her. Rhonda had a personal experience and felt her hair pulled. Flashlight communication indicated that there was a nut farmer entity present.

The EVPs were our best evidence. EVPs will be analyzed further to determine there was no contamination and the EVPs would be considered authentic.

Thank you to the occupants for providing coffee. Thank you to Eileen Boettcher for setting this investigation up and providing the investigators with: brownies and Rice Krispy cakes. Stefanie Paige-Belson conducted a metaphysical cleansing.

Driving to Paradise, we fought through the pounding rain and the heavy gusts of wind. Leaving Paradise and heading back to Sacramento, again we fought the storm. On this night, we all became 'storm chasers'. Now, here is something right out of X-Files. As I was driving home with my videographer John Shue, John spies the Super Moon peaking out from the stormy clouds, he starts filming and to his amazement, he films a red globe UFO that pops in and out of the clouds. He actually caught this on video, so make sure to check his video out when it goes on YouTube. I looked at the footage and I cannot describe it as conventional aircraft. You will be amazed at his video!

Kristi Cormier, James Fong, Eugenia Choo of, Seannary Phim, Michael Lower, Jenna Kennedy, Ruth Flores & Sylia Olvera, Sergio & Lucy Lopez, Bianca Savala, Priscilla Gutierrez, Margo Covell, Rachel Lee, Jinnae Johnson!

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Ghostly Bed Imprints
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