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 My City, My Secret/HLN News: Sacramento

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PostSubject: My City, My Secret/HLN News: Sacramento   Fri Mar 25, 2011 5:25 pm

My City, My Secret / HLN News: Sacramento
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

Come on Sacramenteans…CNN News and HLN News has a segment on their news program called ‘My City, My Secret’. People from all over the United States proudly display their city’s highlights on a short video for the world to see. I faithfully watch either HLN News or CNN News and wait for a proud Sacramentean to display the highlights of our own city. I have been watching for some time now and I still haven’t seen a segment on Sacramento.

Please don’t make me do it, I have 4 videographers that are willing and ready to start filming around Sacramento and of course I would be the host of this segment. I’m trying to give someone else the chance for the glory. Sacramento has a lot to offer and I am waiting for a fellow Sacramentean to take over the reigns and display our fantastic city on an international news channel.

Here are some of the highlights of Sacramento that could be shown on My City, My Secret:

California State Railroad Museum with its lavishly restored trains and displays!

Old Sacramento: Old Sacramento now has tours in the underground tunnels. Don’t forget the Delta King, Evangelines, Fanny Anns and everything else that makes Old Sacramento a fun attraction!

California State Capitol, every tourist around the world stops by here. The Capitol is surrounded by lush vegetation and trees. The rose garden and monuments are unforgettable.

Funderland and Fairytale Town: Fun place for the kids!

Arco Arena: You know…the Sacramento Kings and a place for great events and concerts!

Golden State Museum: See the California Hall of Fame. Californians that made California great.

Sacramento City Zoo: Everyone loves animals!

Second Saturday: Getting closer and closer to becoming a place as fun and crazy as the New Orleans’ Mardi Gras! Drink your free samples of wine as you check out the work of local artists. Bands, dancing in the street and a ton of people descend to this event on every second Saturday!

Sutter’s Fort Historic Park: Step back into time and learn about the history of Sacramento!

There are so many things to see in Sacramento and I didn’t even have the chance to talk about the zillion or so restaurants and outdoor cafes! It looks like every weekend there is something to do in Sacramento from Chalk it Up to Sacramento to bicycle marathon runs to the Jazz Jubilee to dancing at the many Sacramento hot spots in downtown Sacramento! Sacramento has it all! Now get your video camera out there and send in your piece to HLN News/CNN News My City, My Secret!

My City, My Secret can be found at the CNN Website here:

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My City, My Secret/HLN News: Sacramento
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