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 Stacy Thompson aka The Cougar, Sacramento Model

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PostSubject: Stacy Thompson aka The Cougar, Sacramento Model   Sat Mar 26, 2011 3:59 am

Stacy Thompson aka The Cougar, Sacramento Model
Interviewed by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

Question: Letís get this interview started Stacy. Tell me something personal about yourself. Your family life, schools you attended, hobbies and recreational activities.

Answer: I grew up in a single parent household. I come from a loving and connected family of many cousins, aunts and uncles. I love my family very much!!! As a child I grew up loving animals and always wanted to do something to help them. I went to school for Veterinary Assisting. I completed the book work, but dropped out during my clinical work. I am currently attending school for Web Design and will pursue a career in Social Networking, Social Media once I graduate. I love the beach and any kind of water sports, jet-skiing, swimming, rafting, wakeboarding. I also love music and enjoy going to local shows and concerts.

Question: How did you get started in modeling?

Answer: My friend Nikki who is a local photographer had his camera equipment stolen. A few of his friends held a fundraiser to raise money to replace his camera, lights, etc. It was a pinup style photo shoot that required a monetary donation to participate. Since Nikki was my friend, I wanted to help him out. I had no idea that I would enjoy modeling as much as I do. I had an absolute blast. Met some cool photographers and realized that I had found something that I truly enjoyed!

Question: Can you tell me about some of your modeling gigs?

Answer: I recently participated in a webisode series called ďAcolytesĒ. It appears on
youtube. I play a ďCougarĒ in the webisode. I did a photo shoot a few weekends back at the Old Sugar Mill Winery. Beautiful place for photography. I also have a photo shoot setup this weekend for a bodyscape project.

Question: Where do your modeling gigs take you?

Answer: So far it has been the Sacramento region only but I do have some gigs lined up in SF, Los Angeles as well as Las Vegas.

Question: Speaking of Sacramento, where do you like to frequent in Sac?

Answer: I love to go to the local bars and clubs. Some of my favorite places are Ink, Ace of Spades, Monkey Bar and Alley Katz. I live in midtown so I am always out walking around going to the different coffee shops, bookstores, boutique stores, restaurants. I love Sacramento!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Question: Tell me about some of your modeling gigs that you didnít like doing?

Answer: None so far.

Question: Has your modeling taken you to unique heights that include TV and radio?

Answer: Yes! I have a poster for sale on from a webisode that I appeared in back in November. I also have an interview scheduled with a TV station out in SF that interviews models specifically in the norcal region. I also have submitted photos to a local photographer that is casting for some sexy Sacramento women that will be appearing in a calendar. Havenít heard back on that yet.

Question: Thank you for this wonderful interview! How can people contact you?

Answer: I have a Facebook page under the name Stacy Black, from my webisode on youtube. Come check me out!!!

Interview Conducted on 3/25/11
Time of Interview: 1830 Hours
Location of Interview: Coffee Garden
2904 Franklin Boulevard
Sacramento, CA 95818


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Stacy Thompson aka The Cougar, Sacramento Model
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