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 Crackdown Cell Phone Using Drivers in Sacramento

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PostSubject: Crackdown Cell Phone Using Drivers in Sacramento   Sat Apr 02, 2011 7:05 pm

Crackdown Cell Phone Using Drivers in Sacramento
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

Sacramento police, along with the CHP (California Highway Patrol) are cracking down on motorists who talk and talk and talk on their cell phones while driving. I canít tell you how many times how many drivers on cell phones have either cut me off or pushed me into other lanes, because they are not paying attention on how they are driving, because of their intense conversation with some one on their cell phone. They have their phone placed up to their ear and are yakking away oblivious to the moving traffic that surround them on the freeway.

I can only wonder why they donít purchase a Bluetooth or simply buy a $14.00 ear piece from Wal-Marts, allowing them to have both hands free while talking on the phone. Of course, I have a built in Bluetooth in my Kia Forte and I find it perfect for my needs if I am in dire need to communicate with someone.

I hope this crackdown is successful over this weekend, because we need to get these cell phone talking maniacs off the road. Itís unsafe and itís dangerous.

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Crackdown Cell Phone Using Drivers in Sacramento
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