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 The Saga of T-Rex and Pika

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PostSubject: The Saga of T-Rex and Pika   Fri Apr 15, 2011 5:55 pm

The Saga of T-Rex and Pika
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

In 1993, my family and I purchased a pure black Chow puppy from a home in Rio Linda. The Chow puppy with a blue tongue was absolutely adorable. We decided to name him T-Rex. The name fit, because he was a little biter. My dad would play with the little guy, that resembled a miniature black bear cub and T-Rex would bite him. My dad would tell me that T-Rex is going to give me trouble. Doing research on Chows, I learn that they are one man dogs, they adore their masters and no one else. At the time, I learned they were the #1 biting dogs of America. I learned the hard way, when one day a neighbor girl came walking through our front door in Greenhaven to see my son and the furry little puppy named T-Rex chased her out to the front lawn and nipped her in the buttocks. The nip was tiny, the size of a mosquito bite and the mother of the child told us not to worry about it.

But, we did start worrying, especially when she contacted Animal Control and they stopped over to make sure T-Rex had his current rabies shots. Two weeks later, our neighbor moved without notifying us, my ex-wife and I became extremely worried and sure enough a Summons came, notifying us that we were now in the midst of litigation. After the final outcome of litigation, T-Rex cost us $1700.00 and my ex asked if I wanted to get rid of T-Rex. My answer was 'no'. If my son does something wrong, I don't place my son up for adoption, so why should I get rid of T-Rex? T-Rex is family and he was only trying to protect the family.

Two Summers later, T-Rex during a walk breaks free and chases after a female dog in heat. As T-Rex intermingles with the female dog, I break T-Rex loose and he bites me on the neck. It was a hot Summer day and I had my shirt off, blood running down my chest from the bite of T-Rex. I carry T-Rex home and the neighbors are staring at me as I have blood all over my torso. My ex opens the door and the first thing she says..."now, are you going to get rid of him?"

That evening, I was very upset with T-Rex and I could tell he knew I was upset and took his paw and gently stroked my leg, as if he were saying he was sorry. I knew I had to keep him and find a solution to his aggressiveness. I called the vet. The vet suggested I bring him in and get him neutered, that perhaps this would mellow him out. The next week, I brought him in and had him neutered. I was quite saddened to see him pass out from whatever they used to put him under for the operation. T-Rex looked at me and it was like he was saying..."what have you done to me?"

When T-Rex was released, he knew there was something missing and he was constantly crying, I felt so sorry for him. I felt like I was the one that was neutered. Time heals all wounds and in this case, his surgery wound healed after a few weeks. I noticed his temperament had changed, he became mellow. His aggressiveness decreased considerably.

T-Rex lived with me for 16 years. There were homes that were burglarized on my block, but my home was never touched. T-Rex was a legend in my neighborhood. T-Rex would stand up to any dog. I remember how a pitbull charged us and T-Rex attacked the pitbull immediately. The pitbull started coughing up hairballs from biting into T-Rex and then T-Rex mounted his back and sunk his teeth into the back of his neck, until the pitbull collapsed. T-Rex may have been neutered, but he knew how to fight and feared no one and no animal.

The night that T-Rex died, he was coughing and wanted to go outside. He went to the garage and just laid there. I thought that he had an upset stomach and if he didn't get better, I would take him to the vet the next day. In the middle of the night, I heard T-Rex yelping. I went to the garage and he was in the same position. I petted him and he stopped yelping. I went back to bed.

In the morning, I went to the garage and there was T-Rex asleep in the same position. As I approached him, I noticed a huge saliva puddle around his head. T-Rex body was in rigor mortis. I was completely shocked. T-Rex had died! Tears ran down my face immediately. I loved this dog, he meant the world to me, he was my family, but now he was gone.

I buried T-Rex at my cousin's property in Rocklin. It was a sad funeral. There will never be another dog like T-Rex. I remember distinctly on how two nights later, after the death of T-Rex, my other dog Pika (a Jack Russell Terrier) started barking frantically and staring out by the open sliding door (where T-Rex would enter the home from the backyard). Pika stopped barking and the whole bedroom resonated with the odor of T-Rex. The odor lasted for about 2 minutes, then it was gone. To this day, I believe it was T-Rex saying good-bye to me and Pika.

T-Rex will never be forgotten. Now to his buddy Pika. Pika looks like the dog seen in the once popular TV show Frazier. Everyone wanted him. So, much so, that on one day he was actually kidnaped or should I say dog-naped? I was walking T-Rex and Pika down a green belt in Elk Grove. Pika is a ball of energy and loves to run ahead of me and T-Rex. So on this day, he was 20 feet ahead of us and a van pulls over. A woman comes out of the van and snatches Pika up and throws him into her van and drives off. I yell at her.."hey, that's my dog!!" I start running after her, without any success. For 7 days, I scour the neighborhood looking for Pika and that van, again without any success. On the 8th day, I hear a strange knocking on my door. I open the door and it's Pika!! Somehow he escaped the lady dog-naper and made it back home safely. He was so happy to be back home and wouldn't stop licking me! I could only wonder how he escaped.

Pika is still with me, he is now 13 years old and his companion is Hi-Pee, is a brown Corkie. Hi-Pee has his own unique personality. When I leave for work, he will position himself on the couch and look out the window, waiting for me to come home. There is something about man's best friend, they truly harbor the essence of unconditional love.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Paradoxical Sleuth
aka The Demon Warrior
Shannon McCabe's Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager/HPI Senior Lead Investigator
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The Saga of T-Rex and Pika
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