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 Georgetown Information!

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PostSubject: Georgetown Information!   Mon Apr 18, 2011 7:37 pm

Georgetown Information!
By Paul Dale Roberts, General Manager

HPI Paranormal Scouts:

Georgetown Investigation is going to be OFF THE CHAIN!

If you are interested in spending a night in Georgetown on April 30, 2011, Saturday, you can stay at the very haunted Georgetown Hotel and if the rooms are not booked yet, you can request to stay in one of their notorious haunted rooms, their information is here:

Georgetown Hotel & Bar
6260 Wentworth Springs Road, Georgetown, CA 95634
(530) 333-2848 ż

To get involved in this scouting mission, sign up at:
http:/ The scouting mission will go from 2pm into the wee hours!

We will be investigating many areas of Georgetown, a private residence in Georgetown and the property surrounding this residence.

Staci Butler, HPI Senior Lead Investigator Says:
There are tunnels all over Georgetown. So went to the Miners Club tonight (don't know if you have investigated yet) and talked with the daughter of the owner. I let her know what I did and what we were doing on April 30th. She said that she is positive that the bar is haunted AND, this is the cool part, she has and underground entrance to one of the tunnels the miners built. Her name is Joanna Gagliardo, # is (530) 919-XXXX or (530) 626-XXXX. I'm not sure how far the tunnel goes but she swears there is activity down there. Her mother owns both the Miners Club and the Hilltop Motel (which has bathrooms in all the rooms), so if ppl would like to book a room there that would be great too; contact Tara (manager) at (530) 333-4141 address is Hilltop hotel Hwy 193 at south St., Georgetown. Sooo, my thoughts!!! If ya don't mind changing the venue again, 2 p.m. meet at my house, I will show ppl around the house and where the cave and open areas are for UFO and ghost hunting, do investigation until 8 or 9 p.m.. Since I know that you have already done Georgetown Hotel several times, we can head over there, listen to stories that Matt has, do investigation there (mostly because we can only go in attic in small groups of 4), then walk over to the Miners Club (tunnel access!!!) for investigation as well. Drinks, dancing, etc. at either place to end the night. Let me know what you think. I really think we will get more to come with soooo much to do. I'm pretty excited.
Luv you,

Founded August 7, 1849, by George Phipps and party, Georgetown was nicknamed "Growlersburg"
because of the heavy gold-laden quartz rocks that "growled" in the miners' pants pockets as they walked
around town. The first post office was established in 1851.[1] After the disastrous fire in 1852 the old town
was moved from the canyon in lower Main Street to its present site, and, unique in early-day planning,
Main Street was laid out 100 feet (30 m) wide, with side streets 60 feet (18 m). After this new
reconstruction, the residents of the city proclaimed their town as the "Pride of the Mountains". The hub of
an immensely rich gold mining area, Georgetown had a population of about three thousand in 1854-56.
As a gold rush camp, the community outlasted many other towns because the gold found nearby was solid
primary deposits, as opposed to placer deposits. Gold production continued until after the turn of the 20th

Now a word from Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager
The home and property that we will be investigating is active with paranormal activity. In 1853, a cowboy
panhandler nicknamed Broken Neck, (the name was given to him, because his head was always tilted to
one side) was caught cheating during a poker game. 6 men went after him from the local saloon and
chased him down. The leader of the posse was Black Hat Tucker. When they captured Broken Neck,
Black Hat Tucker tied his hands together and tied his legs up with rope. Black Hat Tucker dragged Broken
Neck behind his horse into the nearby woods, where Broken Neck hit his head on a rock and died
instantly. They threw his body down a ravine. The ravine is near the property we are investigating. A
ghostly sighting of a little boy was also seen on this property by a psychic. Another interesting aspect of
the property is that it is located at the Triangle Corridor.

According to Bill Birnes of History Channelís UFO Hunters, the triangle corridor covers this area and all of
Gold Country, all the way to Mount Shasta. Many triangular shaped UFOs are seen in this area and theory
is that the UFOs are interested in our gold. The Sumerian clay tablets explain that ancient aliens have
always been interested in our gold to correct their depleting ozone layer. Scientists recently found out that
if you spray gold dust into the atmosphere, it will heal our own ozone layer. Gold is the source and most
usable metallic for computer components and many other electronic devices.

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Georgetown Information!
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