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 Infestation of Ghosts: 120 Year Old Home

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PostSubject: Infestation of Ghosts: 120 Year Old Home   Sun Apr 24, 2011 5:01 pm

Infestation of Ghosts: 120 Year Old Home
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

In tonight's investigation, the ghosts watch the occupant, even when he is on the Internet. So, the theme song to this investigation is Rockwell's Somebody's Watching Me, you can hear that song here:

April 23, 2011, Saturday. 1800 Hours. The cars start pulling up. My investigators: Judy Raderchak and Regina Tellez of EGPI (Elk Grove Paranormal Investigations/HPI; Ann Olson-Dupire; Chantal Apodaca show up to do a radio show with me on WTF Radio - hosts: Christy Wardlow and Sinlou Ingraffia. Everyone had a chance to talk about a special investigation they liked or experiences they had. We had a blast on the show, lots of fun and laughter. I even had a blast from the past - Ana Maria Colon-Sawyer, my ex-girlfriend from the 70s was on the air! We talked about ghosts, demons, Bigfoot, UFOs and I even think we talked about Chupacabras! I had crackers, cheese, sausage, Cokes, Captain Morgan rum and coke waiting for my investigators! Judy brought over 'Ghost Pines' white wine, fitting for the occasion.

1930 Hours, we had to be at the investigation. This investigation was 'confidential', that means, I can't even show you the pictures from the investigation. We had 2 one hour investigative sessions and 2 evidence briefings and 1 conclusion debriefing.

Since the group was small, we were able to do freelance investigating, which allowed everyone to investigate whatever part of the house they wanted to investigate. I was only allowed to bring a small group, but with this small group we accomplished a lot.

The occupant, which I will call Mr. X briefed us about his experiences in the house.

He moved into this 120 year old home in the Summer of 2010. He heard the sounds of people upstairs. He would be on his computer and typing an email and the ghosts would actually start whispering about what he was writing...they were actually reading his emails! The ghosts would comment about his artwork. Mr. X is an artist and a very good artist at that. Sometimes the entities got so loud, Mr. X found himself calling the cops, because of the disturbance by the entities. Some of Mr. X's artwork is provocative and he heard one ghost call him a pervert. One entity that may be about 35 years of age (or looks that young) has a girlfriend or wife and they conduct sexual activities in the house, where Mr. X is able to hear them.

The woman ghost teases him sexually and makes sexual comments. They will also harass Mr. X when he is trying to use his restroom.

The paranormal sleuths that showed up for this investigation were:
Judy Raderchak, Regina Tellez, Chantal Apodaca, Jennifer Newell. Ann could not make this investigation. Judy, Regina & Chantal rode with me in the Rusty Anomaly aka my Kia Forte.

Judy & Regina researched the history of this home. They discovered that a major fire was in this area, that may have taken some lives. There was a flood from Old Sacramento that went all the way to 8th Street, during the 1800s. The floods of course, did take some lives.

Mr. X identifies 6 entities that may be coming from a portal in his home. They are: The Judge (an elder entity 45 or 60 years old, seems knowledgeable in legal matters; The Whacked Out Entity - an entity that is possibly mentally unstable; The Lovers - the couple entity that hum songs from the 60s; The Judge's Assistant and finally the Heavy Voice Entity. An entity with a deep scary voice that only showed up once.

When the entities talk, they talk about Mr. X and his artwork and how they do not want him in the house. They also talk about how artists do their work and the make up of an artist, such as Mr. X.

Jennifer Newell, Psychic did a walk through and in the initial phase, she picked up on nothing. Jennifer discovered that some of the foundation was uneven, which could cause problems with your equilibrium. Jennifer felt high EMFs in the basement. The basement and the 2nd floor were closed and we could not investigate these areas. Jennifer also felt the entities could be very clever and maybe in hiding.

Mr. X goes on to tell us that he was sketching a lady's face and a male entity got very excited about the sketch. The Lovers ghosts tease Mr. X by making sexual sounds.

Here is what we got this evening:

Night vision goggles, I could see a dancing orb while the 60s music was playing.

Judy and I heard a bouncing ball in the hallway and there was no bouncing ball. Our digital audio recorders picked up the sound of the bouncing ball.

We captured orbs in our photos. Orbs are not substantial proof of the paranormal.

Judy felt the floor vibrate, then later Regina felt the floor vibrate while Jennifer and Chantal were trying to pull the entities up from the basement, by a way of summoning.

I looked in my viewfinder and saw a floating head of a man. The head was that of a partially bald man, he looked Hispanic and had a protruding nose. When I took a picture of the entity, nothing showed up in the photo.

Strange shadows seen in our photos. Which cannot be displayed in this article.

Judy captures an orb that seemed to have intelligent movement as it slipped and glided and followed an investigator.

EVPS captured: When asked if the entity like to dance or make love, we got a 'he, he, he'. Judy captured unusual static on her recorder. Chantal asked if the entity was strong enough to turn on the flashlight and the entity says 'no'. I captured an EVP, when I asked the entity if she likes sex and she says 'Ummmmm' (with an attitude). One EVP says 'here'.

One flashlight started going off and on, on its own accord.

Jennifer gets a psychic reading on two names: Daniel and Yvonne. Could this be the Lovers Ghosts?

There was 10 degree drops on temperature gauges and strange EMF readings from areas of the house, where there was no electrical outlets.

With the EVPs that we captured, I do believe this home is haunted Another investigation will be conducted in the future, in which Mr. X will open the 2nd floor and basement for my investigators.

After the investigation, we had lots to talk about. Dropped Judy and Regina back to their cars. Chantal came inside my home to try out some of my beef stir fry over rice and got into some heavy girl talk with my roommate Heidi Hayes. I went straight to my computer to write this story. It was a very good investigation. Another investigation is warranted. When Mr. X is able to open up the 2nd floor and basement, I will be able to conduct a proper Catholic blessing of his household.


You can now see present and past issues of the Peoples' Comic Book Newsletter here at this link:

Supernatural And Paranormal Seekers(SNAPS) is a small group that uses both science and psychics/sensitives get the most evidence possible. We are here to help all with paranormal situations. We service the greater Sacramento area and beyond. Questions and appointments call Steve Roland (916)990-1827 or Rhonda Hall (916)390-4734

Elk Grove Paranormal Investigates the Sugar Mill Clarksburg, CA

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Paradoxical Sleuth
aka The Demon Warrior
Shannon McCabe's Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International
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Infestation of Ghosts: 120 Year Old Home
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