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 Expose of CSM James Norton

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PostSubject: Expose of CSM James Norton   Thu Apr 28, 2011 10:36 pm

Expose of CSM James Norton
A Talk with Robert Winter, UFOlogist - The Winter Group
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

The original CSM James Norton story can be seen at this link:
CSM James Norton Has Proof of UFOs!

Question: Robert, we have a lot to talk about, but before we go into that, can you tell me something about yourself, your former music career, how you got involved in 'UFO hunting'?

Answer: I currently am semi-retired. I have executive produced 14 albums for 5 different artists. Several platinum and gold. My reason for entering into the UFO investigation field? When I was in the military I, like many others saw things. I had an above TS clearance and was privy to some things.

In 1984 while driving north on US 395 just past China Lake Naval Station I was witnessing along with my wife Ronda something that changed my life.

There were 7 craft hovering out to the east of the highway. We then saw 3 fighter jets coming from the south. These craft moved in directions and angles that the fighters could not do. And the craft's speed was just under a 'blink of the eye' speed.

Question: When did you form The Winter Group? Who are the members and what qualifies your members to be UFOlogists?

Answer: We never formally became a group. We do not like monikers or titles. Myself, along with family at first would be contacted by people with their encounters.

My qualifications? I want the truth. I am not interested in money or fame. My brother Joe who accompanies me on some investigations has a military and hi tech weaponry background. Louisa is our true scientist. I cannot disclose too much about her. She was working on the stealth fighter when she was 17 years old. She has advanced degrees in biology, chemistry and mathematics. Bill is retired federal law enforcement. I know the most important qualification is wanting the truth and giving it to the people.

Question: What is your position with The Winter Group?

Answer: We are all co-leaders.

Question: If people have something to report (UFO related) to your group, how can they contact your group?


I will now address the CSM Norton situation: I originally was given his contact information from you. Thank you! My first phone conversations with him were pleasant and straight forward. I made it clear from the beginning that I did not want to own or profit from the materials.

Not to make this run too long. Here is the condensed version. I had made 2 scheduled trips to go to Alabama. The first one was canceled by CSM Norton because "he had persons that had contacted him". He was told not too go to far with this. Meaning the disclosure of the materials. This is contrary to the fact Norton had clearly told me on the first phone call that he had permission from his higher ups to do so, after I had asked this question. I was concerned for his safety and his career. During that weekend (you can insert the dates) it was the same as when I first contacted you. I also spoke to Mr. Stanton Friedman. He was very gracious and cooperative. He offered to help in any way he could.

Special Note from Paul Dale Roberts: CSM Norton told me he was detained by the military police and that the NSA (National Security Agency) wanted to talk to him.

The second attempt to travel to Alabama was also canceled by CSM Norton. Literally the last minute. I was gassing up my car at the station. I get a message on my FB that he has a family emergency and would not be available. Since then I have had several phone conversations with John Vazquez. He has been extremely respectful and very protective of CSM Norton. Quite understandable. John has his own experiences and connections with Norton.

Special Note from Paul Dale Roberts: John Vasquez is the author of the book called: Incident at Fort Benning.

I had taken time from my schedule and my sister Kathy took one weeks vacation to try and make this happen. She lost the week. I had made arrangements through Louisa at 2 labs to have the materials tested. One of which I paid a deposit. I only write about this so as to show that we are dead serious about what we do.
Our Puebla Mexico experience in 1994 was regarding crash materials. We did examine the materials but were not allowed to bring them to the states. However, the holder of those materials is willing to now hand them over to us. Providing that we have some from another source. This gentleman just does not want to be the first.

We have had recent contact with one of our sources. This source has proven accurate and legitimate many times before. If you would like to include that info in this article we can? He has given me information regarding timing of events and methods to calculate them !! Anything else you want for the article let me know.

Special Note from Paul Dale Roberts: Robert, if their are inquiries into this interview, please then disclose your source.

Question: For CSM Norton to give you the run around like this, what do you think is happening? Norton did say he was detained by the Military Police and that the NSA (National Security Agency) wanted to talk to him, do you think this was true?

Answer: I cannot speak for others. He is the Command Sgt. Major. My opinion is in all likeliness he was contacted according to my sources. I believe he may have some type of evidence to share. He, with his time in service and rank would not put out info like this without having it.

Question: Was CSM Norton seeking publicity and notoriety? Why did he make this whole thing up? I asked him a bunch of times over, if he wanted me to publish his story and he told me 'yes', that he was tired of the military/government covering up the UFO issue and that the public needed to know the truth. If this is true, why didn't he allow your group to go over there and retrieve the evidence?

Answer: Again something happened. I made it clear that we, The Winter Group were not interested in money or profit. Just the TRUTH! When he put the info out as you and I both know, he was hit from all angles about the materials and the story. He has been a military man all his life. This may have been too overwhelming for him. OR he was 'told/asked' to back off this. And we know what that means. We are all, meaning you and me are truth seekers!

Question: So many people got involved in this story, from Stanton Friedman to SyFy Channel's Fact or Faked. He has disappointed so many people who believed in him. There were so many people wanting the UFO cover up to end. Again, we face disappointment. How do you think CSM Norton is feeling now?

Answer: I hope he finds it in his heart to either come clean or allow us to do what we guaranteed to do! Document the retrieval of materials. Secure them and get them analyzed.
And return them to him after the process.

Question: Not all of your investigations have been as disappointing as this. Can you tell us about the Puebla case?

Answer: I had been traveling to Mexico a lot. From 1977 onward. My ex wife was from Guadalajara. I have relatives that are also in the Ufology sciences there.

I got a call from my nephew in San Martin, Texmelucan, Puebla in 1993. He said he was presented to a gentleman who had crash wreckage. The man came from a wealthy family and because Hugo was /is a surgical dentist and came from one of the founding families of the area he trusted him . My nephew told him about me. I went down in February of that year. I was able to spend several hours with the man, the debris and 2 others whom have had UFO encounters. I was not allowed to video or photograph the pieces. They ranged in size from 8 x 10 inches to a piece the size of 2 ft. by 17 inches. There were 7 pieces. On 3 pieces there was inscriptions. Similar to Peruvian/Egyptian glyphs. A total of 22 characters. 3 of the characters were repeated on 5 of the pieces. It was of a lightgold/silver color. Extremely light weight. Weightless. And yes the larger pieces we were able to crumple up with our hands. And YES when put back down it would go back into shape in a liquid motion. The gentleman showed us by demonstration that it could not be drilled, sawed, hammered or cut even scraped by an axe. I personally took full swing with the axe and NOTHING! However, when we would touch it with our hands it would become completely pliable. As a test we took pigskin, grabbed it with pigskin and NOTHING, no flexibility at all. ONLY human skin would make it react!!!

We had a pleasant time. They made a very nice BBQ for us and we left with the understanding that we could come back and take the materials at such time that we had other materials in our possession. That's why we were so excited to get together with CSM Norton.

I have maintained contact with the family frequently and they are waiting! NOTE: I even told Norton about this and he was excited about this also!!!

Question: What are some projects that your group has in the works for the future?

Answer: We have just received valid information on coding and deciphering certain numerical and non earth writings. That is what we are working on now.
Louisa and myself are working this one!

FULL DISCLOSURE IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW. All have to be aware of their awareness to see it! More to be explained shortly!!!

We welcome all info. We guarantee confidentiality.

Robert L. Winter


Ruth E Southworth, Sangeeta Marwaha MD!

Judy Raderchak - HPI Researcher/Automatic Writer has discovered that the Eucalyptus trees placed near the Wetlands, were thought of as trees with a medical value, that perhaps they could cure malaria. So, here is a scenario. What if the 'White Mist' that is seen in the Wetlands by high school students and the wimpering of a woman heard by these same high school students could possibly be a malaria victim that was brought near the trees, so the tree's properties could heal her? She wimpers and cries, because she is still sick and dies at that location, forever haunting the Wetlands? Just a thought. August 13, 2011, we will find out the truth, if anything haunts the Laguna Creek Wetlands.

Research from Judy Raderchak:

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Indefatigable Supernatural Gumshoe
aka The Demon Warrior
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Expose of CSM James Norton
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