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 Haunted Georgetown: The Hunt for Broken Neck

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PostSubject: Haunted Georgetown: The Hunt for Broken Neck   Sun May 01, 2011 11:44 am

Haunted Georgetown: The Hunt for Broken Neck
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

April 30, 2011, Saturday. Time: 1400 Hours. Location: A private residence in Georgetown. Event? Paranormal Scouting Mission.

Some people are addicted to TV. Some are addicted to video games. Some people may be addicted to bicycling or swimming or hiking. I am addicted to paranormal investigating. I have a passion for it, I have a love for it. Don't believe me? Then ask Robert Palmer, maybe he knows it best, especially when he sings: Addicted to Love, hear that song here:

Founded August 7, 1849, by George Phipps and party, Georgetown was nicknamed "Growlersburg" because of the heavy gold-laden quartz rocks that "growled" in the miners' pants pockets as they walked around town. The first post office was established in 1851.[1] After the disastrous fire in 1852 the old town was moved from the canyon in lower Main Street to its present site, and, unique in early-day planning, Main Street was laid out 100 feet (30 m) wide, with side streets 60 feet (18 m). After this new reconstruction, the residents of the city proclaimed their town as the "Pride of the Mountains". The hub of an immensely rich gold mining area, Georgetown had a population of about three thousand in 1854-56. As a gold rush camp, the community outlasted many other towns because the gold found nearby was solid primary deposits, as opposed to placer deposits. Gold production continued until after the turn of the 20th century.

Now a word from Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager
The home and property that we will be investigating is active with paranormal activity. In 1853, a cowboy panhandler nicknamed Broken Neck, (the name was given to him, because his head was always tilted to one side) was caught cheating during a poker game. 6 men went after him from the local saloon and chased him down. The leader of the posse was Black Hat Tucker. When they captured Broken Neck, Black Hat Tucker tied his hands together and tied his legs up with rope. Black Hat Tucker dragged Broken Neck behind his horse into the nearby woods, where Broken Neck hit his head on a rock and died instantly. They threw his body down a ravine. The ravine is near the property we are investigating. A ghostly sighting of a little boy was also seen on this property by a psychic. Another interesting aspect of the property is that it is located at the Triangle Corridor.

Pictures from Georgetown Scouting Mission:

According to Bill Birnes of History Channelís UFO Hunters, the triangle corridor covers this area and all of Gold Country, all the way to Mount Shasta. Many triangular shaped UFOs are seen in this area and theory is that the UFOs are interested in our gold. The Sumerian clay tablets explain that ancient aliens have always been interested in our gold to correct their depleting ozone layer. Scientists recently found out that if you spray gold dust into the atmosphere, it will heal our own ozone layer. Gold is the source and most usable metallic for computer components and many other electronical devices.

Wow! I have investigated Georgetown before and never seen the things that I saw today. We investigated the Midou Indian site, that had actual wooden tee pees. We investigated a cave and in the cave we acquired about 3 EVPs, some of it sounds like human chatter and one EVP says Ďnoí. Special Note: Zathe Shepherd gave us the tour of the wildlife refuge, cave, Midou Indian site.

After we left the property, we headed over to the Georgetown Hotel, Minerís Club and the American River Hotel. We got to explore the Georgetown Hotelís attic. Matt Skelton, was our attic tour guide. His grandmother owns the Georgetown hotel, so he grew up there and had plenty of stories to tell about the entities that reside there. During the tour Brittani obtained a clear EVP of an elder woman saying that it was her shoe that Brittani had. The lady ghost is known as Myrna. Also, when I did my original investigation in Georgetown, I was with Sylvia Browne's secretary and she felt a presence looking at us from a window at the Georgetown Hotel, she takes a picture of the window and captured a full body apparition of what looks like an American Indian looking at us. See that apparitions here:

Staci Butler writes:
ďJudy Raderchak indicated that while in the attic of the Georgetown Hotel, EVPs were captured while Raven (9 years old) and Kiera (8 years old) Butler, Staciís daughters, were present. However, when Raven and Kiera left, no EVP were captured. Judy thinks it is because Myrna was attracted to the children. We did not obtain anything at the Minerís Club as of yet. We will be going through evidence. Bert Schumacher ( told us that Frankie Gallope may have caught an El Chupacabra, while hunting in the Georgetown area. He was told that he shot a bear with mange, but the animal had large fangs, on the top and bottom, and when turned over to the Department of Fish and Game, the body of this animal disappeared and no more was heard about it. After the main street investigations, we returned to Staciís house for a ghost and UFO investigation.Ē

HPI Scouts and Investigators that showed up for this paranormal scouting mission: Brittani & Kevin Lantz; Regina Tellez; Judy Raderchak; Staci Butler; Scot Shepherd; Raven and Kiera Butler; Chantal Apodaca; Luanne Sloan; Michael Cordle; Heidi Millard; Dawn Duran, Keith Hopkins; Katie Hopkins; Jim Cameron; Bryant MacDonnell; Jim Hilliard; Lisa MacConnell; Valerie Robinson; Jennifer Newell; Shannon McCabe; Gina Vega; Larry Mealer; Andrew Vega; Karon McDonald.

Raven and Kiera Butler (Staciís daughters) had their own paranormal experiences. Kiera saw a box actually move back and forth in one of the bedrooms. Raven said when she went to the Georgetown Hotel, she was in one of the rooms and found 3 rings on the ground and she asked Myrna if that was one of her rings, to either knock on the wall or touch something or move something. Raven saw a black hand touch one of the bags in the room. The black hand was a disembodied hand. The hand vanished in front of Ravenís eyes.

Judy Raderchak says: ďI, Judy Raderchak, Jennifer Newell, Regina Tellez did an investigation at the private residence and this is what happened:
Judy: Earlier today when I entered the home I went to the bathroom and as walking out I felt as if a boy was watching me. Later in the evening when doing the investigation Regina, Jennifer and I were in the parentís bedroom playing music when the door handle jiggled and the energy changed and felt very heavy. Regina felt very hot and Jennifer and I felt very cold. Regina and I heard movement in the closet and started our EVP. We did not pick up anything due to contamination. I did feel my chair move as if someone bumped into it when walking by. We were not moving at the time. We believe that whatever was in the room past through. At one moment the energy felt heavy, then it was gone as fast as it came. Special Note: Brittani Lantz and her husband Kevin took Gina Vega, her brother and her brotherís friend in another bedroom. Brittani felt that a little boy drowned in the pond near Staciís home. Rhonda Hall, a psychic who came to Staciís home previously picked up on a little boy. Jennifer Newell felt entities, like the little boy may be passing through the home, but does not hang around the house. A psychic named Julie Thompson in Scotland instant messaged me on Facebook and asked if there was water near Staciís home, I told her no. I didnít realize their was a pond near the home. Julie then told me..Ēwell, that throws me completely off, because I felt someone drowned near the home.Ē Now, I stand corrected and must tell Julie that she may be correct.

We tried to locate Broken Neck and were unsuccessful. We did a UFO hunt afterwards, with lasers to try and make contact with UFOs and were unsuccessful. Chantal and Jennifer laid back on the trampoline and searched out the night skies. Judy and Regina did spot out satellites later.


HPI Georgetown Itinerary:

Georgetown Information

Information about Georgetown Scouting Mission:

The 120 Year Old Haunted House Part 1 Video!

The 120 Year Old Haunted House Part 2 Video!

Upcoming Laguna Creek Wetlands Scouting Mission:

Psychic Denise Roberts Hart in England Says:
"When reading through the article I picked up on Broken Neck and this is what I was being given from my spirit guide:
Broken Neck had a leaning due to a birth defect, (I would also say he had arthritis) and his head tilted to the left. Black Hat Tucker, was a bit of a 'dark soul' but was also a greedy man, 'Broken Neck' was not his first kill. There were only 2 men who threw him over the ravine, The rock that he hit his head on actually broke his neck! As for the little boy spirit I feel some strange connection to broken neck and the land which he is on. I would say Broken Neck's body will be found in shallowness rather than buried deep.
I hope this helps in some way.
Love and Light always
C) Dees Inspirations"

SuperNatural and Paranormal Seekers (SNAPS) team went out to The Onyx Club in Old Roseville. The investigation started at 2am 4/29/11. On this investigation were Ben and Rhonda Hall, Steve and Jennifer Roland, Angel Levi-Kesti and Sonja Ferris. The Onyx Club is over 100 years old. It has been a bar since the 1940s. It was frequented by railroad workers over the years. There was an execution style murder inside the bar in the 1970s. The bartender has been there over 16 yrs and he feels there is a presence. He will turn a radio on and leave the room, only to return and find the radio unplugged. Chairs move, items disappear that were left on the bar, boot prints have been seen in a freshly mopped floor. Although our psychics were picking up on spirits that were with us, we did not get any hard evidence right away. Further analysis of audio, video and pictures will be needed before we can reach a conclusion. However, a good time was had by all!

Special Note. Thank you Regina for buying me a Carl's Jr. cheeseburger when I started starving! Regina Tellez, Chantal Apodaca and Judy Raderchak rode with me to Georgetown and back, they rode in my new paranormal car The Rusty Anomaly!

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Indefatigable Supernatural Gumshoe
aka The Demon Warrior
Shannon McCabe's Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager/HPI Senior Lead Investigator
My Bio Link at Ceri Clark's All Destiny Magazine!
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Cellular Paranormal Hotline: 916 203 7503
If you have a possible investigation call: 1-888-709-4HPI

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Haunted Georgetown: The Hunt for Broken Neck
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