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 Third Visit to Kenny's Bar

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PostSubject: Third Visit to Kenny's Bar   Mon May 02, 2011 3:50 pm

Third Visit to Kenny’s Bar
By Teresa Williams, PET Paranormal Investigator and HPI Senior Lead Investigator
Distributed by Paul Dale Roberts

Wednesday March 30, 2011 our team (P.E.T.) went to Kenny’s Bar in Woodland, California for a third investigation. Due to unforeseen occurrences, we were lacking 2 members of our team, Patti Morgan, and Patty Zlockzewski. Michael Berland and myself (Teresa Williams) were present as well as a dear childhood friend of mine’s daughter. My friend Mimi Rose and I had been in touch over the last few months, and she expressed her daughter’s strong interest in the paranormal. I couldn’t resist when she told me her daughter would love to go on an investigation, so, I invited her along on a future investigation. It was unknown at that time when I invited her, just where that investigation would be. Mimi’s father had owned a bar in Woodland called “Out Of Bounds” that is now named “Kenny’s”. This was the absolute best set up I could imagine. Our team had been there twice already, and I knew there was nothing there that would harm or attatch to her daughter, so I proceeded to set the investigation up.

Maddie Niehues, (Mimi’s daughter) was a very confident and curious girl, who is well spoken, and funny to say the least. It was her first experience with the paranormal, which surprised me, because she acted like a pro.

I showed Maddie a couple pieces of equipment before we went in to do the investigation, and I asked her which equipment she wanted to operate. She chose the EVP recorder. She also wanted to do the question session, which surprised me. I thought this girl is going to become one of the best investigators I’ve ever seen. She had no fear.

The Investigation:

We began the investigation with the EVP session. We went “lights out” and she had a card with questions on it to use if she needed. She ran our EVP session with ease, and seemed comfortable doing it. Most people I’ve seen try the EVP session usually feel awkward “talking to the air”. Not Maddie! It was the funniest thing I’ve seen during an investigation when she was waiting 20 seconds between questions to ask the next. I could hear the ticking of a clock on my left, and I could see the silhouette of Maddie’s profile as she would nod her head in time with the clock ticking 20 times. I thought….”a perfectionist…”


During the EVP session, we had caught a voice answering her question “may we have your permission to speak with you?” A woman’s voice said “today”.

“Do you know what year this is?” A clear “Eleven” was heard.

In our pictures, we caught the same “orb” that we had caught the first 2 visits to Kenny’s. Strange that that is the only place in the building that we catch an “orb”.

I had done a pendulum session in the exact location where we have caught the “orb” on both prior investigations. It was a very responsive spirit. The spirit had answered that there are 2 ghosts there, 1 male 1 female. I asked if it was Dawn Howard, the spirit of a woman who was murdered there by her boyfriend/husband back when it was called “The Tip-Top Truck Stop”.and the reply was “yes”. “May we have your permission to speak with you?” A woman’s voice said “Quickly”.


The story goes that she was leaving the establishment when she had a glass object thrown at the back of her head and killed her. This archway is the location of the original entrance to the bar. I feel that had a significant reason for why we catch the “orb” only in that area.

Personal experiences:

Maddie had seen what looked like a leg as if it was walking out a doorway from the kitchen area. Michael Berland was handling the photography and he had acquired pictures of the kitchen, when he did not take pictures in the kitchen.


This place is definitely haunted by 2 very friendly ghosts who continue to live the night life in the afterlife.

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Third Visit to Kenny's Bar
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