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 The Angel Whisperer

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PostSubject: The Angel Whisperer   Tue May 03, 2011 4:59 pm

By Teresa Williams, Senior Lead HPI Investigator
Distributed by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

I have now met an actual angel whisperer, and my life is so much richer for it. Having stumbled across an extraordinary woman who could tell me things from my past, present and future still leaves me speechless. She is amazing! She was able to give me details of my past that I knew to be accurate, and she was able to tell me of things going on in my life now. I had simply asked her one simple question, and I left it too simple for her to have nailed it to what I actually wanted to know. How she does this is truly a gift from God and the angels. She had also kept telling me information that pertained to my future that I was wondering about, yet I did not ask her about.

Here is an interview I had with Diana Lorena Valencia Riomana:

Question: Where you were born?

I was born in Barquisimeto- Venezuela.

How old were you when you realized you had this ability?
Since I was a little girl, Do not make me go back time lol, because will be much.

What was your first experience?

Are many to remember. !Teresa!. Don’t blame this "old" woman.
But one of the most wonderful experiences, was when I was sleeping
and a angel appear and said to me that I must to help people, without
see who are. He was beautiful, had curly and blond hair and was smiling to me.
His wings were open, and he had a, long pink dress. He after that, put like
a star dust in me, and a sound of little wind’s bells, was around. I close my eyes
and i felt a huge peace, really, and I did not want to come back. The calm was so strong.
And I began to see a sky whit many stars, and I was amazed was a wonderful place.
Nevertheless, I must to wake up, life continues (lol). In addition, I see next day in the bible that saying about help people, without see who they are. Moreover, two days ago I saw in a dream a paper with the same. So here I am.

How did you deal with being "different" from others?

The lists of defects are at the order of day (lol). Like the qualities lists.
I am a ordinary girl, that believe in extraordinary things ,and decided to open
the heart for ignore world’s ideas, and listen, feel and see the language of God.
When you do it, you are more worried about your feelings, thoughts and acts.
And more about educate them, because the most strong battle begins of that way. You feel more responsible about yourself. We must to be in self-control. Defeat ego. Master Jesus said; - "Who wants to follow me, must to deny his/herself". We must be far away self-destruction that has a costume of “pleasant things” that brings consequences that offer many painful tears. Sometimes you feel lonely between many people and in company whit yourself. However, I understand that everyone has a time, and something to learn.

What you do with your abilities now?

I can tell you this; I make clairvoyance, I am a medium and read angels cards,
and sometimes bring messages. However, not only to help myself. I want across my
services and skills motives people, to be the light that they need, but only
is possible if they open the heart to hear the language of God. Exists a free will.
But is true that happiness is a particular obligation, that must be based in true,
Respect and love, without " . Now I am guiding many persons, but results are more
based in the disposition that they have. Results are very good when people are motivated
to work with me, because the power of mind and faith determinate almost all.

Where you want it to go to from here?

Hmmm... life spinning and round. I only wait to continue in my spiritual evolution,
follow the examples that my wonderful teachers and angels guides gave to me, as
make my work with people of the best, clear and honest way, I must to do it with myself.

What the most memorable reading you ever gave?

It depends of the point of view of my clients. They judge. I only make my work. But it is
wonderful when I give messages to people that had traumatic experiences, and wants to
heal their lives.

To contact Diana Lorena Valencia Riomana:
email or

There is an actual photo taken during one of Diana’s meditations.
You can find those photos at Diana Lorena Valencia Riomana's Facebook page.

I had actually gone another step further in testing Diana’s abilities…. I had Diana give a reading to a second person who validated the accuracy of her reading. Incredible results again!
Before I was willing to put my reputation on the chopping block to speak out about her, my friend suggested one more reading. I agreed that if she could do this one more time and give accurate information, then she is genuine. Diana did not let me down. The third reading was regarding a pet dog. She has actually helped in solving what happened to the family pet. Amazing woman with angels at her side. Bless you Diana…you truly affect peoples lives. And the amazing part was…how a woman in Venezuela can give a reading to people in America, and be telling about your life.

I recommend everyone to give her a try. Absolutely worth the time!

Thank you Diana, it was a pleasure to have you do this for us!
-Teresa Williams

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The Angel Whisperer
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