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 The Many Unsolved Homicides of Sacramento

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PostSubject: The Many Unsolved Homicides of Sacramento   Wed May 11, 2011 2:20 am

The Many Unsolved Homicides of Sacramento
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

How come there are so many unsolved murders in Sacramento County? I watch A&E's The First 48 and you can watch homicide cops throughout our nation checking for clues to a fresh homicide. They usually accomplish the task in record time, with hours left to spare. Very impressive. I am glad that The First 48 does not ever air here in Sacramento. The reason why is that I keep hearing about these horrific homicides being committed in Sacramento County and they usually wind up becoming cold cases.

Case example. Back in 2006 Robert Francisco Maisonet is walking down the green belt off a busy street called Franklin Blvd in Elk Grove. It is 2pm on a Sunday, there is plenty of traffic. Then a van pulls up and 3 men jump out of the van and beat Robert senseless. He is dead at the scene. The van drives away. Guess what? With all of the witnesses to this event, the police have no solid leads on who the killers are. Another cold case.

Hmmm...2006 seemed to be a good year for unsolved homicides. Who killed Deputy Jeffrey Mitchell, age 38? A nine year veteran for the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department. The deputy was on Meiss and Dillard roads when a van he pulled over brought him to his untimely demise. He was shot and killed possibly by the driver of this van. The sheriff's department lost one of their own and to this day, cannot find the killer?

Should I even be surprised? The sheriff's department weren't even able to figure out who the East Area Rapist was. The guy went through the whole town of Sacramento doing what he wanted with unsuspecting women. So, if they couldn't catch this mad man..why would I expect them to find the killer of Deputy Jeffrey Mitchell?

Let's talk about some more recent cases. WTF? A whole slew of witnesses saw the shooting of some kid at the popular event called Second Saturday! This incident happened on the busy streets of J Street - 18th and 19th Street on September 2010, a kid loses his life, possibly gang related and there are no witnesses to who did the killing? Come on! What the hell is going on?

Now on March 4, 2011, probably a hate crime, 2 elderly men taking a stroll get shot for no reason at all. 65 year old Surinder Singh, loses his life, his friend is in critical condition. Because these two Sikh men wore a turban is probably the reason they were shot. Surinder lost his life, most likely because of the after effects of 9/11.

There are a lot more unsolved homicides and I am not going to keep harping about it, but I think it is time for the citizens of Sacramento to start speaking up. If they see a crime being committed, they need to report it. It is pretty sad to know that a killer can kill a man in front of 30 witnesses and get away with it. I'm talking about the Second Saturday shooting. Yep, very sad.


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The Many Unsolved Homicides of Sacramento
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