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 That Means the S Word by Christy Wardlow

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PostSubject: That Means the S Word by Christy Wardlow   Thu May 12, 2011 4:20 pm

That Means the S Word by Christy Wardlow

After school the other day, my seven year old son, a second grader climbed into the minivan with my five year old daughter and buckled up when they started giving me the anticipated daily update of their school day. My son told me about the points he had earned for good behavior and then said, "This little boy in class keeps saying the F word mommy and the kids are always putting up their middle fingers. That's a bad word!"

So I said, "Yes, that is a bad word and they shouldn't be saying it. Do you know what that word means?"

My son said, "No."

Oh boy, right? Here we go.

"Kids, well, the F word means (enter birds and bees conversation)." I rambled on and on for a few minutes until my son started begging me to stop. I asked him, "Do you think your friends really know what that word means?"

My son said, "I don't know" while his inquisitive sister wanted to know more about where babies come from. At this point, I'm done with the conversation and want to go about the afternoon with my two innocent but now well informed children.

I understand that people swear and yea, my potty mouth gets flushed once in awhile but if I do curse I tell my kids that I made a mistake and that they should never repeat it especially at school. I'm trying to protect their innocence and also want them to not get in trouble at school which to be honest, cursing doesn't really seem to be getting kids into trouble anyways. That's not the point though. I don't want my kids talking like that regardless of what other kids are doing because I'm teaching them self respect.

There are many other things that bug me about how kids behave at school, especially the bullying that seems to be globally undisciplined. I know that I can't shelter my kids forever but I'm certainly going to try to do it as long as I can.

I've met first graders that play rated M games on Xbox and kids who are in fourth grade going to rated R movies which yes, do traumatize them. There are kids who watch shows with a lot of sexual content and I don't get why they can't just be protected for a little while longer. Now a days, kids are even engaging in sexual acts at very young ages and I wonder where that comes from. Is it exposure to media? Probably, and it's not just playing doctor anymore, its real interest in having sex vs. curiosity of sex organs.

What is happening to our society where people do not protect the little innocent minds of the kids? They need to play and explore the world without the adult content. They are the lucky ones and we need to appreciate it and let them have their world filled with magic, imagination, and pretend.

Come to find out yesterday after a kid said the F word, thinking it was funny, my son asked him, "Do you know what that means? That means the S word."

Christy Wardlow is a web designer, owner of, co-owner of, is a producer and co-host of WTF Radio and is now broadcasting live on

*Distributed by Paul Dale Roberts
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That Means the S Word by Christy Wardlow
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