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 Possible Men in Black Encounter

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PostSubject: Possible Men in Black Encounter   Tue May 24, 2011 2:15 am

Possible Men in Black Encounter
By Judy Raderchak, HPI Senior Lead Investigator

In Judy's Own Words:
"Yesterday (May 22, 2011 Sunday) I was approached by two men. My daughter came running up to me when I was sitting in the garage she said 'Mom you have friends out here who want to talk to you.' I was thinking they were some religious people so I got up flipped my paintings over and walked out of the garage. One of the men was young about 20, tall and thin. He had a name tag that said Mr.Cambell on it. The other man was in a very nice black suit, wearing sun glasses even though the sun was going down. The young man said to me 'our friends sent us'.

I looked at him wondering what the hell he was talking about. In that moment of uncomfortable silence I asked: 'So did you guys think the world was going to end yesterday?' The man in the suit looked at the young man then looked at me and said 'only God knows when the end of the world will be.' He had the strangest accent I have ever heard. I said 'when the good lord wants to take me.'

The young man looked at my hand that was still holding the paint brush and said: 'Your Painting?'. I merely said 'yeah', I was unsure where this was going. The man in the suit says: 'What are you painting'? The man in the suit peered into the garage trying to get a good look at the painting. I told him 'A couple pieces'. Once again there was uncomfortable silence. 'So have you always lived in Sacramento?' the young man asked. I looked at him wondering how the hell he knew that and said: 'Yeah, Elk Grove.'

Then I asked: 'where are you from Mr. Campbell?' He looked at the man in the suit and then at me and said 'Arizona'. At this point the conversation went dead and they both looked at each other, then at me and the young man asked 'Can we help you?' I looked at what the hell did he ask me that...and said: 'No Im fine.' Then they both looked at each other and turned and walked away not saying good bye or anything. I then sat down feeling like I had just stepped out of some time warp dizzy and a little nauseated.

Then I thought to myself what just happened? I got up and walked outside searching for these two men. I asked the kids that were playing out side and my daughter if they had seen where they went. No one knew. I walked around the complex trying to find them and they were no where to be found. Now what in the world was that? I immediately called Paul to tell him about what the hell just happened. I seriously thought maybe I had dosed off, but my daughter had seen them. I asked her today if they said anything to her and she said that their friend had been looking for me.

When I talked to Paul he had said that once he was on an investigation and an SUV pulled up and a women wearing all black got out and stared at him. Once Paul saw her she got into the vehicle and drove off. Paul swears up and down it was men/women in Black. This is when he was heading to Mount Shasta to conduct his UFO/Bigfoot Investigation. This is interesting..because did I mention we are going to Area 51 in June?

Marilou Nicolich, Rosemarie Thomason Arroyo!

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Paradoxical Sleuth
aka The Demon Warrior
Shannon McCabe's Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager/HPI Senior Lead Investigator
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Possible Men in Black Encounter
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