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 Incubus Case by Belinda Bentley

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PostSubject: Incubus Case by Belinda Bentley   Fri Jun 10, 2011 10:33 am

Incubus Case
By: Belinda Bentley
HPI Senior Lead Investigator

In folk-lore, Incubus were male spirits who raped women during sleep. Find out more about the Entity case the most famous Incubus case ever:

Entity G.H.O.S.T Case Files:

This paranormal investigation didn't start off on the right foot. The client actually got upset with me to start things off. She felt I didn't have time for her. If I write a book I'll put the whole story in from beginning to end, but let's just say things worked out in the end. Movie goers, film makers and fanatics real life can be stranger than fiction...

Elmira Joseph, (name changed for protection, because of the nature of the case) got my number from a friend. It seems she needed help with a haunting... and not just an ordinary type of haunting you see on SyFy Ghost Hunters. See I'm a "Sex Psychic." and I founded G.H.O.S.T Ghost Huntress's on Site Team. I get strange cases that come across my desk and in my inbox regularly. This was one of those cases.

Hi Belinda,
My name is Elmira, I was referred to you by ______. (name Deleted for privacy) First off I just want to apologize and say I am sorry. I am really frustrated and I don't know where to go to get help. I am having some poltergeist activity in my home and it won't stop. It all started when I met this girl in college. She told me that she was my spirit guide and that she was half human and half angel. She told me she was sent by god to help me and to guide me. She also mention that my grandmother's spirit has been around her talking to her constantly and also my past life husband in spirit. I really trusted this girl and I thought she was my friend. She used my grandmother's spirit as a pawn for me to drive her places and to do things for her. She told me she was working with a team of angels that told her that my father was gay. When I found out she was lying, that my father is not gay, she said, she did not lie that it was my dead grandmother who told her. So I cut her off. Every since I cut her out of my life she put a whole bunch of spirits on me: haunting me, going down on me, pinching me, making my earrings drop in public, and playing with my hair. I really don't know what else to do. I went to the catholic church to get help and they turned me away. I just want to live my life in peace I was wondering if you really can tell me. I'm really sorry about the text messages. I was in panic mode and I didn't know what to do and who to turn to.

I immediately pick up on the sexual nature of this case. I knew there was a lot more to the story, but I was glad she detailed some of the activity. I was intrigued at this point and wanted to know more. I immediately wrote Paul Dale Roberts General Manager of HPI, seeking at least two people in the Sacramento area from HPI that could help me with this paranormal investigation. He gave me the names and contact for two investigators. Jennifer Daniels was the one who responded and turns out the one I needed there.

On Wed, June 8, 2011 my nephew Tamreen Crockett and I pulled over at the address where we were doing the investigation. I was going over in my mind what I had already picked up about the situation. She keeps blaming this girl, but this haunting started before she entered her life. This has something to do with her being sexually abused and I feel it was by a family member. She's not going to tell the whole story, not sure why though. I'll need notes to keep up with this investigation.

Tamreen and I went in the house. He felt sick immediately. I on the other hand felt nothing. Elmira started talking about the entity taking off her earrings in public and dropping them to the floor. At this point I remember the questionnaire she filled out for me. Do you have any mental illnesses? Do you take drugs, Doctor prescribed or other wise? Do you have weapons in the house? No to all of these questions. I wondered if she was telling the truth - not all psychics are lie detectors. Just then my back got hot and someone was stabbing my back and arms with pens and needles.

We went through the house with EMF detectors. No spikes except for around the frig and television set. We walked around the rooms and in the bedroom I got dizzy and had a hard time walking straight. I had to hold onto the wall. I wondered if it was my vision, but I was fine when I came out of the room.

Jennifer showed up and this was my first time meeting her. You could tell she was ready to get down to business and had no intention of making small talk. You could also tell she liked to work alone. We sat back while she did a walk through and while she was in the back room I came to see what she might be getting energetically from the house. She was dizzy in the two bedrooms. Confirmation. She felt that the activity was surrounding the two bedrooms and concentrated on the beds. Jennifer didn't know the client told me the same thing before she pulled up. She sits on the bed and says do you know a Camryn (name changed). The client nodded. "It's my sister." I felt what was happening, I'd known all along. "Elmira, were you sexually abused?" I asked. "Yes," she confirmed. "Your sister was too." "Yes," she confirmed again.

This had to do with sexual abuse. The room had gotten so hot that I was sweating and my glasses that I rarely wear were fogging up! It was like I was in a crowded room with no ventilation, but the front door was open. All of a sudden I felt a violent cold chill. I looked at Jennifer and she said did you just feel a chill I said "Yes." She asked me "Did it feel like it was in your body, not out?" "Yes." More cracking noises started happen, but we couldn't determined where it came from. The client said the sound was all to familiar. It was the spirit.

The client started telling us stories about how the spirit would "go down" on her (spiritual oral sex). The most surprising things was that she said this also happened in public. I asked if it physically moved her body or if she could just feel it, and she said it actually moved her body, pushing her legs. The spirit also massaged her back, kissed her like a human with a body, jumped on the roof of her house to wake her up, banged on the walls when her ex boyfriend was there and constantly stayed on her back and neck - seemed to be attached at her spine. The same place I felt needles and heat.

Tamreen was on a wood floor outside the bedroom when we asked the spirit box or spirit direct question. We'd heard the snapping of floor boards. Tamreen wasn't moving, but we tried to recreate the sound as if he'd shifted his weight or stomped, but the floor boards were silent...

The pictures yielded nothing. No EVP's from the few recordings I played back. Jennifer set up a green laser light and placed a ball in the middle of the floor. At times we all saw movement in the lasers when we were far away from the room they were in. At one point we came back and the ball had moved from the hard wood floor to the carpet about six feet away. We again tried making the wood floor move, but it was snug and wouldn't creek or budge under our weight. We're not sure how the ball moved. We tried kicking it, but the sound it made, someone would have felt or heard it if kicked.

After leaving the client in her room alone to talk with the spirit and nothing happening we sat down to regroup. I began asking Elmira to clarify her story because things she said didn't make sense. The spirits name? Where did she get that name from? She said it was her ex-husband. Why did she think that? She used to think it was her grandmother. Again, why? Did her grandmother die recently? Did she hope it was her grandmother because she was grieving? My questions weren't answered. She gave us bits and pieces of the story and it took us an hour and a half to get to the bottom of what was going on. We found out why. This haunting had started four years ago and it was hard for her to remember what happened and when. Then as I saw before we needed notes to keep up. Jennifer got out the notebook to take notes and placed a recorder out to see if the spirits would chime in and give their two cents when Elmira was telling her story. Within 5 minutes brand new batteries were drained from the recorder. This could be classified as spirit activity.

Between Jennifer and I we aggressively questioned the client over and over again to get the time line straight. Going back as far as we could. Jennifer had the exact same idea I had and we were determined to get the story and find out what was truly going on. It ended up being the most important part of the investigation. The client was focused on a girl being the cause of all of this. What we found was a much different story. This girl she met in college (we'll call her bad news girl) admitted doing black magic according to Elmira. The story goes this girl once did magic to an enemy she didn't like. She asked the spirits to make her enemy lose her legs and two weeks later the girl got into an accident and got her legs amputated. Still the our client decided to be her friend.

Time Line:
1994 Her grandmother dies.
2004 Begins praying that grandmother watch over her.
2007 Elmira moved into her house, clicking on the walls, eerie feeling and someone woke her up with massage when she over slept. At this point it felt good and nice.
2008 She called in a priest to do house blessing. She felt at peace for two weeks before activity started up again.
2009 East West Bookstore, she got a reading from a psychic. They told her, her grandmother was there at the house and that a mischievously little spirit was there. Soon after the client saw a small black mass on her bed and she called it a goblin. A new psychic comes to her house and does a Tarot reading. After the reading she does a cleansing. It gives her temporary peace and then it starts back up again. Sage, feathers and salt water was used.
2010 She meets this girl that is into black magic, she feels this girl is bad news (hence bad news girl).
2011 Elmira actually becomes friends with bad news, black magic girl and confides in her all that is going on. The girl tells Elmira that she is her guide and that she is both human and angel. The bad news girl shares with Elmira that the spirit in the house is that of her grandmother and her ex-husband from another life. The spirit is supposed to be Native America and she gives our client a name for the spirit. He still loves her and wants to be with her until she dies and joins him again. This is when the spirits starts seeking sexual gratification from Elmira. The activity starts to effect the dogs too. This spirit sexual assaults her in public as well. She thinks it's OK at first, because it's a former husband. It almost seems as though she entered into a relationship with this entity for a while.

The client then tells us that this girl is Hmong. Jennifer and I give each other a hard stare. It makes sense. Hmong people have strong religious ties. Wikipedia states:The spirits of deceased ancestors are thought to influence the welfare and health of the living. Individuals perform rituals which include the offering of food and spirit money, pouring libation, and burning incense to appease the spirits and earn their favor. This is their culture and it's not very hard for them to contact spirits. It is ingrained in them, it is their religions it is who they are. They have much more experience with spirits in their culture than we do in American. The reality is she could possess the powers she claimed.

More questioning leads us to uncover more truths! Elmira was sexually abused by her father from four years old until seventeen years of age. During this time between fourteen and seventeen a spirit appears in her life that sexually attacks her. So the bad news girl wasn't the one who brought this on. All though she could have aggravated it. The bad news girl told Elmira that she caused a black out at her home by sending the spirits there to do it for her and she sent "angels" there to test her by scaring her. She claimed to work with many angels. Legion kept coming to mind.

The client desperately needed to be empowered and take her energy back. This spirit or entity saw that she was weak and a victim for a long time and that most likely she wasn't going to fight, but give in. Which is exactly what she was doing. Just dealing with it. She said she's tried to tell it to leave, but when your life is taken over by an abuser (spirit or human) you don't try, you just fight!

I asked the client if she felt more than one spirit and she said yes, she feels many come through her. Jennifer and I both got up and physically showed Elmira how to deal with the spirit. Kicking it out, demanding it to go. She said she was afraid she didn't want the neighbors to hear her yelling. We explained you don't have to yell, you have to get serious! Elmira demanded the energy of the bad news girl to leave. "You b-t-h, get the f--k out of my house!" she said as though she meant it! This was a huge change from what we'd seen in the beginning of the investigation. The house felt much lighter and cleaner, but for her it maybe an on going fight to keep the spirits out. We believe she can do it.

Jennifer was a pleasure to work with. I like her style and the things she picked up on like in the end she felt Elmira was afraid to let the spirits go, because she might fear pushing her grandmother out too with the rest of them. The client disagreed, but I felt Jennifer was on to something. Our client had a relationship with these spirits for a long time and I felt she was afraid to let them all go, but only time will tell...

Note: Some people call this an incubus or a succubus. Incubus being male praying on females and succubus being female praying on males for sexual pleasure. I haven't heard of a name for gay spirits yet, but there have been cases of homosexual attractions between humans and spirits. There is also no clarification for oral acts and penetration with spirits. So I'm classifying it all under the same.
G.H.O.S.T Founder
HPI Senior Lead Investigator

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Chantal Apodaca, HPI Personal Assistant
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

June 4 Saturday 6pm: 4550 Shelley Court #20, Stockton CA - Apartment has phantoms. Voices heard. Lights shut off and on. Man hung himself in apartment nearby. Woman died in apartment. Elizabeth 209 405 4719. Cleansing needed!

I have another video up of orbs and oh and the last part you see this black thing come from me.



8pm: Place to be at: 1135 Jefferson Street, San Leandro, CA 94577. Contact: Antonette 510 459-5634. Activity: occupant choked. Occupant feels portal is in home. She has done EVP sessions and captured: "Love it, love it"; numerous voices of men and women arguing (it sounds like 30 to 40 people); "black b***h"; "satan get out"; "Lucifer". When she did her own cleansing with sea salt, electrical feeling was felt. She obtains vulgar EVPs (cuss words). Apparition seen of lady with no hair. Shadow people seen. House built in 1977. The entities have told her, they followed her from her dad's house, which is 100 years old. Address of her dad: 449 62nd Street, Oakland, CA.


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Incubus Case by Belinda Bentley
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