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 What's the What of Area 51 by Judy Raderchak

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PostSubject: What's the What of Area 51 by Judy Raderchak   Sat Jun 11, 2011 7:18 pm

"What's the What of Area 51"
By Judy Raderchak, HPI Senior Lead Investigator

To start out with I want to say that I am not very knowledgeable on the subject of Area 51. What I know is only from what I have read or what I've heard from others.
My Background:
I was adopted when I was a very small child. My adopted mother was in the Navy and while on active duty she would disappear for days on end . I do know that at times she would take me with her. I was so young that I do not remember any details but I am sure she had nothing to do with UFO'S. Or at least I hope not. My adopted father was in the Army and nothing like UFO's had ever been mentioned to me.
My birth brother on the other hand was in the Air Force in Germany and he tells me that there are many things that we would not understand. The government keeps secret for good reasons. Due to some of his own experiences he has warned me to proceed with caution on the subject of UFO'S.
I'm proceeding with caution but sorry brother but I cannot keep my mouth shut.

Everyone knows that there have been too many accurate account of UFO activity for these things not to exist. Whether these UFO's are new military technology or spaceships from outer space it's too hard to tell or even say. This is what I do know.

Created in the 1950's Area 51 was built so that U.S. Cold Warriors with the highest security clearances created the newest cutting-edge aeronautical projects. The military base located in the Nevada dessert on the Southern side of Groom Lake. It is a detachment of Edwards Air Force Base (EAFB) .Workers at the top secret Groom Lake (Area 51) and Tonopah Test Range aboard a 737 jets from a terminal called "Janet Airways" at the McCarran Airport in Las Vegas. You would know these plains by the red stripe across the lenth of the plain . If the employees are not taken by plain there taken by an unmarked bus on a private route to there destination.There is only one access to the baseand that access is heavily armed by vehicles and men in camo. There are also cameras monitoring the area and big bold signs posted for those unauthorized saying deadly force may be used. Do not venture past the signs or you will be arrested and fined.

Were to view Area 51-
There used to be two viewpoints on public land close to the border--
White Sides and Freedom Ridge. These areas were closed by the Air Force in April
1995. The mountain of Tikaboo Peak is public and is 26 miles from the base. It is the only mountain were the base can be viewed. There is also another location down a dirt road off of route 375 after about an hour drive you will arrive at the "Front Gate" technically it is not the front gate but there is what is called the black box and the no entry signs.

Were it all started & why it's so popularly known-
In 1989, Bob Lazar claimed on a Las Vegas television show that he worked with alien spacecraft at Area 51 . During an
interview with channel 8 news, Bob Lazar says, "We're consultants for a lot of companies. You get the strangest phone calls, even from the Navy Seals, who say, we need a device like this to go overboard and activate. They give specifications and ask can you build it? We fabricate a prototype, get it to them, do a short production run. By that time we get another call from another company to make some bizarre equipment and really have a blast." At one time he had made a particle accelerator behind his house and swat was called out because some thought he was making a bomb. Unfortunately for Bob Lazar his story never added up. Do I believe it? Well it's hard to say but if it's not he should get a golden globe or some award for profiting off us.
For more infor on Bob Lazar m/Gravity_Generator.htm

Whats wrong with this?!!
The military base supports development and testing of experimental aircraft and weapons systems. There have been over 900 nuclear test done at Groom lake and the repository site is only 44 miles from the location.
1970's and 1980's t here has been illegal burning of hazardous waste in Area 51 several employees were injured and 2 people have die. Hellen Frost and many others had filed a law suit and while in court the judge told the victims families and lawyers that he could not say whether area 51 existed or not. The case was throne out. So essentially the government and the military are exempt from committing murder. rea51/events/waste_lawsuit/ nmentconspiracyufos/p/area51.h tm

When the writers of Independent day had written about Area 51 in the original script , the government came in and blacked out any part that hinted or had mentioned Area 51. Why would they go to all that trouble?

If there is alien space technology then this could be viable information considering the first human spaceflight was accomplished on April 12, 1961 by Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. Ten years after Area 51 started it's testing. Hypothetically, if not only the US had alien space craft technology who's to say the soviets did not have it too. In the cold war we know that Russian spy planes were flying over the US to see the military project we had been working on.
We know that in this time we had secret military plains such as U-2 which could fly much higher and Oxcart/A-12 program (later called the) SR-71 Which could fly much faster than Mach 3 and get up to 90,000 ft.

Interesting read on
http://news.nationalgeographic .com/news/2011/05/110520-area- 51-secret-hid-craft-base-decla ssified-a-12-plane/

Judy Raderchak
Thanks for reading...

Groom Lake Hazardous Waste Lawsuit
A public link page providing a variety of resources on this topic. ----- Original Message -----

also a link to our page on area 51
and fundraising/volunteer page
Distributed by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

The Legendary Dark Silhouette says: "It's time to reveal your secrets!"
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What's the What of Area 51 by Judy Raderchak
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