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 Yumishira #0 Oriental Space Lily

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PostSubject: Yumishira #0 Oriental Space Lily   Sun Jun 12, 2011 1:13 am

Name: Yumishira #0 Oriental Space Lily
Publisher: James Rubino
Price: $3.00
Reviewed by: Paul Dale Roberts, President

Yumishira is a space warrior and a sexy one at that! All of the aliens fall for her charm and fall to their knees when it comes to one-on-one combat with this galactic siren. There is plenty of action, you will find interplanetary terrorists. You find assassins surrendering to this fierce woman. Yumishira was told that life is measured in moments and not years..she was told this at a young age and takes it to heart. Yumishira has many gadgets on her uniform and all of those gadgets including her main weapon is identified. You will learn that her weapon is a PPD Unit. Portable particle dismantler (instantly disassembles molecular structures within an adjustable radius). Yep, you don't want to mess with this lady! One thing Yumishira has learned, being the hot singlette that she is..the dating pool sucks! This comic book is extremely a hot item and after one read, you will be yearning for more!!

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Yumishira #0 Oriental Space Lily
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