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 Cemetery Crawl

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PostSubject: Cemetery Crawl   Tue Jun 21, 2011 6:44 pm

CEMETERY CRAWL…..You won’t want to miss this! By Teresa Williams

Last fall, a group of Illinois paranormal investigators from Small Town Paranormal held their first event in support of a worthy cause that is close to their hearts. They called this “The Cemetery Crawl” This event has been rekindled to happen again this fall. Last year they did a remarkable job holding the event. Among the attendees, a select few were interested in becoming paranormal investigators, and they now are important members of the STP family. Last year’s event was a huge success, and they are looking to make this year’s even better! Small Town Paranormal welcomes each and everyone of you come join in the fun, meet the investigators, make new friends with the same interest…”the unknown”! The cost is a donation to the Sydney Ives Foundation of $10.00 for a fun filled night of ghost hunting with professionals who do this all year long! If you can’t attend the Cemetery Crawl, maybe you would consider a donation to the foundation directly online? No donation is too small! Please visit their website for more information.
Here is a link to the Sydney Ives Foundation:

The date for this years Cemetery Crawl is set for:
DATE: September 10, 2011 and begins at 7:00 pm. And will continue through the night until?

WHERE: Kirkland, Illinois- The town park at the corner of 3rd street and South street

COST: looking to receive $10.00 per person, but no donation amount will be refused.
After all, Small Town Paranormal is doing this event as volunteers. No donations will go to the Small Town Paranormal team.
For more information about Small Town Paranormal, or for more information on the Cemetery Crawl, you can go to their website:

Small Town Paranormal’s message from the co-founders Dan Norvell and Rob Roquet:

This September, we will once again ask for the support of fans, friends, and other teams to come out for the Small Town Cemetery Crawl to benefit the Sydney Ives Foundation. Last year we raised $1,000 dollars for the foundation, and we hope that we can do even better this year. We know times are tough, but think about how tough it would be to watch your child losing a battle to a childhood disease, and not have anyone to help.
This foundation does that. We ask all of you that are able to come join us, not just to visit local cemeteries, but to help a great foundation, and a great cause. Thanks to everyone that came out last year in the stormy weather, and thanks to those planning on coming this year.

Small Town Paranormal:
Formed in December of 2009, Small Town Paranormal came on the scene in the paranormal community to do their best to bring validity back to paranormal research by using technical equipment, stringent analysis of evidence, professionalism and their ultimate goal of helping those who request their help.

Small Town Paranormal is based in Northern Illinois. Founders Dan Norvell and Rob Roquet work diligently to preserve the integrity and reputation of their team’s professionalism during each and every investigation. Small Town Paranormal’s founders and its team members ultimate goal is to help their client’s with integrity, compassion, understanding and always keeping the safety and well being of each one with the utmost importance. No client will ever be charged for any STP service at any time.

Their methodology for investigations use a well rounded approach with not only the technical equipment available to them to analyze and research the claims of a haunting but also psychics to try to communicate with spirits to get possible answers as to why they remain. No evidence will be used that can not be backed by research & facts of each location to keep the STP credibility & professionalism in tact. All clients will be treated with respect, and honesty. All personal experiences in an investigation will be noted and mentioned to the client but unless other evidence can back these claims they will remain a notable experience and that is all.

If you or someone you know is having any type of activity you feel may be paranormal in nature and would like to request an investigation please contact our:

Case Manager, Angie Edwards

Or you can go to our website on our contact page:

This is such a great cause, and a great group of people that you should come and join in on the fun if you are in the Northern Illinois area.
~Teresa Williams


Sarah Ali!



Paul Dale Roberts Hitchhiking to the Cemetery Crawl!

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Cemetery Crawl
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