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 Anita Hape, Paranormal Experiencer

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PostSubject: Anita Hape, Paranormal Experiencer   Sat Jul 09, 2011 1:35 pm

Interview with Anita Hape, Paranormal Experiencer
Interviewed by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

Question: Tell us something about yourself, your personal life such as your family life, hobbies and recreational activities.

Answer: I am retired and spend my days now working in my garden. Being retired has so many rewards, one being the time to read all I want and when I want. I love movies and have a 56 inch Sony TV and Netflex. Each evening I’m up late watching old movies from the 40’s and 50’s. I watch the History Channel (Ancient Aliens) being my favorite. Visited Las Vegas once or twice a year to get wild and crazy, though I don’t gamble or drink..but, I need 3 days of rest each time I return home.

Question: You had three major paranormal experiences in your life. Tell us how old you were when the first one happened? Now tell us what happened?

Answer: I was 27 years old at the time. My Concord home I have lived in the last 35 years.. my family had just moved into our new home. Because of all the construction going on around us there had been a couple of young girls raped by the construction workers.. We were told to get ID’s from the workers when they came to repair something. One morning I saw my daughters off to school. I wasn’t working so because it was a dreary day I went back up stairs and got back into bed. I always use the flip flop latch on the bedroom door, to lock it. One day, thinking I did lock the door, I started hearing birds chirping. I panicked and was thinking…”oh noooooo, I didn’t lock the front door!” I then heard footsteps proceeding up the steps and I started getting more scared and got into a fighting position. The bedroom door was open wide and no one there..I thought for a moment “what the hell was this all about”? Then something told me to go and lock the front door…which I did, thanking whoever, that the next time for them not to scare me to death. I felt this was an omen a warning from the paranormal realm.

Question: Okay, the 2nd experience, you had a plant float up to the ceiling after playing around with a Ouija board with your girlfriend, can you tell us about that?

Answer: I had this strange girlfriend who wanted to use a Ouija Board that I had hanging on the wall. I told her I didn’t believe in them so it wouldn’t work. She said she still wanted to do it so I humored her (being the good friend) and we sat with our knees together and nothing happened…As we sat there I was trying to get her attention while I was talking and thinking how rude she was staring off over my shoulder with her eyes widening as I talked..I finally asked her what was so interesting that she was ignoring me and she just lifted her hand and pointed to a hanging plant. I turned and saw this plant swinging from the ceiling..I jumped up to see if the heater or A/C was on, (it wasn’t)..She said the plant was lifted up and then dropped..I grabbed the Board and threw it in the nearest closet and my girlfriend never set a foot in my kitchen again.

Question: Your daughter heard disembodied voices at one point of time. Can you tell us about that and who was the famous psychic that got involved in this case?

Answer: I think his name was Nick Noserino, he was the head of the Psychic Institute of Berkeley. My daughter was age 8 at the time. She told me she was hearing voices at night that kept her awake.. She always had ear problems and I told her she wasn’t hearing anything, it was just her ears making the noises…then she told my mother and then she told her teacher…I figure there was more to her story and called Nick and asked him if he would come to my house and check it out…He told me there was a presence there and that it felt like a positive energy and not to worry..he said he would come over one night the following week and tape the noises himself..When he called a week later I told him the voices had stopped….My daughter knew nothing about Nick coming over, but she did tell me the voices quit…
Special Note: To see information about the Berkeley Psychic Institute, go here:

Question: Any other paranormal experiences?

Answer: Yes, I have many, but many of my paranormal experiences happened in the house that I live in now, for the last 35 years. The significant experiences are:
1. My former husband and I once saw a UFO on Kirker Pass and the UFO blacked out the stars. The UFO was incredibly large and a huge beam of light came down from the UFO and brightened the hills. I told my former husband to pull over and to look for himself. My former husband definitely saw what I was seeing.
2. Once when I went to visit Jean Richards the hypnotist, my daughter and I were filling out one of Jean’s questionnaires after a life regression session. When I returned home, I read my daughter’s questionnaire. I recently found out my family came from Holland, I never told my daughter that news. When my daughter was born, I was going to name her Sara, but she ended up being named Amber. When I looked at my daughter’s questionnaire it asked where she was born and she stated ‘Holland’ and the questionnaire asked her name and she wrote Sara.

Question: Fantastic interview!! How can your readers contact you?

Answer: Thank you Paul for this interview..It was fun telling you of my experiences and I hope we have a future together as friends..


July 9, Saturday 9pm: Contact: Lizzy Silva Address to be at: 4550 Shelley Court #20, Stockton, CA History: 1 person committed suicide in the apartment by hanging himself; 1 tenant OD on drugs; 1 tenant had cardiac arrest; there was a murder across from the apartment. Activity: knockings, shadow people seen, voices heard constantly, curtains move.
San Leandro Video Part 2 by John Shue
San Leandro Video by Judy Raderchak
San Leandro Video by John Shue

Judy Raderchak's Photos of San Leandro

Interview Date: 7/8/2011 Friday
Date of Interview: 1900 Hours
Location of Interview: Starbucks, 5431 Clayton Road, Clayton Station, Concord, CA

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Paradoxical Sleuth
aka The Demon Warrior
Shannon McCabe's Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager/HPI Senior Lead Investigator
My Bio Link at Ceri Clark's All Destiny Magazine!
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Cellular Paranormal Hotline Investigation or Advice: 916 203 7503

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Anita Hape, Paranormal Experiencer
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