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 Lizzy Silva & Donna Vicario, Psychic Sisters

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PostSubject: Lizzy Silva & Donna Vicario, Psychic Sisters   Sun Jul 10, 2011 4:50 am

Interview with Lizzy Silva and Donna Vicario, Psychic Sisters
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

Special Note: Lizzy and Donna are new HPI Paranormal Investigators and their very first investigation, will most likely be our upcoming Arbuckle case. Welcome aboard!

Question: Tell the readers about yourselves.

Lizzy: Ok, well I grew up in Stockton, CA. Family life for me was a roller coaster of different events, such as being raised in a foster home because I had gotten removed from my parents, because of my fathers alcohol use, that destroyed our family apart, and my mother neglected us and also there was domestic abuse. Therefore at age 12 I found peace and comfort in my new home with my step parents and began to figure myself out and my highest interests and hobbies, I love writing my biography on my life experiences and reading other peoplesí biographies based on their lives. I also do artwork, so I will place artwork with my biography. I realized I had more talent then I bargained for I love drawing. I find art fascinating I can see myself walking in an art gallery itís my thing. Another one of my favorite things to do is collect music I listen very well to the lyrics to my music, also I consider music as a MASTERPIECE OF ART. When I listen to a particular song, I can relate to a life event I have or had experienced throughout my life. Itís like a film playing out in my mind as Iím reliving it through my thoughts .

Donna: I love all kinds of music. I love watching Ghost Whisperer. I enjoy hanging out with my friends. I love a book called The Song of the Sparrow.

Question: From talking to both of you. You both seem to have psychic abilities and it started from a young age. Can you please explain what you experienced and how old were you both?

Lizzy: Well it started when I was about 6 where I used to live with my grandmother and my experience was hearing voices calling trying to get my attention, all I can remember is being frightened and confused and not sure how to cope with this bizarre experience, being so young I do what most children do run and hide under my grandmotherís bed or in the closet.

Donna: my first experience started when I was 7, I heard noises, things that made banging sounds, and I saw shadows walking through other parts of my home, all I remember is being afraid and I would run and hide under the covers, even sometimes becoming a bit brave enough to peek or take a glance over the cover of my bed. My curiosity was peeked enough to try to identify this ghostly figure .

Question: Talking to you bothÖI am completely amazed at our sidebar conversation. Tell me Donna about the de ja vu you experienced and Lizzy tell me how you predicted Michael Jacksonís death. What were the dreams you had of Michael?

Lizzy: During June 23, 2009 I was talking about Michael Jackson to a relative, it just somehow dawned on me and I immediately felt that Michael was not going to be with us much longer then a few days, I remember saying he is going to cross over soon, on June 25the a day after my birthday, I turned on my laptop and my TV, and found myself shocked by my prediction. Michaelís death was announced on live TV over many different networks, I was confident of my prediction and smiled and told myself thatís amazing I was confident with my prediction and new Michael had gone on to a far better place. A few weeks later I still had in and out thoughts of Michaelís sudden passing so I had two separate dreams of Michael. In one dream I met him and we had a close connection with each other as if he was here to visit me and say his last goodbyes to not only me but the world, in both my dreams he was a very soft spoken individual, I felt his kindness all over me as he leaned over and gave me a hug and touched my face and he got up and walked away and left in a light fog or mist and then I awakened in the morning astonished that I dreamt this. And I had a big smile on my face after this dream.

Special Note: In the 80s, I also had a dream of Michael Jackson. I dreamed that we were friends and we hung out together. Paul Dale Roberts.

Donna: I get de ja vu all the time. I was in my friendís room looking out the window and my friend was by the water. I saw that her brother was going to spit on her and sure enough, it happened. Itís small de ja vu, but it happens. Itís like I am stepping a few minutes into the future and seeing things happen and then as those few minutes pass, it actually does happen.

Paul: Today I came back from one of my investigatorís (Ann Olson-Dupire) 1st birthday party for her baby at Ehrhardt Oaks Park in Elk Grove, CA. There was plenty of food and 2 of my other investigators showed up Judy Raderchak and Regina Tellez. I was telling them I was very excited to interview you, because I was so intrigued about the apartment that you (Lizzy) lived in at Stockton. Can you please tell me about all of the things that happened there. I know Judy and Regina are on pins and needles to hear this story. Take it away Lizzy!

Lizzy: Alrighty, well I first moved into this apartment complex in 1998, I was about 19 years old and at the time I lived in the apartment with my first daughter who was 7 months old and also my daughterís father. We lived in that apartment until 2005, my very first paranormal experience in this apartment I recall was at a point in time where my daughterís father worked graveyard shift at a local supermarket as a security guard and he was not due to get off work until 4am in early morning, so I was at home alone with my daughter and prior to this I always felt something funny and odd about this apartment sort of like a creepy feeling. Any way my daughterís father was at work and I was home alone I decided I did not feel comfy sleeping in my room, therefore sleeping pulling my mattress off my bed and pulling it into the living room I felt much more better sleeping there and waiting for my daughterís father to get off his late night shift, so that night I sat up late, watching TV with my 7 month old daughter asleep next to me, I suddenly felt something was there with me in this apartment and suddenly I was not alone, I had left a light on in my small hallway in that apartment close to the living room, this light was very dim and I also had the TV on.

This TV sat on a big black entertainment center and had shelves on it for my electronic equipment and it had a glass door on it, so anyway I felt I wasnít alone when I suddenly glanced towards this glass entertainment center I saw the reflection from behind me where the hallway was and therefore something told me to look at the reflection from behind me and I saw a short figure shadow walk across the hallway dark enough to identify it as a short male figure and very ghostly, this experience shocked me and scared me to the point were I got up grabbed my baby and ran outside and sat on this bench I had sitting on my apartment balcony, I sat there thinking of this experience I just had encountered ,and looking at the time on my cell phone it was 3am an hour before my daughterís father was due to get off work , I sat there waiting for him to arrive home so I could share this experience with him. Any way after that I began to experience more of this paranormal activity and whatever connection it had with this apartment.

My second experience was one night where me and my daughterís father had been having personal issues with our relationship and we would argue a lot and so one night we were both in our bedroom already in bed and we started arguing , it got to the point to were I just could argue no longer so I ran outside for some fresh air and calmed down it was about 1am it was raining heavy outside I sat on the stairs of this apartment because I lived upstairs and all around me I had neighbors whose lights were off, everyone in this apartment was asleep. There was nobody around , so I sat on these steps and suddenly I heard a soft male voice (hey you ) I then turned over to look behind me and I saw no one thinking it might have been one of my neighbors but I saw no one so I got up for a brief moment and looked around beneath the stairs and yet still nobody was around. I just shrugged off what I heard and thought to myself this couldnít be Öcontinuing to sit on these steps suddenly once again but only louder I heard this voice again trying to get my attention ( hey you over here) so this time immediately I got goose bumps all over my back and arm and realized it was something not from this earth but from the beyond , frantic I ran upstairs and back into my apartment scared wondering what have I just heard , knowing very well it was very paranormal I was aware what I had just experienced , so I ran in my bedroom back into bed with my daughterís father. I had just told him what happened to me , and he replied just donít be afraid Iím sure it was nothing, but I replied back ďno it was something suddenly while trying to explain this to my daughterís father, in this bedroom of ours, we had a night light we kept on every night , suddenly this voice followed me in my apartment.

Me and my daughters father saw this ghostly figure walk across the room transferring into another wall , the nightlight had went off as if this entity had shut it off marking his presence , my daughters, my daughterís father and I were shocked and did not know what to say , laying in the dark just shocked and scared out of our minds , it was then that he became a believer of the paranormal and believed I had a strong connection with the after life. By now I had gotten familiar with theses experiences and suddenly I was not afraid any longer and became quite interested in this after life stuff, I then stared. I experienced more of this fascinating experience such as hearing more voices at different times , visitors like family members telling me they encountered some odd thing in this apartment while visiting me , and me having an astral body projection.

Some of the main things that happened in this apartment are:
1. Lights shutting off and on.
2. Objects move from one room to the next.
3. My daughter would talk to an imaginary friend on the ceiling and in the closet.
4. Water running on its own.
5. Tapping noises on the walls.
6. Sudden changes of temperatures in the apartment from hot to cold.
7. I scared my ex-husband. I was sitting on the bed and slowly looked at him and said Ďhií with a strange voice. It scared him, because I did not look normal, as if I was possessed. I snapped out of it and feel to this day that I may have been possessed.

Paul: Wow! What an incredible story! Thank you for sharing with the world. How can people contact you?

Lizzy: Thank you Paul for meeting us here for this interview.

Interview date: July 9, 2011, Saturday.
Time of Interview: 1800 Hours
Location of Interview: Starbucks, 5010 West Lane, Stockton, CA


Judy Raderchak says:
On this day, July 9, 2011 Saturday, Paul Dale Roberts brings in another roommate into his home. Her name is Katya Belinsky, Psychic Artist. She came in from Walnut Creek and will be settling in Sacramento. Katya is an old friend of Paul. Paul will be interviewing her soon. To see her artwork, go here:

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Lizzy Silva & Donna Vicario, Psychic Sisters
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