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 The Jamie Mitchelle Story: Haunting in Independence, Missouri

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PostSubject: The Jamie Mitchelle Story: Haunting in Independence, Missouri   Wed Jul 13, 2011 4:28 pm

The Jamie Mitchelle Story: Haunting in Independence Missouri
By Judy Raderchak -Owner Elk Grove Paranormal Investigation and HPI Senior Lead investigator

Question: Tell the readers about you, your hobbies and interests.

Jamie: My hobbies/interest is art, music and now the paranormal. I love spending time with my 3 children whom I adore.

Question: You told me that your house is haunted, can you tell me about your first experience?

Jamie: I moved into the house 6 years ago with my boyfriend and kids. The first year we did not have any experiences, but the second year we lived there it all began to start. One day I was walking up stairs to check on my youngest daughter Connie who was 3 at the time. I went upstairs to see what she was doing and I heard her whispering. I went into her room to see who she was talking too but there was only my daughter in the room. She looked up at me and smiled. I asked her who she was talking to and she said 'Lilly'. I learned Lilly used to live in the house. She was killed by the railroad tracks.” I was pretty creeped out and didn’t know what to think. I had heard stories of a woman who used to live in the house that had passed away but did not know for sure. When I spoke with my 82 year old neighbor about who lived in the house he had said that his old friends built it. He told me that their names were Edward and Lillian. I got chills up and down my body when I heard the name “Lillian”. I knew then that my house was haunted!

Question: During the past five years what have you and your family felt in the house?

Jamie: In the last 5 years I have had many experiences. Some of those experiences are: 1. a man that has been seen in the son’s closet down stairs. 2. The toys in the house have turned on by themselves along with various other electronics. 3. I feel I am being chased up the stairs, there are banging and knocking sounds, voices of a man and a women talking, strange shadows in the basement, we all have the feeling of being watched.

Question: You had told me about how the police were called out due to the paranormal activity, please explain.

Jamie: My youngest son had woken up at 2 am in the morning. He had wandered out of the house to the next door neighbors. The neighbors had called the police and when they came out my son had told the police that a man was going to hurt mommy and daddy. He told the police that there was a “bad man” in his closet. The police knocked on my door and I woke up and answered it. I let the police look around the house. I had to explain to the police that there is a man that haunts the home who has been seen in my son’s closet. The police then left assuming the child had a bad dream. My son told me he had seen this man in the closet trying to kill us. He was so scared by this entity, that now he has a routine for himself before he goes to bed now. He has to close the closet door and open his bedroom door all the way and needs to sleep with the light on. Jamie knows he is scared and I wish there was more she could do to help him.

Question: Who did the investigation of your home and what happened?

Jamie: I called my brother Jimmi who lives in Texas and asked him to come visit me and for him to bring his equipment. He brought his evp digital recorder and his video camera. He went around the entire house collecting recordings and video and tried to communicate with the spirit. He told me that he could not tell if he picked up anything but that it sounded like there was a bunch of whispering. In the video he had said there were a bunch of strange unexplained shadows. It was inconclusive but I knew it was haunted.

Question: What are the most recent experiences you’ve had in your home and has anyone else had an experience?

Jamie: When my boyfriend moved out of the house the activity seemed to die down. After he left I never expected anything to happen to me while I was alone. I was in the kitchen late one night and felt a cold chill on my back. I then heard a whisper in a low voice right in my ear, “HI”. When I turned around there was no one there. In fact there was only me and the kids in the house. It freaked me out to know I was all alone in a haunted house with three kids. After that I told my half-brother to move in with me and he was in the computer room the other day and was telling my son not to misbehave and he said he heard a women “shhh” him! He also told me that when me and kids are gone that he hears walking upstairs even though there is no one there.

Question: Do you have any advice to those who live in a haunted home?

As far as giving them advice, if you live in a house that is haunted, the first thing is 'don't be afraid'. I don't believe these spirits can harm you, if you don't let them. I feel that the fact that we are dealing with the unexplained, the unknown and that is the scariest part. You don't know what is out there and as living human beings, we all want an explanation of why and how. Update! This weekend I went out for my Birthday and came home to the porch light on. As far as I can remember I was not the one who turned it on and no one, absolutely no other person had been in the house. Is this another sign of paranormal happenings? Maybe so. I know many may be skeptical of my story, but I know what is true and how it happened. I'm the one that lived it.


My brother Gary was tragically taken away from us on 06/28/2011. He was a devoted father and the only parent of his eleven year old daughter. My brother was completing his work shift when he was hit by an 18 wheeler. He loved his little girl and his dog Lilly and was blessed to have a wonderful girlfriend named Becky that we all adore and that he loved. I am devastated and hope to be with all of you in the field soon. In the meantime…please have safe journeys, and may god bless all of you. Your fellow HPI investigator, Tammy.

The Donna Viola Story:
Donna tells me it happened in California in 1986. She was sleeping in her home and in the middle of the night, she sensed that the light was on, she had her eyes closed. The light was coming from one side of the bedroom. She opened her eyes, to see that the whole corner of her bedroom was completely lit up. She saw a shower of light, it was bluish with sparkles. The light was tubular and went from her floor to her ceiling. She could detect a human female inside this tubular portal. She felt paralyzed to her bed. The entity stepped out of the portal and approached her. Donna did not feel afraid. Donna felt at peace. The entity then reached out slowly and touched Donna. Donna felt a rush of energy go through her body. When the entity disengaged from the touch, she walked back into the portal and disappeared. Donna felt the touch to be healing, she felt connected to the universe. Donna says it was strong positive energy that coursed through her body and soul, she felt like the energy was transmitted to the essence of her inner being. This was her only paranormal experience and she will never forget it.
San Leandro Case: The Reveal

Katya Belinsky

Check out her artwork at this link:
Special Note: Katya is temporarilly the roommate of Paul Dale Roberts at his home in Elk Grove, CA. She is known as a psychic artist.

Judy Raderchak and I - Paul Dale Roberts recently flew down to Los Angeles and stayed at the Sheraton Hotel - Four Points at Culver City, CA and filmed for a segment of the Biography Channel's My Ghost Story and discussed our Fort Bragg case. The flight, the hotel, our buffet breakfast, transportation from airport to the hotel was all paid for by the Biography Channel. We received $100.00 cash each for our testimony. Michaelis Jacoby (my nephew) visited Judy and I - at the hotel. This was a very memorable trip.
The Biography Channel has now picked 4 stories that either I wrote or distributed. They are: The Malta Ghost Story, Georgetown Hotel Ghost Story, Fort Bragg Case and Black Moon Manor.

Gina Vega, Paranormal Investigator/Sketch Artist
Photos of San Leandro Case on Photobucket:

Camille Marceleus!

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Paradoxical Sleuth
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The Jamie Mitchelle Story: Haunting in Independence, Missouri
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