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 Katya Belinsky, Psychic Artist

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PostSubject: Katya Belinsky, Psychic Artist   Wed Jul 20, 2011 4:57 pm

Interview with Katya Belinsky, Elk Grove Psychic Artist, Psychic and Psychic Jewelry Designer
Interviewed by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

Question: Please tell a bit about yourself. I heard you lived in Paris, France and you were an International Flight Attendant based in New York until a few months ago. Can you tell us about that?

Answer: Living in Paris offered me an opportunity to fly around the world, Paint as a formally trained artist. I graduated from the Art Institute of London. The extraordinary visions experienced while flying at 45 thousand feet opened a self mastery inside me. I reveled my highest accomplishments and recognition for Spirituality. While hard work produces successful careers, working on our inner thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes, instead of trying to alter external circumstances makes a spiritual aspirant an effective, exciting leader. About love someone once said if I can only see you in my dreams I shall sleep forever.

Question: You are a very adventurous lady. Tell me about some of your adventures!

Answer: Without adventure there is no life. My very first flight was from Houston to Austin Texas on a DC-9 and I had one of my classmates with me, they just finished flight attendant training. Take-off went without incident and coffee with a bagel had to be passed out in a rapid pace because the flight time is only 35 minutes to landing. As we approached Austin airport the pilot called and said we had to get the passengers ready for an emergency. Our landing gear would not come out of the wheel holder. Without the front wheel coming down during landing meant the plane would violently skid down the runway as the plane is breaking up causing the fuel to catch on fire, making an emergency exit impossible if you were lucky enough to survive the landing. As the lead flight attendant on the flight my facial expressions of calm had to be shown to the passengers giving them confidence that everything will be alright, keeping panic to a minimum. Having every passenger's attention while reviewing the emergency exits and procedures is crucial to a successful evacuation. Passengers sitting close to the emergency exit doors are shown how to open the exit doors in case the flight attendants are injured or killed during impact. Also added to this emergency procedure is if the flight attendant is injured seriously in the jump seat, to some how have a passenger remove the injured flight attendant and not leave the flight attendant on a burning plane. The pilots 3 attempts at trying to get the wheel down failed along with fuel running out. Strapped in my flight attendant seat wondering what it would be like to burn to death, how seeing my children would never happen again, would I be able to save the passengers...? My body was numb but that quickly changed when I saw my fatherís ghost smiling into the plane window as he flew with the plane outside in the sky. At that moment the pilot said prepare for impact in a split second the front wheel came down just in time to divert a disaster. Upon a safe landing I turned to see my father's face smiling at me into the airplane window. Throughout a 20 year career as a flight attendant my fatherís ghost kept me safe through many other emergency incidents.

Question: How do you help people as a psychic?

Answer: Astrology, numerology, and a deck of cards. The twelve court cards in the deck represents the twelve months in the year. Turkish coffee readings are also done.
Everyone experiences during a year of their life where dramatic things may occur. Then there are cycles during the lifetime in which we often make significant changes and progress. Endings of a more difficult nature occur, but very positive and uplifting times can follow. When a client comes to me the first thing I do is give them a spiritual energy transfusion. As my energy runs throughout the clientís body I see things that are causing physical stress upon the health of the clientís emotions. The client can use me as a vessel to get into the deepest parts of their questions. My psychic visions are to assist the client to see things for themselves and using my guidance in understanding the best path that will be most suited for their situation. Every client of mine has free will. This means the power to change their negative situation into a positive one.

Question: What is the story behind psychic jewelry? What are some of the examples of this jewelry?

Answer: Psychic jewelry belt buckles and shirts send positive energy. This jewelry can be transformed into a beautiful piece of artwork that can be worn at any time for men and women. It works a lot like a good luck charm. Crystals, metals, stones, new materials combine magic in my jewelry designs. The materials are implanted into creative exciting new age designs giving you the energy needed to accomplish the spirit of success. When a man looks deep into your eyes as your crystal earrings dazzle him into a sex slave my jewelry works wonders. As a sex magnet, you will wake up to a new day filled with new spirits of adventure that you will find in jewelry and the world.

What fun things do you like doing? Hobbies, recreational activities, etc.?

Answer: Being an Archer gives me pleasure in shooting my arrow of Love into everyone around the Universe...

Question: How can people contact you?

Answer: or . YouTube video of my artwork at:

My Facebook link is:

My Twitter account is here:!/katyaartdiva

Question: What are some of your favorite songs, books, movies and TV shows?

Answer: Camp, Robert author, title Destiny Cards and Love Cards 1998 United States. Cigar Aficionado.

Question: You are an extensive traveler. Tell us about some of the places that you have visited.

Answer: Flying over the North Pole in the biggest plane in the world called Antonov. It was named after the man who built it in the Ukraine. Unforgettable experienceÖ..!.

Question: Thank you for this interview! Do you have anything else you would like to add?


In 2004, I moved in with my Grandparents to care for them so they did not have to go in to a nursing home. I took my son and in exchange for rent, my family figured I would assist them in their needs because my Grandfather was a amputee diabetic and was falling a lot and my Grandma had an incident where she nearly died of Congestive Heart Failure and just did not come back from the brink of death the same.

Anyhow, Grandpa passed away in 2005 so that left Grandma, my son and I.

My mother was quite young when she gave birth to me, although she was married, she counted on my grandparents to assist her when my father was working. Due to this, my grandma always considered me her 5th child. We shared a very strong bond. She was very worried that I would never find the right person. She would call me her baby and she loved my son and I very much. I had a bad first marriage and when that ended in 2008, I had sworn off "real love" but, she had other plans for me.

I focused on my job and my son and taking care of grandma. Around December 2008, I joined Facebook. I wanted to look for an old dear friend of mine Melinda, that I had lost touch with over 20 years ago. Luckily I found her and when I was browsing her friends list, I saw a familiar name. "D.R." as I will call him was someone I used to know from the roller rink. When we were teens, we fought like cats and dogs but, that was over 20 years ago and we were both adults. I sent a friend request to him and he accepted. I would later find out at the time, he did not remember me but saw we had mutual friends. We sent messages back and forth here and there but, I did not think much of it other than he was an old friend from the past. Around Valentines day 2009, we were messaging each other back and forth but, I told him he should just give me a call. He was living across the country and I was not interested in a long distance relationship, been there, done that but, it was nice to have a friend I could talk to.

I did not tell him much about me taking care of my grandma, I did not want him to think I was a loser for being over 30 and living with my grandma. We would text each other all day and we would talk at night. We were good friends and I appreciated our developing friendship but, I did not think it was anything more than friends.
On March 10th, I put a roast in the slow cooker before work, that was grandmas favorite meal. She actually came out of her bedroom to eat it, I told her about D.R. and our friendship. She wondered who I had been talking to so much lately, I told her we were just friends though because even though he was from Michigan, he was across the country. Anyhow, we had more fun that night than we had in a long time. Taking care of her had become very trying and stressful so it was nice to enjoy some time with her. The next day, I went to work as usual. D.R. sent me text messages, I called him on my lunch, nothing seemed out of place. The physical therapist and the shower aid were set to come to the house that day, the came 2 - 3 times a week.

D.R. sent me a strange text, it said "She will always love you and you will always be her favorite" I could not figure out what the text was for but, I told him, of course I am her favorite, I take care of her. I asked him why he sent it and he said he did not know, he just did.

About 45 minutes later my mother called me at work, she said that the shower aide had found grandma without a pulse. That is when I knew my text from D.R. was my grandmas message to me. At that moment, I knew she was telling me that he was the right person for me. I understood her message, she was always so worried I would be alone and she was letting me know he was the one. At that moment, I called him and left him a message, I told him about grandma and that I needed to talk to him. From that point on, I was determined to get him back to Michigan, I knew he was the one for me. As we got closer, I realized I loved him more than I have ever loved anyone before. We just seemed to be right and by April 9th, he was back in Michigan and in October of 2010, we were married. D.R. is the love of my life and grandma knew it before I did and even sent me a message through him. There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of her. I was very blessed to have someone who loved me so much.

Have a blessed day.
Jennifer from Michigan

The occupant had a Ouija Board in her home. At one point of time she played with it. It may be possible she opened up a portal into her home, bringing in dark energies. Judy Raderchak blessed the Ouija Board with holy water and sage. I was given the Ouija Board by the occupant for disposal. There are 2 ways to properly dispose of a Ouija Board. You never burn it, because you can be cursed. The ways to dispose of it are to either throw it into a river or bury it on hallowed ground (cemetery or church). I will not let you know which option of disposal I took. But, it has been disposed of properly. On our way back from Arbuckle, we made one stop at I-5 and Sutterville, the location of serial killer Roger Kibbe aka the I-5 Strangler took a victim and murdered her. This is where my team had their debriefing.

Arbuckle Investigation Video Part 1

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Paradoxical Sleuth
aka The Demon Warrior
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Katya Belinsky, Psychic Artist
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