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 The Ghostly Chow and Smokey the Exorcist Cat

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PostSubject: The Ghostly Chow and Smokey the Exorcist Cat   Sun Jul 24, 2011 6:23 am

The Ghostly Chow and Smokey the Exorcist Cat
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager



Judy Raderchak is a paranormal investigator and has been on many cases with me. Perhaps on one of the cases, Judy brought home an entity, because odd things started happening in her apartment. Judy’s daughter Gabriella claims to have seen an entity in her room. When Gabriella sees the entity, she is terrified and screaming. The family cat Smokey will run into the room and stand guard, as if to protect Gabriella.

Smokey will hiss at an unseen entity, his hair standing on end, his back hunched up, and ready to attack. She will stay in this pose, until the entity has left Gabriella’s room.

The family has actually seen a tall dark entity in the hallway. When Judy told me this story, it intrigued me, because I utilize psychic animals on my paranormal investigations.

I have two dogs. Hi-Pee is a male Corky and Pika is a male Jack Russell Terrier. Hi-Pee does not seem too aware of the paranormal, while Pika seems to be very much aware of outside forces. Here is example. When my black Chow T-Rex died of natural causes, at the age of 16, it was three days later that Pika woke me up from a dead sleep, sitting on the corner of the bed, barking in an excited tone towards the open back glass sliding door, a place where T-Rex would hang out at. I looked towards the patio door to see what Pika was barking at, and then all of a sudden a strong odor of T-Rex resonated through the whole house. The odor was so strong and it smelled just like T-Rex. It lasted for 7 to 9 minutes, then it was gone. I felt like this was a way for T-Rex to tell me goodbye. After the odor dissipated Pika was back to normal and went to sleep.

After Judy told me this story, I had her bring over Smokey. I placed Pika and Hi-Pee in the bedroom, to allow Smokey some breathing space from my dogs. Smokey had only been in my house for 10 minutes and she was running around the house like crazy, as she was being chased! Could that be T-Rex chasing Smokey? Smokey finally found himself in a corner and he was hissing and raising his paw, trying to scratch an unseen entity. I thought to myself, he must be hissing at the ghost of T-Rex, what else could make him do this? As he became more irritated, I was shocked, because for a split second, I thought I saw T-Rex standing over him. I yelled..”T-Rex stop!” and the cat calmed down, as if T-Rex really listened to me.

During the whole ordeal where Smokey was being chased by an unseen entity, Hi-Pee and Pika were going crazy in the locked up bedroom.

After this incident, it was no more than one week later, Shannon McCabe, my business partner called me. Shannon tells me that she was at the Broadway cemetery looking for places for various photo ops for her upcoming October Vampire Ball and claimed that she thought she saw a black phantom dog running near the tombstones. Could this have been T-Rex again? I used to bring T-Rex and Pika to the Broadway cemetery many times over for walks through the cemetery; it was one of T-Rex’s favorite spots for a walk. It would seem logical that T-Rex would return to an area that he is familiar with and to a place that he enjoyed taking his walks.

I had Judy bring her cat to the cemetery, to see if her cat could detect the presence of T-Rex. To our utter amazement, the cat again acted like it was being chased by something. T-Rex’s second hobby besides taking walks was to chase cats. If we were going to bring out the ghost of T-Rex, all we had to do was bring a cat. It seemed to work. The cat acted like it was being chased around for about 3 minutes and during those 3 minutes; Judy thought she spotted a ghostly black Chow behind a tombstone. Judy questioned herself…”did I really see what I saw?”

After the cat in the cemetery incident, I knew it was time to bring Hi-Pee and Pika with me to the Broadway cemetery. While Pika and Hi-Pee were enjoying their walk through the cemetery, Pika breaks away from the walk and starts rolling on his back as if he was playing with an unseen entity. Pika starts to lick the air. I could only wonder if Pika was playing with the ghost of T-Rex? Pika was in this playful mode for no more than 5 minutes, but I felt it was a significant sign that it was possible that T-Rex was hanging out at the Broadway cemetery.

Meanwhile Judy was getting all kinds of activity at her apartment. The tall black mass was seen in the apartment. The TV was turning off and on by itself. There was a sound in the kitchen that sounded like something ‘falling’, when Judy went to investigate, there was nothing that fell and she could not determine what caused the sound. Her family heard banging in the kitchen. One of her guests Regina Tellez heard the sounds of pots and pans banging in the kitchen, but yet the pots and pans in the kitchen were not disturbed. Sounds of someone walking up and down the hallway were heard. Judy’s husband saw a black shadow walk into one of the bedrooms. The activity was lively in Judy’s apartment and her cat Smokey was going crazy.

Judy finally took action. When she saw that Smokey was trembling and seemed frightened, she sprinkled the cat with holy water. Smokey who did not like water, seemed content to have this water sprinkled on him. The cat then hunched up, his back in the air and he started hissing. He made a darting run to the door, hissing all the way, with teeth bared. Judy opened the door and felt a wind blow past her. The cat became relaxed and started rubbing himself against Judy’s legs and emitting a content purr. To this day, there is no more activity in Judy’s apartment. Did the holy water drenched Smokey chase the entity out the door? No one truly knows, but it does seem that way.


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The Ghostly Chow and Smokey the Exorcist Cat
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