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 John Wisehammer, UFO Experiencer

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PostSubject: John Wisehammer, UFO Experiencer   Sun Aug 07, 2011 11:41 pm

Interview with John Wisehammer, UFO Experiencer
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

Paul: John, where are you from and can you tell us about your two UFO experiences?

John: I am from Carmichael. My first UFO experience was in 1987 on a hot Summer night, I was catching crawdads in a bayou near Camp Beauregard in Louisiana. We were using pork to catch these critters. I was with my family and around two in the morning, a bright light was shining down on us. I felt like I was partially paralyzed. The light was shining on us for a good 8 minutes or so.

Paul: I am familiar with Camp Beauregard, I was stationed there for a bit and worked with the Louisiana National Guard. That is where the US Marshalls train to rappel from helicopters. How many family members were with you at the time?

John: My dad, who is originally from Louisiana and my step-brother.

Paul: What did the UFO look like?
Note: As the interview progressed, it was odd, but the song Born on the Bayou by Creedence Clearwater Revival came on and you can hear that song here:

John: I donít know how to describe it, but it looked like a long skinny boat, it had portholes in which all of the portholes were shining bright on the sides of the craft.

Paul: Like a canoe?

John: Yes, you can say that, it looked like a flying canoe. After the light shown on us, the UFO blinked out and it was gone. My dad tells me he has continuing nightmares from that event.

Paul: Where was the next experience?

John: That happened in 1993 in Death Valley. I was backpacking with 2 of my buddies. I am telling you, I saw the same UFO or a UFO that looked like the one I encountered in Louisiana!

Paul: Huh? It looked like a flying canoe?

John: Yes!

Paul: How funny that it looked like a flying canoe, because the Paiute Indians claimed that flying canoes were in and around the Mojave of California. In fact they called Death Valley the Tomesha, the Flaming Land. The Paiute Indians make claim that the people of the flying canoes were around before the white man arrived and that they would fly all around California and in and out of our Pacific Ocean.

John: Well, that is what I saw, the UFO looked like a flying canoe, that is the best way to describe it. It placed a large light on us and again, I felt partially paralyzed. My friends were like mannequins looking up at the UFO.

Paul: To go back to your dad, what kind of nightmares did he have?

John: Being in a room with bright lights and something being injected into his eye.

Paul: Do you think your dad was abducted? How long did the light stay on you and your friends?

John: I am not sure about my dad, he doesnít talk about it much. And for the light, well, I guessÖmaybe 8 minutes againÖI am not sure.

Paul: Do you think you were abducted?

John: I donít know, I donít think so.

Paul: Have you considered regressive hypnosis?

John: Not interested, if something happened to me, I donít want to know about it.

Paul: The Paiute Indians referred the pilots of these flying canoes as the Hav-Musuvs. They make claim from their legends that the Hav-Musuvs found caverns in California to build their underground city made of marble and that this city had a continuous light, that would shine day and night, never going out.

John: That is interesting, I didnít know that.

Paul: I just wonder why you felt partially paralyzed, because the Hav-Musuvs had a small tube weapon, that was used as a stun gun. The Indians say that when you were stunned by this tube, it feels like a rain of a thousand cactus needles and you cannot move for hours.

John: Well, I did not see any aliens and I donít know of any alien stunning me. My friend did tell me that he had a dream of seeing a man with golden skin.

Paul: Incredible! Because the Indians say that the Hav-Musuvs had golden tinted skin and that their head band would hold back long flowing black hair. What color was the hair in this dream?

John: I think he said the man was bald.

Paul: The Indians say the Hav-Musuvs wore white fine spun garments and pale sandals. What was the man wearing?

John: A one piece jump suit. He said the suit was gray.

Paul: That is incredible. Do you feel you have an implant?

John: I donít think so, but I do get migraines at times and I would wonder about that.

Paul: How did the UFO depart in Death Valley?

John: It blinked out, just like the UFO in Louisiana.

Paul: Anything else you would like to relate?

John: No, thatís about it.

Paul: Well, thank you so much for this incredible interview.

John: You are welcome!


August 7, 2011, Sunday: On this day, Gina Vega and I met up with Bob Fulton at Starbucks at Howe Ďbout Arden and then went to Century Stadium 14. Gina with M&Ms and Kit Kats, me holding a big Coke and Bob carrying a huge box of popcorn, we were ready to do some movie hopping. The movies that we saw on this day were: Cowboys and Aliens; Rise of the Planet of the Apes; Horrible Bosses and The Smurfs. Here is my quick review on all of the movies. Rise of the Planet of the Apes was excellent, it really explains how the apes gained their intelligence and rebelled against us humans. It also explains on how humans faced extinction. Yes, there will be a part 2. No doubt. Cowboys and Aliens was another good movie, but doesnít compare to the Apes. Itís a nice concept, the Wild West with aliens. Horrible Bosses, funnyÖbut, it didnít really keep my attention and I didnít find myself laughing all that much. The Smurfs, totally a kid movie. The kids will love it. Special Note: As I was coming out of the Apes movie, 5 guys approached me and one asked: "Were you on Penn & Teller?" I said "yes". One of his friends in the back says..."I so called it!" Then they asked me what episode I was on and then they all shook my hand and seemed very excited that they met me.

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John Wisehammer, UFO Experiencer
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