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 Scary Encounters: Angela Hjelmstad

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PostSubject: Scary Encounters: Angela Hjelmstad   Sun Aug 14, 2011 10:41 pm

Scary Encounters: Angela Hjelmstad
Interview of Angela Hjelmstad, Samantha Robledo, Irene Garza Ė Paranormal Experiencers.
The Case of Ghosts, Doppleganger, Black Eyed Boys, Imaginary Friend and The Old Hag Syndrome.
Assisting in the Interview: Gina Vega.
Interviewed by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

Samantha and Irene picked Dance of the Headless Corpse by Zombie Girl and you can hear it here:

Question: Before we really get this interview started, can you please tell me something about yourself, your personal life, places you have traveled to, hobbies and recreational activities, family life, etc.

Angela: I have two kids and currently live in Modesto, California, with my roommate and her two children. I have not traveled much but I have been to Jamaica, Canada, Oregon, Florida, North Dakota, and Seattle. I just received my commissions to be a Notary Public and work at a Tactical Clothing company. I enjoy reading to pass the time. I have a large extended family in my home and we are very tight nit.

Question: Angela, you have a very unique story. When you were 19 years old you were pregnant with your daughter Samantha and unusual things started happening to you. Can you explain?

Angela: When I was pregnant with my daughter I was waking up in the morning with scratch marks on my calves in the shape of a cross. I thought this was unusual because it was distinct and did not hurt. I also couldnít understand why it would be in such a specific shape. It almost felt as if something or someone was protecting my unborn child.

Question: How do you think this entity became attached to your daughter Samantha?

Angela: I feel that this entity may be attached to my daughter because she is very sensitive to the spirit world. I think it may be my father who passed away two weeks before my first birthday. He was killed in a work related accident.

Question: Did you have any other kind of paranormal experiences before you were pregnant with Samantha?

Angela: The only thing that I can recall was when I was 18 years old I was staying the night at my childhood best friendís house on new years and no one was home but her and me. We had gone into her parentís room to watch TV and closed the bedroom door. My friendís parentís house had hardwood floors and a very heavy front door that was hard to close. While watching TV around midnight we heard the front door close and heavy foot steps coming down the hallway. The footsteps stopped at her parentís door and we thought it was her dad that had come home from work. We waited for the door to open, but nothing happened. We finally went out of the room and looked through the entire house and checked the garage for his car, but no one was there. It scared us, so we hid in her parentís room for the rest of the night.

Question: After you had Samantha, then what started happening?

Angela: When my daughter, father and I moved from the bay area into her grandmotherís house my daughter was 2 Ĺ years of age. My daughter started to tell me that when she was sleeping someone was waking her up by shaking the bed. I tried to explain to my daughter that maybe it was just her moving in her sleep that made the bed move, but she refused to believe what I was telling her and stood her ground. She would say, ďNo mommy it wakes me up, and sometimes it doesnít stop.Ē This unnerved me and made me think back to when I was pregnant with her and found the scratch marks on my calves. After this situation, I started to hear and see things in her grandmotherís house. One night while lying in my bed I could feel the bed start to compress down as if someone was sitting next to me. I could feel my heart start to race and told myself that I was just tired. Another time I was busy putting clothes away and my daughter was sound asleep in her room and I heard a childís voice say, ďMommyĒ. Because I was busy doing my daily laundry. I had forgotten that my daughter was already in bed for the night and so I went into the bathroom where I heard the calling. Obviously my daughter was not in the bathroom and so I went into her room thinking that she had woken up and called me, but she was sound asleep. One other time I was lying down for the night and felt as if someone was looking at me. I looked towards my bedroom door and I saw an entity and the entity looked like my daughterís uncle. Her uncle would have been 5 Ĺ years old. I thought he was up when he shouldnít be so I told him to go back to bed. When I got up to make sure he was returning to his room there was no one there and her uncle had already been in bed asleep for some time.

Question: Wow! The uncle looking entity sounds like an entity referred to as a doppelganger! Then off the record you were telling me about things that happened to you at your present home, which sounds like the ĎOld Hag Syndrome or also known as the Sleeping Hag Syndromeí. Can you explain?

Angela: It was one day prior to the 4th of July. I had woken up from a sound sleep to feel something holding me down ďpressureĒ on my shoulders and a fluttering sound in my ears, almost like the sound of wings flapping. I could only move my head and my eyes, my eyes were wide open. This went on for a good 2 minutes and when the holding/pressure feeling stopped I immediately ran out of my room to wake my roommate and explain to her what had just happened to me.

Question: Before we move on to Samantha, tell me about your UFO experience.

Angela: When I was about 15 years of age, my mother and I went to her best friendís house in Fremont, California to visit and enjoy her hot tub. While all three of us were walking to the hot tub, we looked to the right of us, towards the Fremont Hills. We could see one extremely large bright light hovering in the night sky. We stopped talking to look at a light that I had never seen before. It was so bright you could not make out any type of shape. It then started flying up higher in the sky, started to move in a very fast circular motion and then split into two separate parts. Both parts of this bright light took off towards the stars and disappeared. It was moving so fast it almost had a comet like appearance with a tail. This happened very fast and for the rest of the night we could not stop talking about what we had seen.

Question: Letís now move to Samantha. Before we talk about your paranormal experiences, you told me that you are related to Sitting Bull. How amazing, my first ex-wife Karen Jean Walker/Caruso made claim that she was also related to Sitting Bull. Sitting Bull must have been a busy man! LOL! Okay, letís talk about your paranormal experiences. Tell me about the drowning girl next door, the smoking man entity and anything else you told me off-the-record.

Samantha: The first time that my mother and I moved into our current house I was about 7 years of age. One day I was swimming in our pool and I saw out of the corner of my eye a young girl about my age and I looked directly at her and she looked wet. I asked what she was doing in my backyard and she completely disappeared. The second time I saw her I was in the master bedroom and she was standing by our pool looking into the water and then walked away.

At my grandmotherís house I was six years of age and I was playing with my toys and a little boy that looked like my uncle asked if he could play with me and I said yes. I thought it was strange because he could pick up any of the toys I was playing with. A second time at my grandmotherís house, I was in sixth grade; I was sitting on my bed listening to music and finishing up some homework. I heard my name and I looked around and could not see anyone. I then felt the bed push down as if someone came and sat next to me. I felt as if someone had tried to pinch me on my shoulder blade and it gave me the chills and I left the room. That same night I was playing with my grandmotherís cat and I was throwing the ball towards the formal dinning room. The ball didnít hit anything or bounce off of anything, but it came right back to me. I have felt this ďspiritĒ jump on my bed from time to time and pulling pranks on me.

Also, at my grandmotherís house recently I had a dream that I was in my grandmotherís house prior to the remodel. That I am standing in her kitchen watching a young woman who seemed to be apprehensive and she was making sandwiches. I see her jump when a man called for her. She quickly picked up the sandwich and went into the guest room, which is my bedroom. When I went into the room it was dark and kind of smoky. There was a man sitting on a recliner watching TV and the woman gives him the sandwich she had made for him. He seemed to be angry when she gave him the sandwich and he then put his cigarette out on her arm as she was giving him the sandwich. When I walk up I left my bedroom and I was walking down the hall way and I smelled smoke and at the end of the hall way, there was standing the same man in my dream. His arms were crossed and he was wearing same red flannel shirt and farm type jeans and hiking boots. His eyes were completely black. (Note: This almost sounds like the Black Eyed Boys. Paul)

One time in a public place I saw a man sitting in the corner and no one was paying attention to him, so I was kind of staring at him. When he looked up at me his eyes were completely black and his teeth were jagged. After that I stopped looking at him because he scared me and I sensed he was a demon.

One day in the current house that I live at, I could feel a tension in the air, but not with anyone in the house. More of a spiritual tension. I saw my deceased grandfather walking towards my motherís bedroom so I followed him. When I got to the door I instantly stopped and did not enter. I could feel a different presence that was more threatening. Even though my little brother was in the room, I couldnít go in, because I could feel that my grandfather went into the room to protect my little brother.

One day I was at my best friendís house and I was lying on her bed and she was lying on the couch and had fallen asleep. But, just before my friend had fallen asleep she told me about a presence named Rebecca that is attracted to her. This presence likes to make her self known by opening the closet door and turning the lights on. When my friend fell asleep I started to write in my journal and I suddenly felt a presence and saw the closet door open. I asked if it was Rebecca and the closet light turned on. Right when I was about to wake my friend up, the light in the closet turned off and the door shut. Also another time at my friendís house we were talking and she stopped and asked if I could feel a presence. At first I could feel anything and so she got up and went into the living room and she then called me over. As soon as I walked into the living room I could feel pressure and it felt very heavy, the atmosphere was heavy. I tried to concentrate on the spirit and it felt as if he was in his twenties. I couldnít pick up anything more so my friend and I went back into her room. About a minute after that we heard a whisper saying Ryan.

Recently over the summer my mother and our roommate had to bless the house. I could feel someone follow me around my current house. I did not feel threatened, it was more of a protection. I have felt something sit on my bed and lean over me. I have heard him whisper, but I can not make out what he is saying. I have had a dream about him and is pale with black hair. I have had a dream with him in it, and he told me he is here to protect me and not to scare me. One night before my mom and roommate blessed the house, I was sitting on the front porch with my best friend. I told her I could feel someone behind me and felt someone rubbing my back. My friend Irene said she could see the hair moving where I could feel someone touching me. Later that night in my bedroom I was trying to go to sleep. I felt someone touch the back of my head and push me forward and it felt like I passed out for a little bit. When I came too, I felt very dizzy and couldnít figure out where I was. The rest of the night it felt like my room was full of static electricity and was very unnerving. I told my mom and my motherís roommate what had happened and they decided to bless the house.

Question: That is an incredible experience Samantha. Now I think itís time to hear from Irene. Irene do you care to share your experiences?

Irene: Sure.
Iíve been feeling ghosts, spirits, demons since I was very young. I never told anyone about it because I thought everyone had the same ability. It wasnít until I felt a very strong and evil presence when I was about 5 and asked an old friend if she felt it too, that is when I realized that I was different from other children. Iíve had many experiences but this one is the earliest that I can remember. Iíve had this ďimaginary friendĒ named Rabecca who was and still is 15, since I was three. I never felt threatened by her back then because she used to play with me. I never told anyone about her because she told me that if I did, she would go away and never come back. And me being so young with a 15 year old friend, I didnít want her to go. She would always play hide and go seek with me and have ďtea partiesĒ with me. Sheíd been in my life with me until I turned 12 and thatís when I started telling people about my abilities and she suddenly disappeared. I never saw or heard from her until recently. I was in my current room cleaning and I felt a very strong presence of a teenage girl to my left. And when I looked over, my closet light turned on and the name Rabecca came to me. I asked her if it was her and at that moment, my closet door flung open and a blue ball I have, came rolling out and stopped at my feet. I was pretty freaked out but because I was so close to her it immediately brought me to tears. I had missed her and she finally came back but she isnít the same sweet teenage girl that used to play games with me. She turns my closet light on and off very rapidly when Iím alone and she pushes open the closet door and then sometimes slams it shut. My closet is very cold and sometimes even my entire room drops temperature once in a while. My Step Dad says that he feels the presence too and doesnít like it. Sheís starting to freak me out too and sometimes I wonder if it is actually Rabecca.
A lot of times Iíll feel presences in public and a lot of the time I donít say anything even though I should. One time I was on the bus with my mom in San Jose and I felt a very evil presence of a 35 year old male and it was actually so strong it made me cry.
Another time in 8th grade my teacher brought out an old Winchester Rifle that was actually used in World War Two. Iím guessing that there was a spirit still attached to it because I felt such a strong, angry presence that I had to leave the room.
I was at my older sisterís house a couple of summers ago and it was about three in the morning and I was hanging out with my niece in the living room when I felt a male push down on my shoulders. From him I felt that he was between the ages of 50 and 70 and he had gray-black hair. I felt the presence move from room to room as if he were checking on the rest of the family members. When I confronted my niece on it, she told me that I had just explained her grandfather on her fatherís side who was recently deceased.
I often feel the presence of my aunt around the holidays and her birthday. She died about 5 years ago and she was very close to her mom, my nana. Last year on Thanksgiving, I felt her presence very strongly and suddenly the phone rang and my nana had answered and she heard my Auntís voice on the other line say ďhelloĒ and nothing after that. Just static.

Question: Angela, before we close, tell me about the house that you dreamed about that was on fire.

Angela: Years before I moved into the current house that I live at now I had a dream of a house. In my dream the front of the house had lava and fire. The only way to enter into the house was hopping over rocks. The house itself had a very ominous look and feel to it. When I finally entered the house there was a witch and she was angry that I had gone into the house. After moving into my current house I realized that the very house that I live in was the house from my dream. Please donít get me wrong I feel very safe in my house and I love where I live.

Question: Angela is there a way for your readers to contact you, if they have any questions about your interview?

Angela: You can contact me at,

Question: Thank you for this incredible interview!

Note: Interview conducted on August 14, 2011 Sunday. Time: 1200 Hours. Location: Starbucks on West Lane and Hammer Blvd, Stockton, CA.


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Scary Encounters: Angela Hjelmstad
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