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 Cristl Phillips, Founder - San Joaquin Valley Paranormal Research SJVPR

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PostSubject: Cristl Phillips, Founder - San Joaquin Valley Paranormal Research SJVPR   Sun Aug 28, 2011 11:17 pm

Interview with Cristl Phillips, Founder/Lead Investigator Ė San Joaquin Valley Paranormal Research (SJVPR).
Interviewed by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

Question: To start this interview off, can you please tell us something personal about yourself, your family life, your recreational activities, your hobbies, etc.

Answer: First off I am a wife and a mother. Family always comes first in my book, I love everything paranormal and most of what I do in my free time is stuff for my team We spend a lot of time with each other, and are a very close group. I consider my team my family as well, as a team the core investigators have been investigating together for seven years now.

Question: How did you get started with paranormal investigating?

Answer: I have always believed in spiritual activity and have experienced things upon a regular basis since I was very young, the death of my father at a young age made me more curious about it. In 2005 after the birth of my youngest son Devon I had about 5 experiences that left me puzzled after several years not being connected to my sensitivity, this sent me on a pursuit for answers.

Question: You are the founder of San Joaquin Valley Paranormal Research, how did this come about?

Answer: I got in touch with a paranormal team here in this area named San Joaquin Valley Paranormal Investigators I started collaborating with the founder of this team Tiffanie Helbling. Through this we became really good friends and she brought me onto the team as her Research Manager. She was the Original Founder of my team in 2008 until she was involved in a pretty serious car accident that has left her with disabilities that may affect her for the rest of her life. It was at this time I become the leader and created San Joaquin Valley Paranormal Research. Out of the ashes, a Phoenix will always rise.

Question: I usually interview HPI family members, this is first time I interviewed TAPS family members. How did you become TAPS family members?

Answer: Through hard work and dedication I have been a fan of Ghost Hunters for about as long as they have been around. Michelle who used to be a member of my team and headed up the Public Relations aspect took a chance and asked me if we would like to become a member. I said yes, so we applied to see if we could become a member and got accepted. We are very proud of our affiliation with TAPS and conduct all of our investigations based upon their standards and have conducted many investigations in Northern California referred to us by them.

Special Note: TAPS is a fantastic ghost hunting team and I want to personally thank TAPS for posting my interview on their official website, way back when and of course publishing two of my articles in their very cool magazine! Love ya guys!

Question: Here at Starbucks where we are doing this interview, you brought a member. Who is this member and what is his position on the team?

Answer: Mark Cisper he is my EVP Analyst. He does an excellent job at analyzing the teams EVPís and provides the team and our clients with most of the EVP evidence the team captures. Mark has been a Core Member of my team since 2005.

Question: Talk about some of your best cases?

Answer: I love all of my cases. They have all been amazing in their own ways but I will have to say one of my favorite cases was a TAPS referral case to Castle Air Force base in Atwater, California. We conducted a full scale investigation that included not only the airplanes located on the grounds but the indoor museum as well. We had an action packed investigation and caught video evidence of shadow people. We also had multiple EVPís as well. It was a phenomenal investigation. Another one of my favorites was another TAPS referral case to the Masonic Temple here in Stockton. Although we werenít able to complete our full scale investigation here we were able to investigate the top floor and attic and had an amazing night. We captured over 80 EVPís and had a few awesome personal experiences which were cool but unless there is scientific proof then its just a cool story.

Question: Hey, off the record, you were telling me that the Onion Field Killer babysat you, can you elaborate on this?

Answer: Yes, my mom was married to a guy who spent some time in San Quentin State Prison when we would go visit with him, my mom was having visitations with my brother. My sister and myself would be in the nursery and they let some of the less dangerous prisoners watch over us and one of them being the Onion Field Killer.

Special Note: My mother Rosemarie Causing once dated the Pillow Case Bandit of Fresno and he had to spend the rest of his days in San Quentin. She had no clue on the man she was dating, until he was arrested. I thought I would add that in (smile).

Question: You are talking about doing a film production, can you tell me about this?

Answer: I am in the process of starting up a production division of my team its going to be called A Souls Journey Paranormal, where we will be conducting some documentary style productions based upon some cold cases in our area and the training of our teams Paranormal Canine Eve Violet Phillips aka EVP.

Question: Two other members joined us on this interview, can you give us some details about these investigators and how they fit on the team?

Answer: Yes James and Atheuth Paris joined us, they are also core members of my team, James heads up the Tech Department and Thea is my Case Manager, she is also very sensitive and helps me figure out what is going on in these various investigative environments. She has proven to be very accurate in her findings and I have learned to value her insight and advice on what to do to help my clients out.

Question: Tell us about your UFO experience?

Answer: At the age of about 12, I was awakened by a strange sound it sounded as if it was coming from outside we were living in Antioch CA at the time, so I propped myself up on my knees to look out the window and saw a huge orange colored orb outside my window with hundreds of what appeared to be small ships orbiting around it I thought it was a dream. Over time the vision has not gone away I can still see it in my mind and can even draw it out thatís how clear and precise it was.

Question: Thank you for this wonderful interview, how can people contact your group? Do you have a website or email address for contact purposes?

Answer: You can look us up at, email us anytime at and follow us on facebook as well just type in San Joaquin Valley Paranormal Research and like us #61514;

Question: Any words of wisdom for your readers?

Answer: We all have personal experiences when it comes to paranormal activity but without scientific proof itís just a really cool story.

Question: Before you go, I heard you have a poem. Can you publish your poem here?

Answer: Come Now Swim
Drown in Me #61514;



The Sacramento Ghostbusters: are a group of ordinary individuals trying to make a difference in the Sacramento Community. Sacramento's finest share a mutual love of one of the greatest movies of the 80s. Our mission is bring smiles to the community we grew up in. We are dedicated to volunteering in our community and helping those in need. By attending charity events, parades, conventions, school carnivals and car shows, our costumes allow us to draw attention to events we feel important. No event is too big, no charity is too small!


Code: Anne9168

Larry Scholl Sci Fi Party 2011 by Mark Greer
Code: 130747

Citrus Heights Investigation - House of Sorrows
House of Sorrows Part 2
Larry Scholl Sci Fi Party 2011 Part 1
Larry Scholl Sci Fi Party 2011 Part 2

Meera ĎAlsaí Sareen, Lisa Steele, Audry May Frazier!

BIG SHOUT OUT TO LISA STEELE! Former Playboy Model, my next interview!

Interview Conducted: August 28, 2011 Sunday
Time of Interview: 1500 Hours
Location: Starbucks, 4103 Morada Lane, Stockton, CA 95212

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Paradoxical Sleuth
aka The Demon Warrior
Shannon McCabe's Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager/HPI Senior Lead Investigator
My Bio Link at Ceri Clark's All Destiny Magazine!
Dark View HPI Videos
Cellular Paranormal Hotline Investigation or Advice: 916 203 7503
If you have a possible investigation call: 1-888-709-4HPI

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Cristl Phillips, Founder - San Joaquin Valley Paranormal Research SJVPR
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