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 Hell's Bells in Cameron Park

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PostSubject: Hell's Bells in Cameron Park   Sun Sep 04, 2011 5:45 pm

Hell's Bells in Cameron Park
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

Hell's Bells by AC/DC:

Pictures of the Investigation:

Flashback. Crailsheim, Germany 1975. As I was working undercover narcotics with the D.S.T. (Drug Suppression Team) - Army's C.I.D. (Criminal Investigation Division) in Crailsheim, it was up to me (Porkchops - my code name) to locate a German female national nicknamed 'Red'. Red was known to smuggle and conduct drug runs from Crailsheim to Munich to Amsterdam. The drug runs were mostly heroin transports. I was sent out to a nightclub in Crailsheim to meet Red. CID gave me enough information in which I would be able to convince Red that I knew her deceased husband. As I surveyed the crowd, I spotted Red. Her lavish long thick red hair stood out amongst the patrons and the throbbing disco lights. When I told Red I knew her deceased husband (who was also a drug runner), she immediately had me sit next to her. We got into a very warm intimate conversation, I felt her soft hand caress my hand. I knew I had her. After the nightclub ended, she lead me to her Mercedes Benz. Waiting for her were two large muscular African men. They were her body guards and one of them was also considered as her chauffeur. As we went down the road towards her villa, Red and I sat in the back seat, while her two body guards sat in the front seat, one driving, one shotgun. The song 'For the Love of You by the Isley Brothers' played. On this night, I made the fatal mistake of becoming intimate with Red. Red explained to me, before we were intimate, that I could leave the Army and she would support me with her vast wealth. I looked at Red and told her, I couldn't do this, no matter how tempting it sounded. In the morning, Red was gone and I found myself lying in her bed and looking straight up at one of her bodyguards. The bodyguard had went through my trenchcoat pockets and found my CID identification. He confronted me with my own identification and said: "I know enough about the law to know that you blew this case by sleeping with Red, you better go now and never go around Red again." Out of all the drug cases in Germany in which I excelled, this was one case that I was defeated by the charms of an enticing woman, if I were to pursue Red any further, it would be entrapment on my part. I left knowing I failed. When I arrived back at the CID office, the Special Agent in charge of this investigation reamed me from one side of the office to the other side, blaring: "Porkchops, why in the hell did you ---- her! You ---- up the whole case!" As investigators, we learn from our mistakes and from those mistakes we carry on, becoming better investigators. I had enough time to reflect on those errors.

As a paranormal investigator, I look back at old cases. I look at what could have been done better, what we overlooked, what mistakes we may have made, how we can improve in our future investigations. We as investigators, step into the unknown and we seek the truth. We must understand that the answer may not always be paranormal in nature, that perhaps there are other answers. Answers that are more conventional, more rational, on a more natural plane. Let's see if we can find those answers tonight in Cameron Park.

Initial Activity Report by Julie Lemos: Pictures taken of designer orbs. As the designer orbs are enhanced in their photos, the occupants see faces. Strange red lights are seen around the apartment complex. Growling noises are heard. The roommate is terrified and feels something may be attached to her. I receive a call from 'Jocylyn' in Cameron Park and she says: "I saw your upcoming investigation on Facebook in Cameron Park, is it near --------? Because if it is, strange bell sounds are heard around 3am in that area. I used to live in Cameron Park. I have talked with other people that have heard these bell sounds and we were mystified as to where the bell sounds were coming from, could you see if there is a source to those sounds?" There will be TWO apartments to investigate!

September 3, 2011 Saturday. Time: 2100 Hours. The investigation commences! HPI Fortean Paranormal Investigators present are: Jesse and Kareen Peevyhouse; Lisa & Bob Steele; Judy Raderchak; Regina Tellez; Julie Lemos; Melissa Billups; Josh McDougle; Sierra DeGeer; Stefanie Paige-Belson/Psychic; Nikki Warner; John Shue; Rhonda Hall; Dwayne Felton-Smith. Occupants: Julie Lemos, Collette Alexander. Friend of Julie Lemos: Deanna Bailey. Riding with me to this investigation are Judy Raderchak and Regina Tellez. Stopping at my home was Nikki Warner (she missed her ride with me and had to drive up by herself to the investigation).

15 minutes away is the Green Valley Mortuary and Cemetery. Could the cemetery be connected to the haunting activity at the apartments? At the cemetery we may have captured some whispery EVPs, they need to be analyzed. A blue orb was captured a few times by our photos, the blue orb seemed to follow Nikki around. A mist was captured by our photos. Judy heard a child moaning. Stefanie felt a pressure on her chest. Some investigators smelled a masculine cologne in the cemetery. There were some hits on our K2 meters. Some investigators heard voices. Conclusion: Inconclusive, no solid evidence or paranormal activity.

In the first apartment we went to, the occupants see a ghostly cat that seemed like it drowned, it is frightened. The cat vanishes right before their eyes. They have seen the cat 4 times, the cat is gray in color.
Sometimes the apartment feels like there are all kinds of people walking around. The people are in period clothing. They are not aware of the occupants. Sounds like residual haunting activity. Full body apparition seen of a Abraham Lincoln looking character walking from the pool to the apartment. Jessica (occupant) feels people walking and brushing up next to her. Katelin (occupant) says once the button on the radio turned on by itself.
Judy Raderchak/Researcher and Historian tells us that the Nicenan Indians of the Maidu Tribe and Miwok Indians lived on this land, there are burial mounds all over the place.
Bass Lake Road is haunted by the Bass Lake Road Lady in White. A child once drowned in the reservoir and haunts the roadside. A man died at the reservoir and is seen near the trees.
A jogger running near the cemetery died of a heart attack. He leaned against a tree near the cemetery and died instantly of heart failure. He is still seen jogging near the cemetery.
A 10 year old boy hung himself on a tree near the cemetery and sometimes he is seen hanging from the tree.
Back at Julie Lemo's apartment, she tells us that growling is sometimes heard at 1:30am. Shadow people are seen.
Remember I was talking about the Abraham Lincoln guy? Come to find out, this character wears a preacher hat and is dressed all in black. Collette (occupant) saw him 4 years ago.

First apartment we went to, we captured high EMF readings. Occupant's daughters have seen entities with their peripheral vision, like fast blurry moving entities going down the hallway. The dog is aware of the entities. Jessica once heard her name called. At 9:38pm every night the activity starts. The occupants see shadows and mist. Collette said that the only paranormal experiences she had previously is when she lived in upstate New York and was attacked by yellow bugs and she thinks she had a man ghost living in her attic. While we investigated we captured lightning bolt looking anomalies in our photos. We captured a full on conversation EVP, a man's voice responding to my statement: "Why do you want to hide now, while we are all here, why are you a coward?" When I said that, you can hear a man's voice saying several words to me. Another EVP captured says: "Can you hear me? I'm right here!"
We captured strange shadow anomalies in our photos. Conclusion: With the EVPs, I truly deem this apartment haunted.

We went to Julie Lemos' apartment. Judy sees a demonic face in her viewfinder and starts bleeding from the back of her neck, as she was attacked. One of the occupants dabbles in trying to communicate with the dead and it appears she has an entity attached to her. Julie actually took a picture of a demonic face. We may have captured some whispery EVPs. One picture I took of occupant (that has the attachment) feels the dark energy on her. I take a picture of her and she is engulfed in a shadow. CONCLUSION: I believe there is an attachment on the one occupant. I don't have definite proof, but I do believe there is an attachment.

The first apartment there was definite proof of a haunting. All in all, I think there is paranormal activity in all 3 places. We never heard the Hell's Bells, but I wouldn't doubt that bells could be heard in this strange area.


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Hell's Bells in Cameron Park
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